News: Coat of Arms, Novak Djokovic, Chick-Fil-A, The Munsters

RoadRick Perry thinks you have to be 21 to vote.

RoadNew PPP poll shows 64 percent of Pennsylvanians support legal recognition of gay couples.

CoatofarmsRoadUK House of Commons Speaker introduces rainbows and pink triangles into his coat of arms "as part of his heraldic achievement to highlight his role in championing LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender – rights."

RoadVIDEO: Virgin couple's first 'kiss'.

RoadIranian student at Canada's Seneca College has throat cut in alleged anti-gay attack. "Mojtaba says he tried to fight back. 'I just wanted to protect myself… I just pulled his hair,' he says. He says the man told him, 'You’re such a faggot, you’re such a bitch you don’t even know how to fight.'"

RoadConrad Murray gets four years in prison for death of Michael Jackson, will likely serve two.

RoadStudent Senators Council at NYU passed its first resolution for university partnerships in response to Chick-Fil-A anti-gay controversy: "The SSC will not comment on any 'third-party university partners who support one side of [political and social] issues,' or recommend that the university bans any partners that have not violated the law or university policy…By applying this resolution, the SSC also voted to not pursue a ban of Chick-fil-A with a vote of 15-4 with 1 abstention."

RoadRyan Gosling looking mighty gangster.

RoadKaty Perry's Teenage Dream co-star models some jewelry, naked of course.

DjokovicRoadGQ profiles the very fit Novak Djokovic.

RoadDad calls the coming out of his teenage son a "liberation for all of us".

RoadBarney Frank equates progressive blogs nad MSNBC with FOX and Limbaugh: “People on the left and people on the right live in parallel universes…No longer do people get their information from a common media source, and then diverge in how they interpret it. The left is on MSNBC and on the blogs. The right is on Fox and on talk radio. And what happens is, people know different facts. These are echo chambers. People hear agreement with themselves.”

RoadAnti-gay group protests same-sex marriage outside Scottish Parliament: "Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, and Ann Allen of the Church of Scotland spoke at the rally. The Scotland For Marriage event was attended by about 200 supporters. The group supports the current legal definition of marriage and is resistant to plans to redefine it."

RoadDirector Bryan Singer to direct and produce TV remake of The Munsters.

Gay_humphriesRoadOf course this was the illogical next step.

RoadJennifer Keeton 1st Amendment case in court this week: "A federal appeals court in Atlanta this week is hearing the case of a Christian counseling student who alleges that her school unconstitutionally suspended her because she planned to tell her clients that being gay is morally wrong."

RoadJudge won't block effort to oust three elcted officials who backed gay rights in El Paso.

RoadHoward K. Stern settles lawsuit against woman who claimed in Rita Cosby's book that Stern and Larry Birkhead were gay.

RoadRemember THIS case of the Missouri State Trooper whose death left his partner of 14 years with no benefits? The ACLU is in court this week fighting it. “Dennis and I loved and supported each other for 15 years like any other committed couple. The only thing that stopped us from getting married is that Missouri wouldn’t allow it,” Glossip said. “It’s painfully unfair that the state that Dennis gave his life to protect would treat us as if we were total strangers and shut us out of the same protections offered to committed straight couples.”

Posted November 30, 2011 at 3:55pm ETC by Andy Towle
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