1. uffda says

    If he doesn’t screw up this kid’s got a lot of fun and a good income for the rest of his life. He’s great and everyone’s going to notice.

  2. Aedan says

    It’s fantastic- but his little explanation at the end isn’t accurate. His voice is obviously distorted on more than just one of those voice-captures.

    Quick question: can we really still call it “acapella” when the person uses Auto-tune or other voice-altering software to reach octaves or create sound effects that wouldn’t otherwise be feasible? This is an honest question and not meant to be insulting the guy- what he did was great (although some of his facial expressions freaked me out). I just don’t know what falls under the category of true acapella anymore with the advent of all these new technological enhancements.

  3. Paul R says

    He lied! He also used his hands (to clap). But I digress.

    I could digress with him for a while, actually.

  4. Mark says

    Not only is the talent absolutely phenomenal, the amount of effort and time it took to make this is must be mind-boggling.

    Upward and onward, sir.

  5. Tim says

    I sat through the entire video. I thought he was cute and kinda talented! Much better for him than turning into a gang banger.

  6. FernLaPlante says

    It makes you realize how untalented some people like Katy Perry, Britney, lil wayne etc. really are.

  7. fritzrth says


    Fernlaplante: Amen!

    I also agree with Aedan. I’m not sure whether or not this could be considered truly acapella, with the amount of electronic tweaking that was done, but … I mean .. just, wow!

  8. Antonio says

    This guy annoys me as hell, and yet I can’t stop watching…
    Sadly he’s married, oh well I’ll just enjoy the videos.

  9. Blair Slavin says

    Well a fun collection of electronically distorted elements to create a band sound… something they were doing back in the 90’s with Midi Keyboards and electronically captured sounds. So a fun little ditty. I guess I am getting old… seeing those pants bag in back made me think he had a load in there. I guess it’s true, stuff that is stupid looking is cool to kids who don’t know any better. By old I mean I am 46 years, actively use an iPad / iPhone and Computer / dress in jeans, t-shirts and some button down stuff, currently follow Community, Dr. Who, Castle, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, like some of the Lady GaGa stuff (but remember Madonna when she started). and am fairly active doing KettleBells for lifting. So I am youngish old.

  10. Drew says

    He imitates each instrument ‘used’ in the end of the video and I’m SURE one of them was his O-face, but there were so many to choose from!