Amazon Pulls Joe King’s Calendar

JoeCalCoverNow Amazon, too, has pulled cartoonist Joe King's 2012 calendar, I'm Not Gay, I'm Just a Sissy from its online store. Amazon is the second online retailer to do so, after Barnes & Noble pulled the item early this week in response to criticism from LGBT advocacy groups and blogs, including this one.

Mr. King has taken to Facebook to express his anger …

Hoo-we! Hell hath no fury like a he/she scorned… The telephone tree of tantrums is lit up like a Las Vegas marquee for "Boy-Lesque" today with hate mail, threats of boycott and even the risk of Jesus spitting on me for my "Sissy" calendar. I SAID I WAS A SISSY UP FRONT. Ironic who the real bullies are isn't it? Let's see if I get a call from Oprah's people or even Anderson Cooper…

… The "truth" is that AIDS is an "elective" disease. It STOPS the day guys quit sticking it to each other. And for the tragedy of women and children infected… THAT stops the day their gay husbands and fathers stop cheating on them. Anyone need MORE education, science or funding to understand THAT?"

…  but struck a milder tone when quoted in the Christian Post:

“This was just another block of work according to its subject matter,” said King, who noted that many of the comics were from previous years and had not received outrage until now, in part because their context was better understood when they were first printed.

“The gays are using some online blog to muster [enough] negative comments to have my calendar pulled,” wrote King on his blog “Funny Paperz.”

“All the hysteria is coming from those nice folks who haven't bothered to actually purchase and read my collection.”

Earlier this week the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) called for supporters to demand that Amazon and Barnes & Noble drop the calendar.

Mr. King, or someone claiming to be him, left numerous angry comments on the CP story after several of that publication's readers expressed distaste for his work.


  1. Mke says

    What’s upsetting is these things will sell now. He’s zeroing in on his demographic. So I hope he counts all of his money before he complains about gay people in the future. Hard enough for artists to make money in this world but most of them aren’t trying to throw people under the bus for a buck.

  2. says

    I can’t fathom who would want this calendar. Certainly no gays would, and even the most vile hater would not want to see that sort of thing every day for a whole year. So who would buy it?

    Perhaps it has usefulness in aversion therapy? But once Miss Marcus Bachmann gets a copy who else is left?

  3. Craig says

    1. First, thanks Amazon and B&N for removing this from your offerings.

    2. Isn’t it amazing how these people can be as offensive as they possibly can, but never seem to imagine anyone would dare speak out against them in response?

  4. Den says

    I don’t think he ever intended or expected to sell many copies. He wanted controversy and to be able to paint himself as a victim of the ‘Pink Mafia’ and it looks like he is succeeding.

  5. Acronym Jim says

    I eagerly await Joe’s calendar offering for next year:

    “I’m not Joe King. I really DO believe gay men are one dimensional, aids infected, limp wristed, lisping sexual deviants.”

  6. Tribute says

    Welcome to the free market. As corporations operating free of government interference, Amazon and B&N are free to choose which products they offer to their customers and which they don’t. Claims of censorship or denial of first-amendment protections don’t apply to individuals, corporations, or non-governmental organizations deciding what to publish or sell and what not to. Reap what you sow, Republicans.

  7. Brains says


    If you really believe that he has a valid point regarding the AIDS epidemic you are truly ignorant of the facts!

    AIDS entered into the human disease “catalog” due to the fact that certain African tribes eat uncooked primate meat, or the polio vaccination trials and experiments in the Congo became contaminated (Primates were used in large numbers to test the polio vaccine). The virus common in primates, crossed the human blood barrier and adapted itself to a new host-humans-but it entered via the heterosexual population first, then crossed into the bisexual then homosexual population.

    It is prevalent in the American homosexual population, besides the factor of ignorance regarding safe sex practices of a few, but predominantly because it entered America via the homosexual population (a flight student who traveled frequently to Kinshasa).

    In Africa, its source, it remains a heterosexual disease, predominantly!

  8. Matt says

    Christians are so afraid of losing more of their special rights, like the ability to put down but not be put down. That’s why when talking to his own kind (hey, he uses it, why can’t I?), he plays the martyr and victim. Nauseating, no?

    @Sargon Bighorn
    The only point he has is that certain heterosexuals have a very ignorant but very dangerous belief about AIDS that will one day end up costing them dearly.

  9. Redebbm says

    Exactly these individuals always cry for free market and capitalism but haven’t realized that it backfires on them. The days of corporations being anti-gay are over. The right wig can’t stand this so they call it censorship when it’s merely there stupid invisible hand hitting them in the faces for their bigotry.

  10. Sargon Bighorn says

    BRAINS read the quote man. He is NOT addressing the epidemic of the 1980s. MIC CHECK: “… The “truth” is that AIDS is an “elective” disease. It STOPS the day guys quit sticking it to each other” (when they don’t use condoms the risks of transmission are high). TRUTH CHECK: sex has risks, we elect to have sex as the alternative is so not fun. Gay America needs to face facts. HIV transmission is not a MYSTERY any more, unless one wants to be ignorant. Stop electing to spread disease, start electing to contain it. Safe sex works, condoms work (Unless you think like the Pope, do YOU think like the Pope?). His point is still valid. HIV transmission is no longer a mystery. Denial = Death.

  11. Just a point says

    You know, one thing I find interesting is that no seems to mention some of the back story here. Yes, Amazon was selling it, but that does not mean a buyer employed by them picked it. In fact, as I understand it was probably offered for sale automatically.

    As a graphic artist myself I wondered what company would publish such a limited interest title. I noted on Amazon’s listing that the publisher was “CreateSpace”. CreateSpace is basically a vanity press that does small runs for people who can’t find a publisher. Turns out CreateSpace is owned by Amazon and part of CreateSpace’s appeal to their clientele is they add anything created to Amazon’s listings.

    So this is not a conspiracy, no one sat in a room in Seattle (I assure you) and yucked it up while perusing this childish work and decided to list it.

    Just wheels turning people. And unfortunately we gave this sorry little man more publicity than he could have hoped to have had otherwise. Chances are he would have sold next to none of these on Amazon or B&N.

  12. Acronym Jim says

    Here’s the quote in it’s entirety:

    “The “truth” is that AIDS is an “elective” disease. It STOPS the day guys quit sticking it to each other. And for the tragedy of women and children infected… THAT stops the day their gay husbands and fathers stop cheating on them. Anyone need MORE education, science or funding to understand THAT?”

    It’s clear King is NOT an advocate for safe sex. He’s advocating against gay men having sex period. He’s implied that the blame for the epidemic lies solely with gay men. King’s views on HIV are as one-dimensional as his “jokes.”

  13. Markus says

    This cartoon was silly camp intended for gay consumers not bigots. His editor at the time was a lesbian. One of the cartoons was reprinted last year in Q Saltlake – a gay newspaper. The “We all have AIDS” was a loving campaign started by Calvin Klein. No one knows if the cartoon is actually offensive or not because you can’t read the “jokes” from the internet pictures, the words are too small. Our communities overreaction is a prime example of mob mentality. Congratulation’s you have taken a very vocal Christian who was somewhat in our corner and turned him against the gay community. And no, none of the ugly comments on his site were there before we attacked him. There was no reason for this boycott. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that because he was a Christian the calendar had to be bigoted. Well that in itself is bigotry. With your actions you have given ammunition to thousands of his followers to justify their disdain for the gay community. You have divided our groups even further. Well done people, well done.

  14. Markus says

    I’m gay and very disappointed in my community right now. I am liberal. I do not believe in organized religion so I am not taking the Christian’s side. How exactly does what I have stated make me a Troll?

  15. woodroad34d says

    Hmmm, I’m of two minds on this. I think “Chelsea Boys” with a thin, black drag queen with attitude, a muscle bound dumb surfer dude/hippie, a nervous, short, big nosed jew or “Troy” with pretty much the same characters and everyone’s over-sexed especially the hispanic/asian threesome is, for some reason, funny. But this guy seems to take a sarcastic mean-spirited route to stereotypes that doesn’t come off as funny. I’m trying to be nice with this guy (karma and all) and think maybe he’s talking about closeted Republicans. In addition, he claims to be pulitzer prize nominated–as someone pointed out, that only means he submitted his work for consideration (they didn’t pick him ’cause he t’weren’t that good apparently).

    Oh, and BTW, nice Christian talk in his retorts –uneducated, un-artful, and piss-poor.

  16. Markus says

    I popped on to say I admitted to myself that I was a little overboard. I sounded like a B Movie drill sergeant giving a demotivating speech. Look, I’m proud that you banded together.

    I recently broke up with my lover of many many many years. He was a sexual lover not romantic, but he was also a really good friend. Well I finally learned about Passive Aggressive. He was the bad kind where they make the other person question their self worth. I have been reading many books on how not to be passive so that I never again invite this type of man into my life. I guess I took the confidence a little too far. I’m still adjusting the new attitude.

    Love you guys. Happy New Year

    P.S. I do realize thy hypocrisy that I was myself being Passive Aggression.

  17. Pine4trees says

    People used their rightful freedom of speech and it worked effectively in this case as the corporation Amazon used their freedoms and rights and pulled this product from it’s shelves which it has every right to do.

    Democracy at work and at it’s finest.

  18. Charles says

    GOOD! His rants on his facebook page were the most hateful garbage I’ve ever read in my entire life. He essentially said people with AIDS deserve it and deserve to die of it and it stems from being gay. People like this need to be professionally helped….not have their craziness on display to breed more crazies like them.

  19. Michelle says

    @ Markus

    Your eagrness, willingness and downright whimsical attempt to defend this guy has turned from confusing to now amusing. You’ve gone as far as to paint him as incredibly innocent to all this, to now a former supporter? No supporter of gays and equality would write the HORRIBLE venemous, HATE…and I mean H-A-T-E this man mustered up about gays on his facebook page. For you to even dare turn his words into a guilt trip for LGBT and suggest we deserve those hateful statements and WE drove him to that hate speaks volumes on all the many issues YOU need to iron out regarding your acceptance of YOURSELF. Stop trying to school us, when you could use a few lectures yourself.

  20. DanThePlan says


    You’re slowly yet surely showcasing your intentions in all this. The more you get irrate over the understandable reaction to this piece, from a vile author, the more your true colors get exposed, and they are sadly not nearly as noble as you initially made them out to be. You first approached us as though you wanted to be a vehicle to guide the community on how to more effectively approach cases like this so we come out triumphant. As I’m reading your insulting messages to my gay brothers and sisters, I’m beggining to see that’s the polar opposite of your intent. What is really driving you frustrated is seeing a galvanized community unite under the umbrella of demoting hate toward us, and promoting our respect & rights. Those two attributes go hand in hand. Your issue is taking issue with gay people having the nerve to stand up and speak up when pushed to a corner. You speak consistently of this man being pushed to a corner, but fail to name drop the many people from his ilk and of his kind who have pushed us to a corner, and for centuries. The fact that you overlook that all while attempting to make a martyr out of a man who all but calls for the genocide of anyone who partakes in same sex intamcy says far more about you than it does about the gay community you so loosely make lazy generalizations about.

  21. JakeCA says

    Great news.

    The only people who take issue to this are people who feel Conservatives are entitled to say and do as they please with no consequences, and who are threatened by gay people FINALLY having a strong voice in a societal matter. For far too long gays would stand on the sidelines while we were ridiculed, taunted, laughed at, and punched. Now we finally grew a spine and are saying NO more. I am proud of self respecting gays who don’t stand for disrespect.

  22. Brushmusic says

    Well said Jake. I also laugh at the gay apologists who want to talk us out of doing boycotts like this and selling us on the idea of this author having his right to free speech. These are the same gay apologists who want to silence gays when we exercise our free speech, be it Pride, to Glitterbombs, to protests. In the mind of a gay apologist, any protest toward anti gay sentiments is gay hysteria. In their perfect world, we’d all be as lazy, careless and indifferent toward gay issues as they are. That never worked in history.

  23. Scott J. Landry says

    Barnes & Noble and Amazong realized drawbacks to carrying this piece outweigh the positives. They made a business oriented decision to not have their brands and image be jeapordized by one hate mongering idiot. It was a wise move and completely fair and business savy one.

    It also is a great reflection on progress. Corporations today would rather distance themselves from known hate groups realizing the negative impact it has.

  24. L.C says

    For HUNDREDS of years, anti gay individuals have petitioned to censor ALL gay publications. Heck, people petitioned to fire gay people from their jobs on television. And oftime times, these hate groups succeeded in censoring us. For once, the tides are turning and our voices in LGBT are being heard and we’re the ones who stand up to the injustice and it feels great. I celebrate this outcome and tell all fellow gays and lesbians to not be complacent when faced with prejudice. Instead, demand action and reverse the exposure those who are hate filled get. This will send a loud message that ignorance has little space in society.

  25. voice says

    Congrats to ALL GLBT and GLBT allies who stepped up and took action in this case. Your hard work was not in vain and it backfired on a proud hateful monster who now does not have a venue to promote his brand of hate.

    I’m a STRONG believer in strongly worded letters to big name corps in seeking equal protection for us. I’ve been promoting the positive outcome of well written letters for years now. This is just one of many incidents where if you use your passion in words, you can see great results. Never be discouraged to speak your truth and seek your fair treatment in society.

  26. CandCans says

    Joe King thinks every book store must carry every single book . No it doesn’t work like that. Book stores and sellers can pull and add any book they want. They don’t owe you anything.

    20 years ago, LGBT would expect to be disrespected and do nothing about it. Todays LGBT doesn’t stand for being anyone’s b-tch and they actually push back. I for one am very proud to see it.

  27. Markus says

    MICHELLE and DANTHEPLAN. In my New Years Eve drug induced explanation I am not taking back any of my stance. I am 100% sure that the gay community was wrong on this one. I have zero doubt.

  28. Markus says

    If you want to understand how Fox News is able to get their viewers to believe all the lies and spin you only have to look at all of you attacking something that you don’t know is offensive you just believe it is because you have been told it is offensive by a trusted source. This was a fun little excursive in coercion. I hope people can step back and learn something from this. But as weak as our minds are at being manipulation we are even weaker in admitting when we are wrong.

  29. CandCans says

    Markus, go back to being bitter over your failed relationship. That’s the catalyst to all these irrational posts you’re making desperately trying to make gays feel sympathy for a sick creep with sick views (who proudly expressed them on his facebook page)
    You seem to be taking out whatever bitterness you have in your failed relationship and scorn toward your ex on the entire community. Not at all uncommon from someone with anger issues. Hope part of tthat extended news years resolution is to resolve that.

  30. Bo says

    I love when trolls come on here and attempt to:

    A.) Silence our efforts

    B.) Make us feel guilty for having a voice and seeking respect in society.


    C.) Then making a victim out of the anti-gay offender.

    It happens in EVERY news story on here where gays have the nerve to face their detractors and fight back. How dare we not submit to our heterosexual grand wizard like circa 1960.

    Times are a changin my trolley golly friends. :)

  31. CollinsForth says

    Oh, the gay apologists are going to be alllll over this one. Blaming gays, making this guy out to be a saint, all while trying to get us to go sit right back at the end of the bus.

    Stories like these are what I call tangible SUCCESS. Not hoping, not praying, not WISHING for change to come, but making a group effort, with a concrete goal in mind to attack hate mongers right where it hurts $ $ $

    They have a voice and express their resent and hate? baby, so do we, but the difference is, now society is leaning toward our side, and realizing that there shouldn’t be a platform given to hate speech, and that humanity always prevails.

    Joe King vs. Humanity

    Wing nuts= 0

    Humanity = 1

  32. Markus says

    Ok prove me wrong. What is written in the word bubbles of the “We all have AIDS” cartoon that you find so offensive? I really doubt one person can tell me what is written.

  33. USCTrojansFan says

    Markus, we all know his calander wasn’t a celebration or paying tribute to those who have AIDS. The man spelled out his intent clear as day. You’re attempts to twist his own words to something more noble is both pathetic and disturbing. If you spend this much effort defending a *known* bigot, I wonder what extents you go to with other less obvious cases. Me thinks you’re the kind who always questions an anti gay hate crime victim and wonders if it was staged or not. You’re clearly THAT type of gay, and we see your type on here seldom. We can all usually recognize it by now, regardless of how many “I’m gay, and sleep with men, and really I’m gay” contexts you put it in, intent is always more important than background. A gay person can just have as much damaging intententions toward fellow gays as a hetero, if not more so. And in your case, with out even realizing so.

    Now go write this Joe King guy an apology. but please don’t sign it on all our behalfs, just your own.

  34. USCTrojansFan says

    Nothing justifiable in this calendar, and anyone who thinks there is must think the Bachmans are outstanding people.

    Good for Amazon for choosing principle over money. That was well within their right to pull this and I’m glad they did.

  35. Paul Keckonen says

    First of all the “We All Have Aids” campaign was started by Kenneth Cole NOT Calvin Klein, it help if you have facts straight before making comments. Second, the backlash against the calendar at Amazon and Barnes & Noble was NOT a “community” event, it was many individuals with a shared reaction. While I am sure there were some people who read headlines and reacted without research, I believe that many of us checked it out for ourselves to see what the hubbub was all about. To insinuate that the monolithic all powerful “Gay Community” leaders forced the rest us to lockstep in unison is just plain silly. What I saw when I looked at this calendar on Amazon was a poorly drawn attempt to make fun of/demean/trivialize/show comtempt for gay men, lesbians and trans-people using sophomoric humor and tired old stereotypes. Joe King is laughing AT us not trying to laugh WITH us.
    Regarding aids is “elective” – plain and simple it is stupid and insulting to make such a blanket statement about how HIV is transmitted. It is also stupid to defend Joe King for making such a statement especially when he expands his theory to say that as soon as gay men stop having sex HIV/AIDS will disappear. Yes you can defend his right to make such statements, but in a forum such as this you will come across as being an idiot, a troll, or a plant.

  36. Robert in NYC says

    Why isn’t he telling it to straights who “stick” it to one another and succombing to HIV in larger numbers among other STDs. Why isn’t he going after them?

  37. says

    Very telling about the commenters that defend this calendar as good humour…… The creator of the calendar first mocked AIDS, and then was explicitly clear that he believes that AIDS is spread exclusively by gay males.

    so,….they’re ok with him making a prejudicial calendar, but they’re not ok with gay people criticizing it. this, boys (and that means you, Markus) speaks volumes about how low your sense of self-worth is.
    only a browbeaten sack of misery whose dad cracks gay jokes would find this calendar funny.

    right. criticizing this has given bigots “ammunition”…rrrright.

    keep telling yourself that. just like you keep telling yourself that you dad doesn’t hate having a gay son.

  38. anon says

    One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that right-wing humor (for lack of a better term) tends towards the bullying/mean/goading type, as if it were in revenge for being so uncool as a teenager. Lots of hurt and insecurity there. Then again, I’m amazed at how so many of my “liberal” friends watch all sorts of fascistic “reality” TV and/or lack any sense of humor at all. The old joke about the feminist bookstore is still funny: (Guy walks into a bookstore and asks for the humor section.) Staffer replies, “Why SIR, this is a feminist bookstore! We have no humor section!”

  39. Victor McGann says

    Congratulations to the the Gay-American community for flexing their considerable consumer muscle. Let’s face it, the Jewish-American community would never tolerate this kind of negative, stereotypical cartooning directed at them. Neither should we. Happy 2012 everybody!



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