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T.I. Tells TMZ He Stands By His Comments About Being Able to Speak Against Gay People in Peace: VIDEO

Rapper T.I. called in to TMZ to talk about his recent comments in defense of Tracy Morgan to Vibe magazine, in which he said that celebrities should be allowed to speak out against gay people without fear of being shut down.

Ti_tmzSaid. T.I.: "“They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ ... That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’"

TMZ asked T.I. about the comments:

"I was quoted correctly, but I was taken out of context...I'm not saying that being gay is being un-American. What I was saying was to use whatever power or authority you have to shut people down because they don't agree with you that's not what America was built upon. The institution allows us, it affords us the right, to speak out peacefully and respectfully in opposition of any point or any topic that comes up...I'm not against gay marriage...but for the people who may have an opinion against it, then for the corporations to throw their weight around to shut them down, that's not fair."

He added: "It's about people who take themselves too seriously, any group. It's not just about gays, I think that African Americans groups sometimes take things a tad too seriously too...If you use the "n" word like Don Imus and say something that's completely derogatory and disrespectful, that's understandable. But if you just have an opinion on something that just happens to be related to the African American culture and it's in opposition, then they have no right to shut you down either."


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  5. That's not what TI was talking about. He's not talking about being irked by behavior. He's talking about being "against" someone's actual identity and existence.

    Posted by: medical school application | Jun 26, 2012 8:37:48 AM

  6. If I had a child who came home from school and he was black and a terrible rapper, I would kill him.

    Posted by: Maddog

    That was funny Maddog. Im black and I get it. It is a little different from Tracy's joke in that it involves Black sterotypes. You know what I mean basketball playing, baby mamas having,etc. Yours joke deals mainly with perceived stereotypes and Tracy's joke dealt with Tracy's interpretation of the parental fear in having a gay or lesbian child. Im not Gay but telling the parents especially dads as I understand it can cause a lot of drama and anxiety. Now I do not feel the need to say the complimentary Im not trying to justify it thing because I do not think it needs to be justified. It was a joke and for Tracy's audience( people who think he is funny) they get it as well. I do not think there is anyone who actually thinks he would stab his son if he told him he was gay so if you omit all of the overblown crap about it is not a joke to stab someone and stabbing your kids is never funny blah blah blah. In fact if I went to a Tracy Morgan show I would expect to here more Black jokes than anything else and I would not expect to leave insulted of course unless he singled me out like this one comic did a while back before Blacks recognized it was cool and stylish to wear sweet glasses like I had. You know what he called me a "thug nerd", I thought it was funny.

    Posted by: Jeff | Mar 16, 2013 1:52:28 AM

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