1. Bart says

    This dope is so out of a job and will go back to having a reason for not paying his child support next election cycle. The people in his area — even Tea Party members — are having buyers remorse over this dope. He’s a loudmouth know-nothing spincter.

  2. walter says

    god bless the tea party they are their own worst enemy. the more they are allowed to talk the ignorant they show themselves. this guy is probably dumber than cantor.

  3. gr8guyca says

    As I watched this, I could only think, “Wow, this is going to make a great campaign spot that can be used against him in the next election.”

    Give these Tea Party enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  4. Gus says

    I know that voice. It was Dad’s voice only used in the privacy of family. My three brothers still use that voice. That voice is why I have no contact with my brothers. I’m sick, that voice made me think of home.

  5. Danny says

    aside from the obvious issue he has of being unable to tolerate disagreement, he also is “tired” of government “propping up” the postal service.

    I wonder if he made the same complaint when government (using our money) “propped up” Morgan-Chase and Bank of America.

  6. johnny says

    Oh, yeah, this is the ol’ TB Equation:

    The volume level of a Teabagger’s voice always correlates exactly in proportion to their lack of knowledge on any matters about government or society.



  7. RWG says

    It was George W Bush who championed the “Ownership Society”. It was the big banks and the Wall street con artists who put out the call for more mortgage “product” they could package into worthless bonds to be passed off on suckers while they bet against them. Mortgage companies, brokers and banks responded to that call by lowering lending standards to a pulse.

    This guy is a lying ass. He should be in county jail right now for evading child support laws.

  8. Bill says

    When Joe tells these constituents to shut up or get out, I’m surprised they don’t opt for the latter. I would let my rep know this sort of behavior in the face of our concerns loses my vote.

  9. just_a_guy says

    I LOVE the woman in this video. She’s onto something. And more and more Americans are.

    The line this guy is pushing is the EXACT SAME line pushed on us by Reagan-Republicans for 30 years. I’m pleased to see people not swallowing it like they used to.

    (Note that the Tea Partiers are like abused children, defending the worthiness of the abuse they recieve. Sad. I feel bad for them.)

    Reagan- deluded Republican, saw no value in gov’t; hand reigns of all to business, simply.

    Bush Sr.- Reagan protege

    Bill Clinton- Reagan Republican, elected by swallowing government-is-worthless line and selling it better than the Republicans

    George W.-never had a clue; Wall Street and oil OWNED him from the start. Always a PUPPET, however dopey-happy.

    Obama- honest guy with a head on his shoulders. walked into this mess, the culture of corrupt gov’t. Hopefully he hasn’t become fully corrupted by it. We need a guy like the candidate-Obama. Come thru, man; remember your roots!!!

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