1. jason says

    The HIV industry has run its course. It no longer scares people because it was a beat-up to begin with. The fatalities have been less than the exaggerated claims made when it first started.

    AIDS does exist but it is treatable and curable. It can be cured by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

    If you persist in smoking, drinking, sniffing amyl and having sex with total strangers with herpes and syphilis, your body will start to shut down. It’s your body talking back to you. Respect it and treat it nice.

  2. Steve says

    A major character on the daytime soap opera General Hospital, who has been living with AIDS for years, is rumored to die from the disease in the upcoming weeks. I congratulate them for showing something that most of the main stream media has been ignoring: people still die from this disease.

  3. uffda says

    Jason@ you’re going to get a lot of flack for your remarks here and I am sorry for that. But I take your words seriously and soberly. AIDS is still far too grave a threat not to take a good deal of personal responsibility for. Thank you. And thanks Andy for this important notice.

  4. jason says


    AIDS is not a disease. It’s a syndrome. Big difference.

    AIDS is a syndrome which describes a state of immune deficiency that makes a sufferer vulnerable to a number of diseases that would normally be defeated by the immune system. The state of immune deficiency can be caused by factors such as smoking, drinking, poor diets, syphilis, gonorrhea, and amyl sniffing.

    The state of immune deficiency is not necessarily caused by HIV. Indeed, there are tons of people out there with immune deficiency but no HIV in their bodies.

    It is MOST important that you all understand that AIDS is a syndrome and not a disease.

  5. RyanInSacto says

    I know this will be a pointless request, but I’m going to do it anyway mostly because I worry about young people reading this blog and seeing misinformation.

    Jason, could your please point us to some peer-reviewed research that supports your claims about HIV and AIDS?

    [Andy – do things like this ever make you consider adopting a more sophisticated comment thread system? Perhaps one in which comments can be rated?]

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    @RyanInSacto – I was thinking almost the same thing. Jason is giving some dangerous advice. As things are right now, AIDS is not curable. His advice about leading a healthy lifestyle is great and probably does help, but it doesn’t cure.

  7. Henry Holland says

    Jason, my first boyfriend never once in his short life ever had a drop of alcohol, took a snort or puff of anything, never had an STD, was a vegetarian and he’s still been dead for 16 years (at the age of 30) because he let a guy he met before we were together cum inside him because, well, the guy was really hot and that was the only way he’d let Robert have sex with him. Woops! The guy was poz and that was that.

    So, spare me your pedantic denialism.

  8. Paul says

    Oh Jason. You’re either a troll or severely misinformed. AIDS is curable by living a healthy lifestyle and abstaining from alcohol smoking, and poppers, you say? Prove it. Contract HIV and then go without meds. I’ll even buy your organic food for you. Let me know how that works out for you, you mentally challenged ingrate.

    The gall of people like you astounds me. Brilliant scientists and doctors from around the world are are many times smarter than you have studied the virus. And yet you think you can cure it by putting down the Coors Light and eating some broccoli. Pathetic.

  9. skylover says

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