1. Fenrox says

    Boycott Benetton! Screw them if they can’t stand up to any amount of pressure. So your entire campaign, art, direction and intentions mean nothing to you benetton. If they did you wouldn’t let someone censor you for showing a peaceful image.

    You never should have tried, you aren’t strong enough to maintain such a view.

  2. Ryan says

    Sherri is clearly reacting to the fact that it’s two men kissing. I don’t think she’d have reacted so strongly if the Benetton ad depicted Barack Obama kissing a woman.

  3. sleepy bear says

    if it bothers the pope and that shrill, annoying black woman on the view, then its alright with me.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Ryan, I agree Sherri’s reaction was homophobic. She is full of it when she says she objects on the grounds that Obama is married and it is disrespectful to his wife, because earlier this week she made a fool of her own recently married self by panting over Hugh Jackman, talking about kissing him, going on and on about how hot he made her, and bidding $1,500 for his sweaty tee shirt.

  5. Paul R says

    I love how Whoopi keeps calling it Bennington, and can’t believe that blonde (Hasselback?) is the staunchest defender of these ads.

    @Fenrox: they knew they’d have to pull the pope ad before they even issued it. Benetton is based in Italy, and it’s not like the Vatican doesn’t have strong sway over the Italian government, which in turn could make corporate life tough for Benetton.

  6. says

    Thank god NYC is spending gazillions of dollars on all those (mostly) men in blue, protecting the 1% from the evil flag planters.

    Do they realize their pension will be raided next?

  7. Me says

    @Scot – Haha, she’s blond, she must have forgotten her willful alliance, it happens to the best of us gals.

    @Fenrox – Benetton doesn’t care too much about the US, it cares about Catholic Italy, Spain, Belgium, etc who make up most of their revenues. Please don’t take it personal, they are in it to make money.

    @ Ryan – Sherri forgot she is one of us. The minority – also 99%, but really, the no conformists. She thinks this thing called “God” will save her, we shouldn’t be too harsh on her. She needs a dime to cross that river one day.

  8. Matt says

    The Occupy video, like the movement itself, is vague. Ask a ‘protester’ why they’re there and get a different answer nearly every time. The vid looks like a bunch of rich white people having a hissy fit. Why are we supposed to care about this? This does nothing to further ‘the cause’ whatever it is. Present a unified voice already.

  9. says

    @ MATT: let me help you out sweetie:
    • Citizens United
    • Insider trading by congresspeople/senators
    • Gutting of union protections
    • Incredible divide between the super rich and the rest/large increase in poverty

    and Wall Street moves along making its cronies wealthier and wealthier.