1. Jesus says

    I’m convinced that this can only help us. These pundits will eventually say the most ridiculously asinine things that even those who once supported them will realize that they’re only grasping at straws now.

    Seriously, who would want to marry the Eiffel Tower anyway? Do you know how many people have already been up in that?? Personally, I’d prefer a whard

  2. Peter says

    She’s talking about a condition where people fall in love with and interact sexually with inanimate objects. Cars, buildings, the Eiffel Tower. Whatever marriage is involved in the poor human’s head.

  3. say what says

    new study

    Fox news actually makes you dumber than not paying atention to any enws at all


    there had been studies before showing that people who used non fox news sources ended up knowing more about what was going on than fox news watchers but this news study actually shows fox news watching will actually make you dumber than the total ignoramus people who don’t pay attention to any news ever


  4. GregV says

    This what happens every time we eliminate sex discrimination in any law. We let women drive and now we have to let Eiffel Towers drive. We let women vote and now we have to let Eiffel Towers vote. We disregard male or female status in management hiring decisions and we can no longer discriminate when a table or chair applies for a job in our company.
    Well, I say as long as the Eiffel Tower understands all the responsibilities involved in a marriage and she still agrees to sign the contract, let her do it.

  5. says

    Why does “civil marriage”–which has nothing to do with “religious marriage”–have to have perfect bounderies and neet little strictly legal “definitions” for them that the citizens of the US can’t cross, anyway? Why are they afraid of civil liberties?

  6. Alex says

    This was on Tyra! not kidding, a woman said she was objectum-sexual and that she had a marriage ceremony with the eiffel tower! also the berlin wall, which she carried a piece of around with her.

  7. Jay says

    Wow – she’s just going right below the belt, isn’t she? I mean…what’s the scariest thing in the world for a heterosexual man? To size up the competition and find himself, uhm, lacking as a man.

    Who the hell can compete with the size of the Eifel Tower? Poor straight men! I mean, sure…only the most advanced women would go after the Eifel Tower…not every woman can go that large. But you know, there’s the Space Needle, the Statue of Liberty, Coit Tower in San Francisco…all these things are still big enough to scare straight men.

    Gosh, if men can marry men, then why not multiple marriages? Like 2 women and a suspension bridge?

    We are DOOMED!

  8. flechesbleues says

    I think the Eiffel Tower is already spoken for – I’m fairly sure I saw a documentary once about a woman who actually did marry it… Ah yes, here we go:
    here’s an article:
    and a clip: (might be of interest that she refers to the Tower as a “she” in the clip – so it’s also apparently a same-sex relationship – shock horror!)
    Strange old world, hey.

  9. Marlene says

    I *still* think there’s a clandestine clinic somewhere where those who declare themselves as conservatives (especially *Christian* conservatives!) go and have their ability to think for themselves — or just plain *think* — is removed from their brains, leaving just enough to allow them to speak, parroting whatever’s programmed into them like good little robots.

  10. Jack M says

    I would like to take this opportunity to announce my engagement to the Arc de Triomphe. We’ve been seeing each other for over a year now and we’re tired of hiding our love.

  11. Tyron says

    Amazing isn’t it how the wackos continue to attract more wackos. Signing on as the co-chair of Bachmann campaign at this late date is like taking over as co-captain of the Titanic. Let them both go down in flames – only one way to prove you are dumber than Bachmann is by supporting her. But I guess it’s all a moot point since most of Michelle’s staff quiet once they see what a tyrannical uninformed fool she is.

  12. says

    How does this affect America anyone? I mean, my Canadian ass can’t marry my boyfriend here in America. I’m pretty sure legalizing marriage for same-sex couples won’t mean that the Eiffel Tower will become American…wait…what are we talking about again? I’m utterly confused.

  13. DeeperStill says

    Pathetic & ridiculous! Pure win for us though…

    However, IF I was married, I don’t see how someone marrying an object would affect my marriage in any way.

    Live & let live, as long as no harm is done unto other people…

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