1. Rin says

    It is simple economics, the law of supply and demand is: if there is a demand there WILL be a supply.

    You can’t attack the supply side because the demand grows…all that happens is that those who demand the product pay higher prices (which is personally why I think this is their approach).

  2. FancyPants says

    This was one of many moments where I was like, why is Ron Paul the only one saying what I’m thinking? His problem…he’s too principled. He will not say what he thinks people want to hear just to win this nomination. While the rest will roll over and pander to get where they want to be. I don’t agree with a lot of Paul’s views, but there are a lot with which I definitely agree.

    I’d still rather have Huntsman though.

  3. Tonez says

    Almost correct. Although prescription drugs save an incredible amount of lives. Much more than they kill by accident. I’m not sure what his point was by bringing that up, he could have elaborated more on the amount of death and addiction cause by alcohol abuse instead.

  4. say what says


    tell your principled guy to run as a libertarian not a repub

    otherwise he is a yellow bellied chicken with no principals

    Anyway; a broken clock is right twice a day…..even a blind squirrel will get 1 nut….etc etc

  5. Fenrox says

    @Tonez, I am looking for the data now but he is right. Prescription overdoses, drug interactions, expired medication, underground prescription drug rings, there are a lot of ways to die from them. A lot of drug deaths are classified as poison deaths, You can get a lot of info from the poison control group of your state. (Website is hard to search though)

  6. Tonez says

    @Fenrox Well people don’t really keeps tabs on the number of people who are helped by medications. They keep tab of the bad stuff to find ways to prevent it(everyone knows meds aren’t perfect). Who doesn’t know 1 or more person on some kind of medication that is helping them. That is what my point was. I find it weird to lump meds in there because people need them unlike drugs or booze. Maybe I am missig your point though. I’m Canadian :p

  7. anon says

    Prescription drugs do not just include pills you take at home, but also intravenous drugs administered in hospitals and clinics. Chemo kills a lot cancer patients in the sense they die quicker on the treatment than they would without it. His point about deaths misses the core of the debate, which is about self-medicating versus supervised medicating. All vested interests want there to be only supervised medicating, even if the results are deadly. However, there are many individuals who would like to self medicate. The whole alt-medicine world is a creation of that mindset.

  8. ChrisMe says

    @ Tonez

    Prescription drugs are toxic and created FOR profit! Only your body can cure itself, drugs of any kind cannot do that for you. Most prescription drugs operate based on the placebo effect anyway, especially ones for depression. You may have drugs that change you physiologically, but you body then has the added task of repairing itself from the toxic medicine. Every cell in your body was created from eating food. Eat nutritious food and exercise and you’ll be a healthy person.

  9. Tonez says

    @Chrisme ok go look up what can happen to you if you get a bacterial infection and leave it untreated. I would love to see you cure yourself of it. And no amount of exercise or diet can prevent you from picking up harmful bacteria thats on door knobs or in the air.

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