Satanic Hustler John Katehis Convicted in Murder of Gay NYC Journalist George Weber

A Brooklyn jury has convicted 19-year-old John Katehis of second degree murder in a retrial of the 2009 killing of gay newsman George Weber, whom Katehis, a satanist, stabbed more than 50 times after arranging a meeting on Craigslist.

KatehisGay City News reports:

Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case, delivered an effective closing argument on November 14, telling jurors that Katehis, now 19, may have planned Weber’s murder and perhaps even tortured the 47-year-old victim before killing him.

Nicolazzi declined to comment in the wake of the verdict’s announcement.

Jurors began deliberating around noon on the 14th and announced they had a verdict by 3 p.m. on November 15. During their deliberations, they reviewed parts of the judge’s instructions to them and a few pieces of evidence. The speed of their verdict suggests they easily adopted the prosecution’s theory.

A previous trial resulted in a hung jury in October 2010.


  1. Matt says

    Why does the fact that he’s a satanist affect this story? How many other people convicted of murder do you include their religious belief?

    From the story you linked, there seems to be no connection to the fact that he’s a satanist. Just seems like a random, unnecessary side note.

    OOOhhhh you scary satanists, you’re gonna stab me 50 times!

  2. Brian in Texas says

    @ Matt

    Satanism isn’t exactly a mainstream or respected “religion”. I wouldn’t even call it a religion. More like a misguided and sad identity or ideology.

  3. lessthan says

    Actually, Satanism is a religion. It is pertinent because the kid’s excuse is that the victim pulled a knife on the kid. A moral Satanist is advised to be like a snake, tranquil unless threatened. If threatened, a Satanist strikes swiftly and totally, ending any possibility of retribution. Pretty much what this kid did. LeVey did advise against killing though. Satanism is a strange belief system.

  4. Matt says

    Yeah, erm, there are many people who feel that satanism is a religion. While I consider myself Christian, I don’t think it’s fair to say satanism is not a religion, nor would I say it was misguided or “sad”.

    Really tho, the point is that it makes no sense to use that in describing the guy unless it was in relation to the way he murdered the guy, which it wasn’t.

  5. Paul R says

    1. Satanism is usually the province of the young, ignorant, and misguided. I say that as an atheist, though I have more respect for many other religions. Satanism is poorly organized and usually means whatever its adherents desire. LeVay was more charming and less psychotic than Manson, but it’s still simply a cult: meaning, based on manipulation, as with a lot of religion as well. Mainly because some people hear “satan” and think it will make them badass to be satanists. I thought that the satanism scare died 20 years ago.

    2. He stabbed a gay guy 50 times after arranging to meet him online. Come on. Like that’s either the act of a truly religious person or of someone with psychological balance.

  6. oliver says

    It’s interesting to note that the first six or seven NEWS articles that come up in a Google search of this guy/case there is not a single mention of Satan or Satanism.
    Curious as to why Mr Towle felt it necessary to use that verbiage in his headline?

  7. Mark says

    How idiotically PC does one have to be to equate a “satanist” with a “lutheran”? This is why stupid people end up dead. Alas, I see the kid has his defenders who I’m glad weren’t part of the jury. Tortured the old fag. Nice. Poor misguided lutheran, I mean, satanist.

  8. kelehe says

    The first thing that came up for me was from yesterday, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle – ‘Satanic’ Teenager Convicted of Killing Carroll Gardens Radio Host

  9. TC in NYC says

    Isn’t the age of consent in NY State 17? So the bigger story is that this 47 year old was wanting to commit statuary rape on a minor. Where’s the disgust in that?

  10. MJ Masterdon says

    Where is the proud momma & smirking father now? prior to the conviction, they portrayed their “child” as one who poops vanilla ice cream! .. Mom/Pop? .. what say you now?

  11. Paul R says

    The story says that the older guy was seeking someone to beat him. It also says the younger guy was trying to get paid for oral sex. It doesn’t say how old the murderer claimed to be when they met.

    There are quite a few holes in the kid’s story, and I don’t find the fact that he was a few months shy of 17 nearly as disgusting as the fact that he was seeking victims by advertising to make money from sex, then violently murdered someone.

    The kid obviously has a few problems. Yet his father was aghast, saying that the prosecutor was making it sound like the kid was a murderer. Umm, no matter what the circumstances, if you stab someone repeatedly and they die as a result, you’ve murdered them.

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