1. BEAHBEAH says

    I love how Kristen Stewart doesn’t have a single word of dialogue in the trailer… the girl has the charisma of cold oatmeal. Mila Kunis would have made a far more interesting Snow White IMO.

    Charlize is snatching wigs in the trailer though, if I see this, it will clearly be for her (and Hemsworth eye candy obviously).

  2. ColinATL says

    It’s nice to see that we all are universally annoyed by the wet noodle, aka Kristen Stewart. That said, this looks pretty awesome.

  3. Troy says

    Yeah, though she doesn’t appear in the title, it looks like this might be more about the Queen’s story, which is a smart move in my opinion. Snow White always was the most boring part of her own tale. I’m just not buying Stewart as a beauty destined to surpass Charlize Theron.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    That talking mirror has questionable taste if he considers Kristen Stewart more fair than Charlize Theron.

  5. Erich says

    Charlize Theron looks amazing, can’t wait to see. Kristen Stewart? Not so much. Poor casting decision.

  6. ian says

    Yup, KS is all wrong for Snow White. Destined to surpass Chalize Theron in beauty? No amount of special effects could accomplish that. I’m rooting for the Queen. I hope she eats SW’s heart; with some Fava Beans and an nice Chianti.

  7. sparks says

    Ditto what BEAHBEAH said.

    Charlize looks stunning and Chris always looks yummy, but I’m soooooo tired of Kristen – no matter what film, she’s the same note played over and over.

  8. Morgan says

    Meh… Looks like a stinker to me. The Sigourney Weaver one from about 15 years ago was pretty awesome, in my opinion–not a showcase for special effects. Seriously, how many of these epic CGI battle movies do we need. And Kristen Stewart? Even Daryl Hannah can act circles around her. What does that say for casting?

  9. Tim says

    I wonder if Kristen will spend all her time wiping her nose and playing with her hair in this film, too. It seems to be all she is capable of. Charlize: Goddess. Even the HINT of seeing Stewart succumb to her is worth the admission price.

  10. Dave says

    Fresh? Really? Another Pointless epic retread. Doesn’t anyone else get tired of these huge battle scenes foisted upon children’s tales? The message that only by wielding a sword and slaying something does it become palatable. No other options for conflict resolution. It’s a total cliche now. Does that ever get old? LOTR did it best a decade ago and ever since it’s been one popcorn battle after another. Seriously.

  11. Tonez says

    The more I think about it the more I can tell they didn’t fully step up to the plate with making this movie. I think they are hoping the Twilighters are going to folllow stewart.

  12. say what says

    ok yeah after watching the trailer, Charlize Theron makes this

    Stewart = fair? No, and she has only 1 expression that she has used in every movie she has ever been in & that is the look of being constipated & struggling to pop out a turd

  13. johnny says

    Probably too much baggage from LOTR, but even Liv Tyler would have made a much better Snow White than Stewart.

  14. Drew says

    @Johnny: Good choice! Liv’s a great actress, unlike the wannabe Vampire trollop who scored this role.

  15. uffda says

    I’m with Dave. This just looks like another So What Comic-Strip Explosion Farce Brainless Exageration Good Vs Evil Run On Special Effects Steriod Storm of Hyperbolic Overkill.

  16. Caliban says

    Watching Kristen Stewart act is kind of suspenseful, IMO. She teases you with the possibility that she might actually lift her eyelids all the way.

    “OMG! Is she gonna…? I think she IS! Dang it! Almost, though. I think I saw part of her pupil.”

  17. CML says

    I worked as an extra on this.. Charlize was as stunning in person as you’d expect… came across as being very down to earth.. with absolutely filthy laugh! Chris Hemsworth is one hell of a big beefy dude… and as for Kristen Stewart.. she surprised everyone by smiling and laughing.. very pretty in the flesh!