1. Rovex says

    Siri really is set up for idiotic questioning by vacuous hipsters. The other mobile platforms have similar things that control phones and do voice searches, they just don’t respond to the sort of asinine questions iPhone users seem to want to ask.

    One of my friends was demonstrating how he could ask ‘will i get wet feet today?’ and it would tell him the weather. I just turned on my phone screen and the weather widget was waiting for me, as was the news, stocks, twitter feeds and all the other things Siri just attempts to compensate for that the iPhone lacks.

    Siri proves apple is right at the limit of what it can do with its limited OS. Unless iOS 6 drastically changes things its going to look archaic, rather than just old like it is now.

  2. peterparker says

    @ROVEX: The iPhone also has widgets that show stocks, weather, twitter feeds, etc… (And week after week, the stock widget shows that my Apple stock continues to increase in value.) The fact of the matter is that Siri is one of the best voice recognition technologies out there. And it comes with a personality which is why you can get it to say funny things. I find it hilarious when you Apple haters post comments on blogs and on Facebook about how inferior Apple products, particularly the iPhone, are. I have a friend whose husband is a very big deal in Microsoft’s Windows Mobile division. Wanna know which phone she uses? That’s right–the iPhone.

  3. Rovex says

    That makes her a traitor.

    The iPhone does not have ‘widgets’. It has live shortcuts. There are no full screen (or half screen, whatever size you fancy) permanently live widgets on the iPhone in the same way Android or WebOS has. Its not even comparable to WP7 with its tiles.

    Siri is very clever, but the fact remains that it is neither Apples invention (its bought technology) or an especially big deal.
    Its all Apple had to push the iP4S, apart from a direct copy of Androids notification bar that is.

    If by ‘personality’, you mean an iDiotic hipster, then yes it has a personality. Its personality is Sterile and boring. I get it, it appeals to iPhone users, especially those who think both they and Siri are more interesting than they are.

    Oh and my HTC stock has increased in value as well, much more than Apoples as it happens. Must be because HTC sell more smartphones in the US than Apple now.

  4. Rovex says

    Kile Ozier..
    As ive always said, if people cant handle windows it says more about the people than windows. Besides a ‘stampede’ wouldn’t be possible with such low numbers of people. Macs will never be more than a niche product. For the record i know plenty of people who have switched back. Im one of them, i simply disliked the Macbook i had.

    Apple products are, and always will be, about superficiality.

  5. Drew says

    Ha… Video started slow, but the last bit is kind of funny.

    While I can’t understand the preference of Apple computers over PC models (so much more money for little if any value), the iPhone is really THE phone.

    I just bought mine (first and only Apple product) and do think it’s best. Why? First, I had $200 to spend and since every good Android phone costs as much, I chose the phone that LOOKS and FEELS like a $200 phone. Next, millions and millions of people own one and continue to love it; I get a huge knowledge-base if I have questions or need help doing something on it. Finally, the phone is the same for years because it IS the best… Android phones come and go every 6 months, so you’ll never meet somebody with the same phone should you want quick help.

    @ Rovex: So I’m sorry, it’s about a logical conclusion and not superficiality (which is perhaps how I used to feel about iPhone buyers until I learned something).

  6. Rovex says

    If you think the iPhone feels like a $200 device try dropping it. It will shatter. Its not even made of Gorilla glass, its actually cheaply made. Plastic is used mostly for a reason, its tougher. The New Nokia Lumia shows how a phone should be made. Its gorgeous, thoroughly modern and very tough. The iPhone is very dated now. Apple products do not age well.

    More people buy Android now to the tune of 2:1 over iPhones, the ‘knowledge base’ for android is vastly superior because its open source. People even create their own android ROMs from the ground up, not just custom repackaged ROMs, but custom everything. Thats just never going to happen with iOS.

  7. Drew says

    @Rovex – I actually agree with all your points. Yes, the iPhone WILL likely break/crack if dropped. It’s a $650 device brand new, so I got insurance ‘just in case’. However, I bought a vehicle with the express knowledge it would crumple if I hit something… I still bought it and drive worry-free.

    Android… it’s the equivalent of Internet Explorer. People get it and just have it. The iPhone’s operating system, meanwhile, is like Google Chrome or Firefox for the PC; tech-savvy people are more likely to use it. Everyone I know with an Android-powered phone literally knows ZERO on how to do anything useful with their phone(s).

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