Student Gets 90 Days in Juvenile Detention Center for Attack on Gay Teen Caught on Video


Levi Sever has been sentenced for the classroom attack on fellow student Zachary Huston which was filmed by his cousin and posted to Facebook, later making national headlines, the Columbus Dispatch reports:

A 15-year-old Ross County boy will serve 90 days in a juvenile detention center for the assault of a gay student that gained national attention after a cell phone video of the attack went viral on the Internet.

Levi Sever, 15, was sentenced yesterday after previously pleading guilty to a delinquency count of assault before Juvenile Court Judge Richard Ward.


  1. andy says

    this is designed to punish him academically, correct? he wouldnt be allowed to make up these classes and exams that his miss, or is he going to be allowed classroom credit in this facility.

    normally, i would be okay with this if he misses class, which means he will be held back a year. undergrad admissions will see this and take note. or am i just being crazy?

  2. Adam says

    Assuming this works like juvenile facilities I work with, there will be a school on site. 15 year old children are required to go to school, whether they are in custody or not.

    I am a criminal defense attorney who takes a fair number of juvenile delinquency cases. For those who think this is too light of a disposition, I want remind you that 90 days to a 15 year old is a lifetime. This is a significant punishment that is close enough time wise to the offense that even he should be able to connect the two. Far too often these cases drag on for so long, usually for very good and legitimate reasons, that by the time the kid gets punished his brain is simply not able to connect the punishment to the crime.

    And to send the message deeper to this child, he is going to miss Christmas, something that he will remember. Hopefully he will learn his lesson. In my experience though, I would not hold my breath just yet. Lets see what happens in the next year or so after his brain develops a bit more. Some kids get better, a lot don’t though.

  3. RBearSAT says

    @Adam thanks for your comments. Couldn’t have said it better and appreciate your insight. Too often people in here do the “armchair” thing and don’t really understand what’s involved. The key thing to remember is this is a 15yo and has a teaching opportunity as a possibility.

  4. titus says

    when he does his time and gets out will he be allowed back to this school. that to me is of concern. he has shown that he can not operate in civil society, thus should finish at least this school year in an alternative school. personally i think he should remain in alternative school until he graduates.

  5. Ricco says

    I hear what you are saying Adam, but the beating Levi gave to Zachary was brutal, and ninety days does seem inadequate for felony assault. That is what he was charged with . . . was it not?

    Whether or not time moves at a different rate of speed for a fifteen year old, whether or 90 days seems a lifetime, and whether or not Levi has the attention span adequate to the task of connecting his crime (offense you called it) with the punishment relative to the time it would take to try him for what seems to me a more equitable sentence, is hardly relevant.

    What is relevant is that with children raping other children, children murdering other children, the message our courts are sending is you can assault, rape, and murder gay classmates, and because you are four to five years from the magic age of 18, the consequences for your crimes will be minimal . . . even excused.

    While ninety days may, in some aspect, seem like a lifetime to a 15 year old, the reality it is not. It is 90 days of boredom, so just enough time to stew on how his being in detention is Zachary’s fault, enough time to think how he would like to get back at Zachary.

    Ninety days is not long enough for him to consider the wrong he did.

    I fear we have not, thanks to the courts, heard the last of Levi Sever.

  6. Dale says

    I think a better punishment would be to transfer the boy to a school in the deep south. Spread the word that he was gay and have him deal with it for 90 days. After that, bring him back to his original school.

  7. Mick says

    90 days seems reasonable to me. Considering what most kids get away with it’s significant that he’s going away for 3 months.

    If it wasn’t for the internet I don’t think he would have even been punished.

  8. dave02657 says

    Sad commentary from the court – and tragically from a number of the comments here – that the only solution is found in punishment or retribution.

    Far better outcome would be projected with a ninety day sentence to be served as a live-in aide at an AID’s Hospice, or in a full time service position to some comparable gay oriented service organization.

    … a lot more will be learned there than in “detention.”

  9. says

    This (bleep) sickens me! Such hate it’s scary. So glad I got through childhood fairly unscathed. Wouldn’t imagine growing up in today’s times. Such pressure and bigotry remains strong in many parts. Shady (bleeps) deserve more punishment.

  10. Chris says

    poor baby he’s going to miss Christmas….was he worried that the victim who he was punching senseless into the granite floor might have been brain damaged and might never understand another Christmas let alone survive to see one….90 days is hardly enough. The sentence should have included community service that was gay related and lots of therapy…at his parents expense.

  11. millerbeach says

    What about the victim of this crime? Any word how he is doing? Is he going to need physical and/or mental therapy? Who pays? I think the parents of Levi should be forced to pay for everything that happened to that poor kid who was beaten senseless. You don’t get that kind of hate yourself…that is something learned at home, hence, the parents should pay. This creep Levi won’t change…worry not, as karma has a way of taking care of vermin like Levi. He thinks he got off…he did not. He will be cocky all about it and slip, hopefully thrown in prison and raped. I hate to wish or think that upon anyone, but this creep deserves it.

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