1. Steve says

    Octopuses are actually highly intelligent. They use tools, they play with toys, they remember humans they haven’t seen for months, they can predict actions and plan accordingly and they can solve complex puzzles.

  2. Robert says

    I remember watching a Discovery channel show where they predict what type of animals will evolve in the future, and they pretty much ended the show saying that Octupi will become land creatures and become similar to primates, and may eventually replace humans as the intelligent creatures of our planet.

  3. L'Herbs says

    @Robert: I remember that a while back, too! I thought it was super awesome because they’re basically already the primates of the sea. It was super interesting.

  4. Caliban says

    Wasn’t there a news story a while back about a research facility that kept having crabs go “missing” from one of the tanks? They left a camera on and one of the octupi was climbing out of its aquarium, moving across the floor, getting into the crab tank and eating them, then moving back to its own tank.

    Then there’s this vid of an octopus stealing a diver’s video camera, making him chase it and get it back.

    Next thing you know they’ll building temples to the Elder Gods using non-Euclidean geometry!

  5. says

    Many species of octopus are capable of walking on land in search of another body of water to explore or monopolize. Captive ones have been known to escape from open aquariums and walk towards the pool, sewer, or lake. Watch old Nat Geo, Discovery or Animal Planet episodes and you’ll see there’s nothing unusual in this behavior.

  6. Chris in Irvine says

    I was just waiting for the moment when one of those kids would come and play the “brave” role stepping on it while crawling and to the astonishment of the adults. Then, the adults would say “Moving on…”

  7. Wirrrn says

    Hate to rain on everyone’s cephalopodathon, but this is routine behavour for most octopi- short hops from rockpool to rockpool are how they hunt prey; it’s just that such jaunts usually happen at night, when we’re not around. Call me when one is spotted strolling down Broadway…

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