1. HadenoughBS says

    “It’s what the Bible calls an abomination” says this too-old-to-still-be-alive Christofascist homophobic money-begging TV preacher. To that I add: well, old man Robertson, it takes one to know one. Ya, that’s right, it’s in your Bible. Look it up.

  2. Michael says

    Since Mr. Robertson supposedly knows the Bible so well, he should know the difference between the Holiness Code and the Moral Code. btw, there’s absolutely no way any Hebrew word can mean “as with” and this term is translated to ‘bed’ every other time it’s used in Leviticus.

  3. Rich F. says

    Know what else is an abomination, Mr. Robertson? Your haircut (no peyes), your lack of a beard, the absence of tzitzit on your clothing, the fact you’re not wearing a hat (let alone a kippa), your surf and turf dinner, your ham sandwich, and the fact that you allowed your wife to sleep in your bed when she had her period and after she gave birth.

    You chose to ignore tons of Levitical laws, jackass. Don’t get your panties in a twist because other people choose to ignore more of them.

  4. oliver says

    “You know, sometimes a few brave people have changed the course of history.”

    Damn straight!
    Which is why it is now legal in:
    South Africa
    Mexico City
    Washington DC
    New Hampshire
    New York

    And soon many more!

  5. doug says

    “And the homosexuals want to have the imprimatur of the church on their lifestyle, that’s what this is all about.”

    um, no. dumbass. never asked you.

  6. DenguyFL says

    No problem with her dealing with marriage in a CHURCH, dear old deluded Pat. She is a civil servant in a country with the separation of church and state. This is not a theocracy.

  7. Scott C. says

    “They don’t want to have anybody say what they’re doing is sinful.

    Sorry…I don’t need a gov’t bureaucrat lecturing me on what the bible says or does not say. Would Pat or Rose like a Wiccan traffic officer lecturing him?

  8. jomicur says

    Years back, Pat announced in one of his books that the entire population of China was going to convert en masse to Christianity. When that happens, I’ll admit Pat might know something worth paying attention to. Until than…nah.

  9. Christopher says

    How can he fix his mouth to call marriage a sacrament? Protestants only believe in two sacraments, baptism and holy communion. Marriage is only a sacrament to Catholics and Orthodox Christians. But Roberts rushes to embrace Popish superstition the moment the gays are at the door.

    Also, Protestants don’t issue imprimaturs, only Catholic bishops do.

    Looks like old Pat has been taken a turn in front of the mirror in a purple dress.

  10. say what says

    Well yesterday

    Pat Robertson’s Regent University” graduate Tom Gordy lost by 10% to Dem Collgan for Virginia state senate

    LOL People are not buying the BS in Pat’s own backyard (Pat and Regent in Va beach Virginia)

  11. Continuum says

    I just don’t get.

    She’s a civil servant not a Pope.

    She’d have more credibility if she had refused to issue marriage licenses to divorced couples, Jews, Mormons and even Catholics since none of those religions conform to her own personal religious beliefs.

    The fact that she decided that only gay marriage went against her personal beliefs belies her own protestations about religious freedom.

    To her, religious freedom is her freedom to act as a bigot.

  12. mark says

    well this “prisoner of conscience” has a very easy way to break free of her “prison”, she can quit the job that “forces” her to go against her values. She has the choice to go work for, oh, I don’t know, a church?? Then she wouldn’t have to compromise her selectively religious views.

  13. walter says

    if the witch has a problem w ith her conscience let her quit. she is being by the taxpayers not a church. as for patty cakes he is long over due to meet his maker. somebody should show god isn’t exactly pleased with bible belt as witnessed by earthquakes and tornados in the heart of the bible belt. watch out pat time for a lightning bolt.

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