Senate Panel Advances DOMA Repeal in 10-8 Vote: VIDEOS

Roll Call:

(via Think Progress) Al Franken fact-checks Chuck Grassley:

"I just believe you misstated the history of marriage. Marriage has not existed as a union between one man and one woman for thousands of years in every culture. In many cultures, men have been able to marry many women and young girls. For centuries, women have been treated as cattle in marriage. Further, if the religious purpose for marriage is procreation, why would we sanction marriage between an 89 year-old widower and an 80 year-old widow? I just think we need to be accurate when we talk about the history of marriage, the history of man and woman, the history of our institutions."

Grassley's speech:

John Cornyn:

Jeff Sessions:

Thanks to Think Progress LGBT for the clips.


  1. says

    so….Marriage Equality is “too expensive”?

    that’s funny. these same bigots had no problem with DADT which was proven to have cost the US millions upon millions upon millions of wasted dollars.

    GOP -2011 – excuses for everything, intelligently justified reasons for nothing.

  2. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The Anatomy of Prejudices – Elizabeth Young Bruehl:

    All prejudiced people have a basic need to give up their freedom, to make a choice not to be free, and thus to choose life on the plane of passion. The prejudiced are unchanging, impenetrable, and impervious to experience.

    They are like stones, while the free and reasoning ones are open, flexible, welcoming to new experience. The prejudiced one refuse to examine themselves, to thing about themselves, and they identity with the crowd of their likenesses while they are busy inspiring fear in the crowds of the other’s.

  3. says

    The Republican arguments against The Respect for Marriage Act and in support of DOMA were complete nonsense. First, they all had to demean the value of gay people by saying the issue isn’t at all important, then they went on to detail how important it is to keep discriminating.

    I loved it when my senator, Sen. Leahy, put a stop to the idea that recognizing the marriages of gay couples and extending SS benefits to them would cost the gov’t money and Leahy said, rightly, “Fair is fair.” As if gay people don’t pay into SS or taxes. As if straight marriages don’t cost the gov’t money.

    If anyone needs an illustration of why we don’t want Republicans in office, their testimonies today should be evidence.

  4. Jake says

    If this weren’t such a serious topic for the LGBT community I would consider this high-end entertainment.

    To watch the bigoted, homophobic republicans squirm and grasp at straws in an attempt to hang onto their discrimination is both comedic and tragic at the same time.

    They’re too blinded by their hate to see that their arguments can’t be defended and clearly is unable to hold an ounce of water.

  5. Paul b. says

    There’s not much to discuss with someone who thinks our equal rights would increase intitlement costs. I would rather hear the god bs…or the protect the children bs.
    What a bunch of sad fools, holding onto their idealogy & paychecks with their fingernails. Oh well…to the dust bin with them soon enough.

  6. Robert in NYC says

    If equality (same-sex marriage) is too expensive, then I suppose the GOP would need to put a stop to any future heterosexuals marrying, but then that would be big government intefering wouldn’t it?

    Al Franken is right on the money. He could also have mentioned that Islam permits polygamy, up to four wives which would debunk the myth on the far right that same-sex marriage would herald polygamy, incest, the usual radical right mantras. Polygamy is an heterosexual phenomenon anyway, even condoned in the old testament.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    KevinVT, marriage equality isn’t high on the gay republican agenda, never has been, never will be. Even in good economic times, it would still be at the bottom of the pile. They’re only interested primarily in fattening their portfolios, paying next to no taxes and finding as many loopholes as they can not to pay any and to hell with the rest of us. Their money protects them virtually everything, so equality isn’t really an issue for them.

  8. Steve says

    Never mind that federal courts already ruled that while the preservation of public resources may be a noble goal, it can’t in of itself be used to justify discrimination

  9. jason says

    Don’t fall for the Democrats and their party trick. It’s designed to make us vote for them. When you consider that they had a super-majority in Congress just 2 years ago and did nothing – repeat, nothing – to repeal DOMA, it puts things into perspective.

    The Democrats are faking their concern for our rights – don’t fall for it.

  10. says

    “The Democrats are faking their concern for our rights – don’t fall for it.”

    Asinine bunk, and you know it.

    The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who spoke today were not faking anything. Their belief in our human rights was plain and eloquent. The Republican responses were offensive, pathetic, and irrational. It’s clear who deserves our votes, and it ain’t the Republicans. Any gay person who would vote for any of the Republicans who spoke today is mentally ill.

    The fact is politicians like my Senator, Sen. Leahy, don’t need my vote, or the gay vote. They will win with or without those they are supposedly pandering to (according to LCR-types and Republican apologists). A 70+ year-old Senator with a lock on his office is leading on this issue for one reason and one reason only: he believes married gay couples should have the same benefits and protections as married straight couples. Period.

  11. mcNnyc says

    Equality is EXPENSIVE Huh Cornyn.
    How about we eliminate ALL Federal benefits for ALL Marriages?
    IF Marriage is a State Issue lets have the states do it.

    Sounds like Cornyn is talking about “the gays” subsidizing his family with our taxes. DANN Socialist!


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