News: Iggy Pop, Malaysia, Heavy D, HIV, Mariah Carey, Spider

RoadRapper and actor Heavy D is dead at 44.

RoadRights group urges Malaysia to rescind ban on gay arts festival. "The banning of this festival violates basic rights to freedom of association and expression guaranteed by international human rights law and the Malaysian constitution."

Iggy-pacoRoadIggy Pop is the face of Paco Rabanne's new fragrance Black XS L’Excès.

RoadMariah Carey drops 40 pounds.

RoadRichard Branson makes multi-million dollar investment in mobile start-up Square.

RoadChicago gay bashing victim Daniel Hauff testifies about beating: "'It all started because I was gaybashed and called a faggot and a stupid faggot,' Hauff retorted. 'Homophobia is alive and well in Chicago — that’s why I went to the media.' Hauff, now 35 and out 'all my life,' told police he was coming to the aid of another young L rider — who Hauff believed to be gay — who was being taunted by Little."

RoadThe cast of Revenge has a shirtless pillow fight.

RoadEarly trials suggest rectal microbicide is safe, could significantly reduce HIV transmission: "A topically applied microbicide gel containing a potent anti-HIV drug has been found to significantly reduce infection when applied to rectal tissue that was subsequently exposed to HIV in the laboratory, according to a new study by the UCLA AIDS Institute. The gel was also found to be safe and acceptable to users."

RoadFat Cavill is breaking hearts in Vancouver.

ThomasRoadMickey Rourke set to start filming biopic about gay rugby player Gareth Thomas. "I think I beat the studio out there by about four days to get the rights to his life story. He announced his retirement a few days ago and hopefully in March do it. I`ve been writing the script for the past year."

RoadBetween the palms: How are Florida Atlantic University football and gay erotica connected?

RoadGeorge Clooney loves farting: "Even the idea of a fart makes me laugh. Saying the word ‘fart’ makes me laugh. I have iFart on my phone. I have remote whoopee cushions. Farts. To me, there’s nothing funnier."

RoadHRC goes after Cleta Mitchell: "Today, however, HRC took a strong stand, with president Joe Solmonese striking out at Foley & Lardner LLP, the law firm where Cleta Mitchell is a partner. Mitchell recently registered as a lobbyist for the National Organization for Marriage in Minnesota, where a marriage constitutional amendment will be on the ballot in 2012."

SpiderRoadNew 'albino' spider found in Australia: "The newfound trapdoor spider isn't a true albino, since it still has some pigment—its body is brown, like those of other trapdoor spiders. But the 1.2-inch-wide arachnid has been dubbed the albino trapdoor spider until it's formally described as a new species."

RoadJonathan Groff goes full frontal (nsfw).

RoadProp 8 supporter Doug Manchester mulling purchase of San Diego Union Tribune.

RoadJT Chestnut says there's no need to sign that petition on his behalf. I really appreciate everything that my friends are doing for me, but they need to know I am safe, being well treated and am looking forward to being discharged by the end of the week and home in LA by the weekend.”


  1. FernLaPlante says

    “Fat” Cavill needs to stop. His name is Henry and he is delicious. Also, that comment makes me like Clooney LESS and Groff is adorable.

  2. Fat Cavill says

    Fat Cavill is overrated and I’m sick of all the hype about him. He’s stuck up and snotty in interviews and he looks old as he11 for being only 28. He’s going to look terrible in 10 years, if not sooner, just like Gerard Butler. And like Gerard, the minute Fat Cavill stops working out, the abs will be back to flab.

  3. Pasqual says

    Seriously, Andy. ‘Fat’ Cavill? Are you having some sort of gay breakdown? Do you actually think you’re being witty or funny? God, this blog has gone to crap, hasn’t it?

  4. sleepy bear says

    iggy holding out that bottle kinda scares me, but i still want to smell it… or drink it.

    gareth is just damn hot. and mickey’s going to portray him?

  5. say what says


    how so?

    everyone farts

    & by the way, everyone poops to

    Get over yourself. Anyone who can’t laugh about farts is too uptight

  6. LincolnLounger says

    Why does Andy keep referring to Henry Cavill as fat. I must have missed something, or I just don’t get it.

  7. say what says

    quick google

    Henry cavill has stated when a kid he was teased and called FAT CAVILL

    one assumes Andy mentioning it is due to the irony of how FAT CAVILL grew up HAWT! and a movie star

    It is kind of funny

  8. uffda says

    There you go America, a penis and scrotum with testicles. Get a good look, get used to it, connect it to the whole human it belongs to and now get over it. I hope Mr. Groff starts a whole landslide of such normalcy. He’s darling.

  9. says

    As chair of IRMA – International Rectal Microbicide Advocates – I am delighted to see you pick up the bit about the rectal microbicide trial of UC 781. For people interested in what is happening in terms of rectal microbicide research and development, pls visit the IRMA site (www dot rectalmicrobicides dot com). The drug that was tested in this story – UC 781 – is in fact not being moved forward because the field is fully focused on tenofovir-based gel at the moment – for vaginas AND rectums. In fact, a large-ish trial (about 200 gay men and trans women) is starting next year in 4 countries to test safety and acceptability of a rectal version of tenofovir gel, with US sites including Boston and Pittsburgh.

  10. Sean says

    Who’s the idiot who cast 60-something year old Mickey Rourke to play a man in his late 30’s early 40’s?