1. sal says


  2. Paul R says

    I’d be really interested to know whether the endless anti-bullying messages–from the president, celebrities, sports teams, and pretty much every else—have had much effect.

    Hopefully bullied kids can let it slide off their backs a bit easier and believe that things will get better. But it’s hard for me to imagine that this message is reaching the bullies—whether kids or their backward parents, teachers, principals, and other authority figures.

  3. Alan Arthur Chiras says

    Paul R. is correct. As much as the tolerance videos are a step (a VERY small one) we need groups like STAND-UP to do more direct action. How about a toll-free number to report bullying and the ability to put ACTION on the other end of the phone. You report you were bullied – people will come to your school to DEMAND it stop and that ACTION be taken by the school administration AND the local police if needed. ACTIONS speak louder than words.

  4. Caliban says

    I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music, it’s just not the type of music I listen to (I was never a Madonna fan either for that matter), but this was an awesome thing for her to do. Whatever I think of her music, it’s clear she is a touchstone for many LGBT and questioning youth out there, someone whose message of acceptance touches them personally. So for that I respect her ongoing activism.

  5. Hmm says

    I don’t think the anti-bullying messages were ever intended to make a difference to the bullies. I think they give hope to the bullied kids, and perhaps most importantly, it is changing the attitude of adults toward bullying. Many adults used to think that kids who were bullied should just suck it up, that it was part of growing up. I think schools and other institutions charged with overseeing kids realize that it is their responsibility to stop bullies and punish them, in large part due to all the awareness the issue has been getting.

  6. says

    Jeez, so she actually has a dad and he manages all her mail…

    I love the setting, as if she’s in her bedroom at home, 14 years-old, posters of Wham! on the wall, thinking she’s Bette Midler in ‘Beaches’ and so mad to be famous…

    It doesn’t matter one bit if her video ever reaches the attention of the bullies…here’s one decent young person responding to another even younger person with a gorgeous eloquent depth of understanding. Love her to bits…

  7. Reality says

    This, compared to the recent article from T.I. suggesting he supports violent messages to gays, shows how much GAGA really DOES care for her fans and LGBT youth.

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