1. says

    it’s become the most surreal thing – to see these grown ass men making complete fools of themselves on national television by sharing their hilariously bigoted anti-gay views.

    can you imagine if they got up and spoke in graphic detail about lesbian sex? yeah. exactly.

  2. NoSleep4Sam says

    I’m curious about FRC’s studies on divorce and divorce prevention. You know, because they do research. That produces studies. About families. Right?

  3. NoSleep4Sam says

    Never mind… I actually found one (1) after I posted that. Apparently divorce comes from laws making it too easy. Good to know how strong they stand for government not interesting with people’s beliefs.

  4. Jesus says

    Nevermind all the sexual assault against female servicemembers before DADT, or the fact that being viewed as a sexual object is a non-issue because it would have happened whether people could be out or not… WHO CARES, BUTTSEX YOU GUYS!!!


  5. get a life says

    Just remember one thing about these right wing anti gay people. THE ONE WHO SCREAMS THE LOUDEST HAS THE MOST TO HIDE. Its been proven every time one of them gets caught.

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