1. jw says

    Continuing a long (and not proud) tradition of queer male late night sissies
    Cf Truman C or Richard S, or Charles N.R., on the Carson show,
    It’s fags objectification –
    ok, we’re fine w/ the fagala
    as long as he
    Becomes a parody of all fags
    He can’t be real,
    he can’t be taken seriously
    He must be completely absurd and therefore
    non-threatening to straight America
    Sad to see the house queer vamping it up for the straights
    And how not far we have come
    How much you want to bet he doesn’t have that voice
    When he’s not dancing his gig for the late night straights

  2. Brian says

    Ross is my favorite Chelsea panel participant and I love when he fills in for her. I imagine Chelsea would have had much the same reactions to these animals.

  3. Michael W. says

    Ross is annoying. And I’m not being homophobic. British comedian Alan Carr is every bit as flaming and I love him.

  4. Phil says

    That’s the guy’s voice. That’s how he acts. All of you heteronormative bros need to calm your passing-for-straight asses and let the man express herself. Get the f over yourselves you tired old queens clinging to the closet door.

  5. says

    Thanks for posting the clip Andy! I’m going to be on the Martha Stewart Show this Friday (11/18) and on the 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda next Wednesday (11/23). With lots of cute animals, of course.

  6. Bill says

    How much courage does it take to attack a gay person for being too gay? I think it’s YOU who hasn’t changed. The only thing worse than being picked on for your voice and mannerisms, is being picked on for them by someone in your own club. No one else should have to butch it up so you feel less like a sissy in public. Deal with your own issues.

  7. Felix says

    Funny clip!

    @JW: I’m assuming you are working hard on becoming the ideal poster boy for the new century media gay man. Please share your progress.

  8. Southern Comfort says

    Ross Matthews is more of a man than JW and his self-hating, effemiphobic, hetero-a$$-kissing, fey apologist ilk will ever be. The only thing surprising about that cowardly outburst of hateful bile is that you beat both Rick and Jason to it.

    There’s absolutely NOTHING courageous about conforming.

  9. uffda says

    Why was that shrieking fruit wearing a man’s costume. It should at least be dressed like a clown with a dunce cap.

  10. Rob West says

    “How much courage does it take to attack a gay person for being too gay?”
    You mean too effeminate, not the same.

  11. Brian in Texas says

    Do the people on this board making negative comments not realize that both men in this segment are gay? No one with a brain thinks that ALL gay men have the personality of Ross Matthews. Ross is great!

    I love David. Have seen him on Wendy Williams a few times and wondered if he was family. He is cute!

  12. rayrayj says

    I thought the equal rights movement was pursuing equality for everyone, so every person could be free to be himself/herself as long as no other person was harmed.

    So what if Ross’ voice or mannerisms offends someone. So what if it’s part of an act. He should have the freedom to act as flamboyantly and effeminately as he chooses without being attacked.

  13. RaleighRob says

    An “Out Wildlife Naturalist” isn’t something you hear about very often. I certainly hope we get to see a lot more of Mr. Mizejewski!

  14. gregory brown says

    What about that “screaming hairy armadillo” as a poor representative of the Armadillo Bear Community?

  15. gregory brown says

    I don’t find the persona here any more offensive that the Paul Rubens “PeeWee Herman” character. And, in fact, I’ve known a few men who act and sound much like this–including at least one certifiably He-tero guy. Everybody can’t be butch like me…

  16. Caliban says

    The main reason I like Ross is because I don’t believe it IS a “persona” or an act. I seriously doubt that the moment the cameras are off his voice reverts to a Dragnet “just the facts, ma’am” deep timbre.

    IF he were putting it on then I’d have a problem, but I don’t think that’s the case.

    It’s unfortunate most viewers probably didn’t realize the naturalist is gay as well since together they demonstrate opposite ends of a spectrum, but I don’t expect them to announce “And our next guest is GAY naturalist David Mizejewski!” In fact it would probably be offensive if they did.

  17. Bobby says

    Thank you Phil, you said it all.

    I guess the worst homophobia is still in the gay community.

    The straight assholes will take what the intolerant queers have said and use it against us all, “you see, even your own kind hates you”.

    I thought we were all a little more evolved than that, but I guess some of us aren’t.

    Passing for “straight” is still the ultimate goal for many homophobic queers and it’s just a foolish as that Cassowary trying to pass for the Wild Boar.

    Thank you David for showing us the animals and having fun with Ross.

    To the haters out there, go marry a woman and really try to pass for straight, we don’t want you.

  18. says

    @Brian in Texas, thanks for pointing that out. If Ross and I represent different sides of the gay spectrum, I think that’s awesome. I think there’s room for both of us, not only in the gay community but even more importantly in the broader mainstream media. Certainly being stereotyped in the media as “silly flamboyant faggot” has been a problem in the past, but one that seems to be significantly changing. There are “straight acting” (a term I hate but can’t think of anothe way of saying it) gay people and characters all over TV and movies today. I think now it’s more important to get across the idea that you can be gay and butch, or gay and fem, and that there’s not a damn thing wrong with either one. We won’t have full equality until both Ross and I have full freedom to be exactly who we naturally are. And I can confirm that Ross is not putting on an act with his voice or mannerisms, he’s just being who he is and I think that’s great.

  19. says

    I agree with David, you could just say masculine… instead of straight acting.

    I grew up in the Seattle area in the 90’s, a lot of my straight friends were more feminine than I am!

    Go David and Ross!

  20. Daniel says

    I don’t think it truly matters whether Ross is putting on a performance or if he is truly a rather flamboyant fellow. To insist that we need to conform to what is expected of a man is still dangerously close in my opinion to a level of intolerance that can result in active prejudice. Instead we need to be comfortable with the idea that people come in all sizes, colors and demeanor.

  21. michael says

    It really is amazing and sad that there are so many homophobic homosexuals that help to empower discrimination against the GLBT community. How can I as a gay man expect to be accepted by people that see me as different, if i can not even accept other gay men just because they have different mannerisms. It’s not just the “fem” gays that are not allowed to marry. And DADT did not just prevent “fem” gays from serving in the military. It was all of us. If we can’t accept the people in our own community why would anyone else?

  22. Jason says

    I love Ross. He’s so funny and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I’m a little taken aback at these comments about him being a fagala and just on the show because he’s “safe” and conforms to the hetero-normative stereotypes of what a gay man is. I think Ross is funny and is living the life. I think any sort of gay presence in the mainstream, whether it be flamboyantly gay, butch, daddies, jock, or anything in between is great. It reminds me of John Inman on are you being served. Yes, he was a stereotype, but tell me you don’t know people exactly like that? And I think it helps give the gay community exposure. To Ross: Get it gurl!

  23. Bakely says

    Hey, Towleroad — Ross’s name is spelled wrong everywhere in your story, headline, and tags. It’s Mathews with a single T.

  24. James says

    I am appalled – APPALLED – at some of the negative comments toward Ross. It’s insanity is what it is. Why on earth would people make such comments about another human being? I sincerely hope these people making those disheartening comments about Ross are not fellow LGBTers. It would be even more tragic if they are, if that’s even possible.