1. Married in MA says

    Read the comments on the Fox site. They are amazingly positive of Hogan and negative regarding Beaudet.

  2. Yuki says

    I’m glad so many people are fine with Hogan. As long as he’s not showing porn in the classroom or talking about it with underaged students, what’s the harm in it? He can still be completely capable of teaching.

  3. Caliban says

    Beaudet was blamed by many for the suicide of Sheriff James DiPaola. DiPaola had worked for the gov’t for decades and exploited a loophole in the MA pay regulations which allowed him to collect his pension AND his pay as Sheriff at the same time. Beaudet “exposed” this and hounded him until he resigned, then took full credit for that. But when DiPaolo committed suicide Fox reported the story without mentioning Beaudet’s investigative journalism coup.

    He ported this Hogan story like he’s hoping for another scalp for his wall.

  4. Trevor Knight says

    This is NOT an action becoming of a TEACHER. He has his FACE on the cover of a gay porn! horrible

  5. TJ says

    Reading the comments to the article in the “Patch” link, one poster asks what I feel is an excellent point to ponder: What has been lost through making this story public? I have stated that I believe no good outcome resulted from this tabloid-style report, but this goes a step further. What about the loss of opportunity for a good education through a reportedly good teacher? What about the cost of disruption to continuity for the students? What about the loss of innocence to the community, which now must explain what all the hubbub is about? Some blame the teacher for his choices. I put a bigger responsibility on the so-called journalists who chose to run a story about someone who had done nothing illegal because titillating stories create ratings, and to heck with the lives it ruins and the losses incurred.

  6. Rob says

    Things like this give me hope. Not the ambush, which was disgusting, but the overwhelming support for the teacher; disgust at the “news” personality; and who cares shrug about the past. I’m old enough to remember when parents would have been terrified at the thought that “a gay” was teaching their children. :) – baby steps, but still steps in the right direction

  7. Jesus says

    @Trevor Knight, thank you for policing what grown-ass people are allowed to do with their bodies and their lives. As if people who are educated and have a head on their shoulders are somehow not allowed to decide that they want to appear in an adult film.

    You know what, just to prove a point, I’m gonna go for my Ph.D. and star in a gay porn.

    That sounds hot as hell. Ph.D. porn!

  8. Sean says

    @Caliban, that’s interest and all, but in that case it sounds like there was genuinely something inappropriate to report on. In this case there really isn’t. Someone who is doing their job satisfactorily shouldn’t be harassed, like this man has, over something in his past that bears no relation to his ability to do his job..

  9. Jose S. says

    He might be a good teacher and all but he did do something that is shady and questionable whether you like or not, jut like other teachers who have written nasty comments about gays on Facebook, teachers should face higher scrutiny of character and morale. And being in porn is UNBECOMING for a priest, cop, teacher, etc etc… where trust must be obtain.

  10. Larry says

    Again, what I said in the comments of the earlier post still holds true. Did someone tip the news station off to Hogan’s afterschool career? I just don’t understand why this had to see the light of day in the first place.

  11. Kenneth H. says

    That was the wrong way to deal with the situation – one would think he had committed war crimes, and I’m glad people have called this Fox creep on his misbehaviour.

  12. says

    Beaudet should be ashamed of himself, and the network should fire him.

    this was pathetic. he basically screamed “DON’T LOOK WHERE I’M POINTING!”

    worrying about “the children?” NONSENSE. he told the children that their teacher ______ did adult films under the name ________. they’d not have known about this irrelevant detail had he not sunk to the lowest level of exploitation “journalism” and ‘broke’ the non-news news.

    the adult industry is a legit and legal business. he did nothing illegal.

    this is a whole slew of puritanical nonsense.

  13. says

    Hogan is going to lose his job — thanks to a system that obviously agrees with Jose S.

    Of course Jerry Sandusky could rape little boys with impunity beacuse he was such a great football coach, right?

  14. Michael says

    I have to wonder about all the other guys in some of those videos…. Is this what they can look forward to in the future???

    I think it is a shame that sexuality in general is such a fuss here.

  15. Rick says

    Call-ins to the station mean nothing; obviously, the hyper-political animals of the sort that mostly inhabit this site are the ones who are going to call in to complain, whereas those who have no problem with the story are not going to.

    The petition means nothing, either–I mean, let’s not forget how many people were cheering OJ Simpson on in his getaway car and how many people celebrated when he got away with murder.

    This teacher will be fired in due course and it is exactly what he deserves. He violated the trust that was placed in him and basically had sex in public–which is what making a porn video amounts to–which is NOT “private” in any way, shape, or form, given that anybody in the world can access his activity.

    And I will reiterate that those of you who continue to support him only reinforce society’s prevailing view of gay men as irresponsible, exceedingly promiscuous sleazebags who do not even grasp the norms and responsibilities of mainstream society and therefore do not deserve a place within it.

  16. Adrian says

    @Jose S.

    Good luck filling those teacher job positions with applications with “higher character and morals,” whatever that means. Also, thank you for reinforcing the notion that there is no life outside of porn.

  17. Rick says

    “Of course Jerry Sandusky could rape little boys with impunity beacuse he was such a great football coach, right?”

    No, he was arrested and is facing trial and potentially spending the rest of his life in prison. As is the assistant basketball coach at Syracuse, who was fired from his job just a few days ago.

  18. says

    RICK, if you’re so concerned about how the public sees gay men then WHY ARE YOU NOT OUT?

    seriously, dude. you’re all talk, no action. a big man shouting from inside a big fat closet.

    why aren’t you Out? Show us. Prove me wrong. Provide the URL to your own webpage or youtube video where you show the world and all of us here what a big strong masculine empowered role-model of a gay man you are.

    seriously. i dare you. prove me wrong.

    the fact that you compared this man, who did something perfectly legal, with a MURDERER speaks volumes about not only your lack of ability to intellectually discern, but your own self-loathing as a cowardly homosexual.

    so, prove me wrong RICK. show us, provide the URL, so we can al see how strong and powerful and unafraid you are to live openly as a gay man.

    after all, if you care about how The Gays are perceived, you’ll be doing lots of work to be a Visible representation for us….right?

    URL, please.

  19. says

    we don’t look bad by standing up for this man. the only people who would think that are the RICK’s of the world – the insecure self-loathing homosexuals who never had the balls to stand up to the father’s that despised them.

    throughout history there are the cowards who suck up to the bullies because they’re not man enough to do the right thing. RICK embodies this cowardice.

    if you want to make this an issue of “how gay people are perceived” you have only ONE option: LIVE OUT. Visibly and Vocally as a gay man. represent yourself, publicly, visibly, as a gay man.

    not sit from within your closet and scream that other gays are making us look bad.

    dont’ complain. Come Out.

    So, RICK. Got that URL for us all to see? So we can see you living by example as a strong empowered gay man?

    I can do it. Why can’t you?

  20. Caliban says

    For me the question isn’t whether he should have done porn or not. The real question is what was achieved with this muck-raking report, what purpose it served. Was Hogan inappropriate with his students? Certainly no one has implied that and in fact some parents and students are lobbying for his return. Are his students “safer” or “better educated” now that this has been exposed? Again, seemingly not.

    So other than ratings for Fox25 and Mike Beaudet, what purpose was served here? None that I can see.

    And I can only assume that the pearl-clutching Aunt Pitty-Pats commenting here don’t WATCH porn because it’s pretty hypocritical to do so while maintaining the “high moral standards” you lay claim to. How much scrutiny could your computer files withstand? Never exaggerated on a resume’ or cheated on your taxes? How would your boss or co-workers react to details about your website “dating” practices?

    But boy you’re Johnny-On-The-Spot when it comes to casting stones.

  21. TJ says

    This shows that all gay men are sleazeballs in the same way that RICK shows that all gay men are idiots.

  22. Rick says

    @Caliban You obviously don’t get it. WATCHING porn IS a PRIVATE act. Acting in porn is a PUBLIC act.

    People in the public arena–whether schoolteachers or politicians or others–are held to certain standards of public behavior….and it should be a no-brainer to anybody who really thinks about it that exposing yourself and your sexual activity to the entire world in a film that is in the public domain and is available to anyone (and that the manufacturer of which will make aggressive efforts to sell and market so that as many people as possible will buy it and see it)… totally unacceptable and a violation of those standards of behavior.

    In all seriousness, I think some gay men are so used to being so far out at the social margins and such outcasts that they don’t understand this distinction….in other words, being outcasts due to their sexual orientation alone, no matter what they do, de-sensitizes them to these distinctions and they really don’t see the difference between the private and the public……..

  23. Gregory says

    I could care less whether he did porn. He didn’t murder anybody. He didn’t rape anybody. He didn’t assault anybody. It’s his honesty I have trouble with… as an employer. He wasn’t honest with the school. For a seemingly good reason, too. I’m sure he knew very well what the consequences would be for him to have a career as a teacher when he first dabbled in porn to make some bucks. Maybe he even used the porn money to pay for schooling. Shades of Scott Brown, almost. When you live and breathe a lie, you kill all trust no matter how genuine you are in every other area.

    And now… there are other areas he will – probably – have to pursue for employment. Maybe teaching is still in his future. Who knows? Sounds like he’s an excellent one. But he’ll have to be honest about his past and very open and creative in his thinking about what the heck he’s gonna do with his future.

  24. says

    RICK, who are you to talk? You’re still Closeted.

    Prove me wrong – post the URL to your own page or youtube video where you show us all what a strong masculine empowered “positive” gay role model you are in your daily life.

    You complain constantly about ‘bad stereotypical gays making us look bad’ and then in the next breath give countless cowardly excuses for choosing to stay Closeted.

    i mean, we get it – your dad hated having you for a son and therefore you blame all the Out gay men for embodying what your dad hated. it’s not the fault of other gay men that your father didn’t love you or accept you.

    and you sucking up to anti-gay puritanical ninnies won’t change any of that.

    if you actually care about how gay men are perceived you’ll provide the link to your page so we can all see what a fabulous example you’re living.

    so, URL please?

  25. PDX Guy says

    I am glad to live in this time of social media where people can put their opinions together and realize that “reporting” like this is nothing but sensationalism. If you read the comments on the channel’s website, you can see people of all walks of life easily, but strongly, speaking out. If they really want to do some “undercover” investigation, why don’t they look into how certain news organizations use illegal means, like hacking cell phones, to obtain their information? Oh yeah, I am sure the corporations would have a big problem with that; much better to try to bring down a man who did nothing illegal and is viewed as “immoral” by those who profess some code that they likely don’t live by themselves.

  26. says

    what’s the deal? the american way is to brand someone with a Scarlet Letter for life due to insecure pious dolts having issues with sex and sexuality?

    heck, for a self-professed “Christian Nation” people sure do forget pretty much everything that Christ fella spoke about.

    In all seriousness, social conservatives should be APPLAUDING this man for, uh, “turning his back on sin” and going into a more socially-respectable profession.

    not that i think sex or adult films are sinful, because i don’t. but those that do are only exposing their own bigotry and hypocrisy and piety – the “Christian” thing to do would be to champion him and support him in his quest for a new and better life.

    forgiveness. understanding. grace.

    alas, those things are impossible for the Faux-Christian Americans who only use faith as an excuse to hate gays, muslims and more.



    RICK, the URL to your page or youtube video please. we all shuold live by your strong empowered masculine example. So show us how you live each day as a strong empowered gay man.

    my femmy ass can do it, why can’t yours?

  27. says

    “The real question is what was achieved with this muck-raking report, what purpose it served. Was Hogan inappropriate with his students? Certainly no one has implied that and in fact some parents and students are lobbying for his return.”

    Preciselt Caliban.

    But closeted, self-loathing KAPS like Rick can’t lynch Hogan fast enough.

  28. Jack says

    The attitudes of the up-and-coming generation are proof we’ve made a positive impact on society since Stonewall. Glad to see it.

  29. says

    “what’s the deal? the american way is to brand someone with a Scarlet Letter for life due to insecure pious dolts having issues with sex and sexuality?”

    Correct Little Kiwi. As far as the school board — and “Rick” — are concerned Hogan can NEVER turn his life around. Once a porn star always a pron star. Right “Rick”?

    I’ll be tou have all of Hogan;s videos. In fact you’re probably jerking off to one of them right now.

  30. Adrian says


    As a rule of thumb, I recommend future applicants to omit details on their resume which are unrelated to the job being applied. Not to diss on honesty but there is such a thing as TMI.

    I also don’t want to dig into my employee’s private lives if it has no bearing on the job at hand. I want to foster an environment based on trust, understanding, and merit. I don’t want my workers to think I have trust issues.

    I also know that a past appearance in porn can stigmatize a perfectly good employee (same thing with HIV status). If I ran a company based on subjective moral standards, I’ll have a shortage of excellent workers.

    There’s business. There’s also nanya goddamn business.

  31. Lazlo says

    He should be able to keep his job. If Kim K. and Paris Hilton can get rich and have billions of tween/teen fans whats the problem? The parents and commenters on this site that have a problem with it should think again.

  32. says

    I’m almost reminded of when Fantasia Barrino won American Idol years ago, and became the target of social conservatives because she “had a child out of wedlock”

    rather than look at her as one who “chose life”, they instead chose to say she was a bad role-model for having a child in her late teens, unmarried.

    think about it. they could have used her as the poster-girl for “not having abortions” – but instead chose to say “she’s a bad role-model who had sex and got pregnant!!!’

    same thing here. they’re not applauding a man for “moving up” in life, or “moving away” from what they would deem a “sin” – they’re using it to convince themselves that they’re “more Christian than him”, which thus makes them less Christian than anyone and everyone.

    yes. this man did adult videos. and all of his students are the product of their parents having sex. they KNOW their parents had sex. doesn’t make it weird. this reporter, and the cowards defending him, are desperate and sad.

  33. Gregory says

    Adrian, It’s a judgement call. I want teachers who have impeccable judgement. Was it a good judgement call when he did porn knowing that he aspired to be a teacher. In today’s climate? Not a good call. sTupid call, in fact. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Maybe twenty years from now.

    Lazlo, Kim K. and Paris Hilton hopefully, aren’t wanting jobs as teachers. Thank God. The world is blessed. Unfortunately, some naive young people probably look to them for all their earthly aspirations, anyway. What can ya do?

    On that thought, I guess, public people are all teachers by default.


  34. says

    what kind of message are we sending to young people by saying that forgiveness, redemption and the ability to take hold and change one’s life for the better is IMPOSSIBLE?

    “impeccable judgment”?

    How about teaching kids that it’s never too late to take control of their own lives, turn things around, and indeed make their own lives better?

    the message some folks seem to be getting behind is “If you piss off the Moral Majority you’re doomed for life”

    some message.

  35. Keith says

    rick, we’re still waiting for your “great gay role model” url and video.

    i am sure you did a “it gets better” video to share you high moral standards and you perception of what it means to be a gay person in America today.

    as our community role model for acceptable behavior and conduct, we breathlessly await your public views…

  36. TJ says

    KEITH – be careful throwing around that “we” when you write about waiting breathlessly for RICK’S public views. I, for one, want to keep my lunch down.

  37. says

    come on, RICK. Dazzle us with the empowered voice of gay masculinity and courage that you are.

    show us, via URL, the page or video of yourself in which you live by example – show us what a strong masculine Out gay man you are and how well you represent the Gay community in your every day life.

    we’re waiting. please share with us the URL.

  38. says

    I’m glad people have been supportive of the teacher. It’s absurd that we’d fire people because they have a ‘porn past.’ Yeah, it may be a little embarrassing once that’s ‘out there,’ but as with anything else, time can solve that — so long as it’s given the opportunity to do that, and people aren’t fired for it right off the bat. The school ought to just let it blow over and judge the teacher on the merits: how he does on the job. The students will giggle at first, maybe, but they’ll quickly forget about it and move on to the next thing, particularly since they’re dependent on that teacher for their grades…

  39. Rin says

    I don’t want my children to know that their teacher was in pornographic movies, took drugs and lived, or had a baby at 14. If that makes me puritanical then so be it.

    I’d like to see that they avoid the pitfalls that put so many people in subways with needles in their arms or on the welfare lines. Having someone say: “look what I did survived!” does not curb dangerous behavior, it endorses it.

    Personally, I don’t care what adults do, but I do think that unlike basketball players and rock stars that teachers ARE role models, or should be. Whether you all believe porn is harmless, it in the larger percentage is not. It is a dangerous lifestyle that most industry people would tell you is filled with drugs and humilitation. It is not what I want for my kids.

    IF this dude’s private life was private and no one would ever find out…okay, be a teacher, but he knew that his past would have an adverse effect or could cause controversy. I think he courted it in the same way Sasha Grey did.

    Let them teach at community college, not kids.

    *Note, I also don’t think Keith Richards or Sasha Grey should teach school either.

  40. Fenrox says

    @Rick, we have to defend him, Otherwise people would think we are a bunch of backwards, conservative assholes… like you.

    I kid, but your thesis point is fallible. Society doesn’t have a norm that it will revert to in choice situations. It’s a slow evolution of the people and the people in control, in said society.

    So we (Gays you don’t like), are going to keep pushing rules until we are comfortable in society. Others will do this at the same time we are, there will be some conflicts, there will be some harmonious convergences. Then when we are old and a new group that challenges our views that WE fought for, we will let them, as we were given that same option.

    Also, a porn video is stupid for a taboo thing. It’s legal, just restricted, kids already aren’t allowed to see it so there is literally no issue. I mean if a kid does see it and confronts someone about it, punish the kid, hes the one making the problems and breaking the rules.
    It isn’t hard to be strong, just don’t be weak.

  41. StudioTodd says

    “Forgiveness?” “Redemption?” Really inappropriate words to apply to this situation.

    WTF does he need “forgiveness” for? He didn’t DO anything to anyone. HE HAD SEX, PEOPLE! Do we now need to apologize for having sex?

    It’s really simple–he needed to earn some money, and accepted a job offer from a COMPLETELY LEGAL company. To label him as somehow unfit to teach English to high school kids based on something as subjective as a some uptight a-hole’s perception of “morality” is as ridiculous as it is infuriating.

    Parents complain constantly about the lack of qualified, dynamic and effective teachers. How stupid is it, then, to blackball a teacher who–by all accounts–has done a remarkable job educating and inspiring his students simply because he had sex in front of a camera?

    Personally, I believe that those who are so horrified by this situation that they feel compelled to condemn this teacher and destroy his career have much bigger personal issues that should be examined.

    Their pernicious preoccupation with controlling how sexuality is expressed and their neurotic need to stigmatize the subject is far more troubling to me than the fact that a teacher did something on his own time that some nervous nellies consider to be scandalous.

    Although I don’t hold out a lot of hope (this is America, after all), I really hope this guy keeps his job.

  42. Rin says

    I wanted to be a rock star once upon a time. I thought that people who did drugs were experiencing life on the edge and were cool and blah blah blah…I wanted to live with wild abandon because people I looked up to, people like Hendrix and Kurt Cobain made it look so cool.

    How that worked out for me…well…suffice it to say that I wish I could go back and kick the younger version of myself in the ass. I could have died or I could have not gotten help and been stuck in loserville with a lot of others.

    When you have people that are cool, that you look up to…you DO emulate them. Teachers have morality contracts because they have the ability to leave an impression on kids. I would never share with anyone that I did the things I did because I would want someone to think that because I did it and lived they could, too.

    What he did was produce a public, sale-able video production that his students can google and see (and they do). He should teach college or something else.

    Porn stars have a higher rate of drug usage than other entertainment fields, they have reparative surgeries, have to constantly be tested for diseases, etc. It is not an ideal field. Sorry. This has nothing to do with his being gay, nor is it about condemning porn in general, IMO. It is about steering impressionable children away from a field of interest that is less than ideal.

    It is the equivalent of allowing a former drug dealer to teach. Yes, he’s reformed, but he also is an example of how to make easy money off the addictions and vices of others and live to tell the tale.

  43. Rin says


    you said:

    “Their pernicious preoccupation with controlling how sexuality is expressed and their neurotic need to stigmatize the subject is far more troubling to me than the fact that a teacher did something on his own time that some nervous nellies consider to be scandalous.”

    I’ll be honest with you…my vice was drugs because the feelings that sex give you really last a few seconds whereas the drugs I did made me feel x1000 times better and lasted longer. Feeling “good” and the ability to use the neurotransmitters of my own brain to produce extreme euphoria could be considered a form of internal cerebral expression. If I was a great teacher, but chose to do heroin and all of my students knew it…would you support me and argue against me being kicked out of my job as a teacher?

    What’s the difference?

    Both feel GREAT and both can put you in a position where you self-harm and/or catch blood borne illnesses. True, I could never share a needle and porn stars can always use rubbers, but…should these lifestyles be judged by the few who are responsible?

    Should I be allowed to tacitly and subconsciously promote a fun but unhealthy lifestyle by showing that you can do hard drugs that make you feel utterly fantastic, although progressive and highly addictive in most cases, and suddenly make an about face to become a teacher of students?

    I think to say that you can be a porn star and teach and not be a heroin addict and teach would be hypocritical because neither person hurts anyone in their pursuit of feeling good, just (potentially) themselves.

  44. Stephen says

    Re: honesty on his job application. If he made jewelry and sold it at a swap meet or grew vegetables and sold them at the farmer’s market should those be included on his resume for a teaching position? Seems rather irrelevant to the job.

    @Rin. The teacher did not share his past with the kids. The kids would not have know about his past if it wasn’t for the reporter. He wasn’t promoting it has a profession. The kids are underage and can’t legally access any of his films. Also, where do you get your statistics on drug usage? I’d like to see the “study”.

  45. Edd says

    I’m pretty sure Kevin isn’t going around telling all his students what he did in his past, and I’m also pretty sure he’s not trying to ‘recruit’ any of his students to be gay much less to do gay porn.
    He’s teaching them English.
    I’d bet good money that if he wasn’t in between jobs and didn’t have bills to pay, we woundn’t be having this conversation. Or at least not about Kevin Hogan.


  46. StudioTodd says

    Pretty cute how you keep tying having sex on camera to drug addiction. Cute, but obvious. They are two different topics.

    This teacher is not a drug addict. This teacher was not promoting any “lifestyle”–tacitly or subconsciously–to his students. He was teaching them English.

    Until this POS parasitic reporter came after him.

    The amount of information I had regarding what my teachers were into during their off-hours was absolutely zero. I have no doubt that this is the same in this teacher’s case. It’s just not a subject that comes up during class.

    BTW, even though the students now know about what he’s done on his own time, they still support him. And let’s be realistic here…there’s not going to be a huge influx of graduates from this school racing to get into the porn industry. That’s a ridiculous, simplistic and imbecilic excuse to pillory this man because his views on sexuality differ from the mainstream.

  47. jaragon says

    Typical Fox news sleaze-the man did this between jobs- I wonder if this would even be “news” if it wasn’t gay porn.

  48. Caliban says

    Also let’s not forget that with “sexting,” partners from relationships gone bad putting “private” sex tapes online, and “camming,” not to mention the college kids who make some quick money by doing JO or porn tapes (like the two college wrestlers who were exposed a few years back), situations like this are only going to become MORE common.

    Oh, and Rick, how exactly is WATCHING porn in private such a pure activity you can afford to judge the performers from your high moral perch? By doing so you’re FUNDING what you seem to feel is the moral degradation of others merely for your own amusement and pleasure, which hardly makes you Mother effing Teresa! And if you’re not paying for it then you’re stealing copyrighted material, which hardly counts as “moral” either.

  49. PDX Guy says

    Caliban, you make a point I was just thinking of too. In the near future, we are going to have a very hard time filling jobs that require a “moral” person. Thousands of “Girls Gone Wild”, people drunk and/or puking at parties and posted on Youtube, using Grindr or Manhunt or Craigslist personals, and on and on. People are (slowly) waking up that these things just don’t matter when they are between consenting adults. It is the real character of the person that matters and being public with your sexuality isn’t part of your real character.

  50. Q says

    I love Fox News’ studious avoidance of saying it was gay porn while at the same time showing the cover which makes it obvious. And did you notice how they showed the cover of the book he edited also, which appears to be a memoir of a transgender woman? These are the classic unspoken dog whistles that Fox uses to stir up its base.

  51. TJ says

    RIN – wow. I’ve grown to appreciate your intellect and point of view. But I have to say I’m confused right now. You talk of wanting to protect children, and about your previous drug use. Yet haven’t you also posted using your experience as a teacher in support of your opinions? So, it’s okay to be a former drug user and be a teacher, but everyone else is a bad influence?

    Pot, meet Kettle. You have much in common.

  52. TJ says

    CALIBAN – you make valid points. I know many in the under 30 crowd for whom posting racy pictures on profiles, sexting, etc. seems so not a big deal. I’ve seen news stories about straight couples who have set up live sex cam shows in order to make ends meet – and they fully cooperated with the interview!

    I’m of the generation that says some things ought to remain private. But I also know people much younger who have a different point of view who are also remarkably talented, dedicated, and ethical and moral in their treatment of others. It’s understandable to want the world to neatly fall into black and white. But it’s also lazy and limiting.

  53. DN says

    OK so let me get this straight:

    It’s OK for a Florida teacher (Jerry Buell) to say that seeing real gay people having a real wedding made him want to throw up, and that that is what he teaches in his class…

    And it’s not OK for a Mass. teacher to make a porno movie.

    Apparently, in Fox Land, only conservatives get the right to offend people in the public sphere.

  54. says

    Was he ever arrested? Did he ever rob a bank?
    Did he ever break any laws? Is he qualified as a teacher? When you add it all up, it comes down to news that is not news. It’s a witch hunt and he’s not a witch! I’m glad that he’s getting support from most of the viewers, and more important the parents of those concern.

  55. endo says

    Did this Rick tool really compare appearing in low-budget porn to murdering your wife and her lover? Wow

    That guy is off his rocker. Not that there was any doubt.

  56. Francis says

    As has been said, we have now several cases of teachers making BLATANT anti-gay/racist/etc. statements and NOT being fired. NOT being reprimanded. Yet, here we have a man doing gay porn on his own time, keeping his private life and personal life separate, yet his hunted down and shamed by this disgusting Beaudet character.

    Beaudet clearly is, at the very least, ridiculously high-and-mighty if not totally homophobic. This entire video you can feel his hostility towards Mr. Hogan.

    The one positive to come from this is that most of the community believes he’s been unfairly treated. Bet this fox-news affiliate didn’t expect that!

  57. wimsy says

    Nice to see that tight-ass Puritan prudes are alive and well, and maintaining a proper level of intolerance.

  58. Dave says

    I think that as a teacher, he did have an obligation to list his movie roles while getting his license and he obviously failed to do that.

    The complicated bit is that he did these while he wasn’t teaching, which puts them into a grey area. Let’s be fictitious and assume that he was broke and about to lose his home. Is being homeless of greater moral character than taking a job that exposes his body, especially in an era where we’re all bombarded by implicit sex in radio, television, digital, online and signage on a daily basis?

    The journalist did commit a serious error of journalism though. He presented three parents who expressed reservations, but he didn’t show any who were non-plussed by his past or explicitly state that he was unable to find people who held that view.

  59. Rick says

    @RIN Nice posts, but you are wasting your time with most of these people. They are social anarchists, as I have pointed out before. They want to destroy all standards of propriety and advocate absolute non-conformity…..unless, of course, it accrues to their advantage.

    To that extent, the political Right is absolutely correct in their assessment of SOME gay men. They slither around in moral turpitude–and often die young as a consequence, whether of disease, drug abuse, alcoholism, general social disconnectedness–or a combination of all the above…….and, as you can see from the responses, these very same individuals are often the ones who espouse the culture of effeminacy–desperately hoping to destroy masculine values, even as they worship masculine men (especially those that are straight) and lust after them. And they virtually always fail at relationships with men because they hate them, as much as they hate themselves. And it is that hatred that causes them to worship their “divas”, not any positive feelings towards women like you–you see, the diva is a particular kind of woman, who typically is as devoid of morality and as hostile towards men as these individuals, themselves are.

    Virtually none of them are parents or they would get what you are saying–indeed, they are so ensconced in their warped little self-involved cocoons that they cannot even begin to understand a parent’s perspective.

    Let me stress that not all gay men are like this–but a substantial proportion of them are…..and you see them in abundance on this site.

  60. says

    so, RICK, show us all how you live such an upstanding empowered Masculine gay existence.

    prove it, wimp.

    come on. my stereotypically-gay ass can do it – click my name and you’ll see my blog. my videos. my writing. my face. my name. my family. those with nothing to hide hide nothing.

    so let’s see this fantastic example of a great masculine gay role-model that you are in your daily life, RICK.

    post the URL to your own page, or to the youtube video that i’m sure you’ve made where you show everyone how to life by your fantastic masculine manly gay male example.

    for real. what’s the URL? show us all how you live as a great masculine example of an upstanding gay man.

    PROVE IT. URL, please?

    I mean, there’s no way you’re just some cowardly resentful-homosexual who comes onto this site to complain about other gay men because you’re still bitterly angry that your own father wishes you weren’t his son, right?

    i mean, what better way to prove us all wrong by showing us what a big manly strong masculine gay man you are, right?

    so prove it, coward. post the URL to your own page or video.
    if you have the balls.

  61. TJ says

    LITTLE KIWI – come now. You know perfectly well that RICK hasn’t got balls. All he has is a closed mind and a limited world view. And some of the craziest ideology I’ve had the displeasure to read.

    Excuse me, I have some slithering to do. Later!

  62. says

    Students and parents are mobilizing in Malden against Mike Beaudet and are calling for a total boycott of Fox 25 News until Mike is gone and can’t come back. Fox 25 has already tried to spin it defending it as an interesting debate issue but Fox Undercover was motivated by an informant who wanted to get at Mr. Hogan and a news segment that always seems to run their trailers during sweeps shows to get people to watch Fox 25 News at 10. Mike Beaudet doesn’t interview: he smear campaigns and Fox will never ever admit wrong. In fact when they are criticized they just keep running more to show that they can do what they want. Mike will run a “some parents aren’t so sure” segment as if he can ride on the discussion side but its always too late for his targets. Their careers are ruined. Always. Well guess what Fox 25, we the people of Malden and Boston are sick of you and we will keep driving Fox 25 News ratings down until you have gone just like your ex-producer Jonathan Wells. There is no way Rupert Murdoch and his greedy Boston division will spin this one. We the students of Malden are in power here: not Fox.

  63. Hollywood, CA says

    I agree with FIREMIKE, Mike Beaudet is about to realize that Fox news is a nest of VIPERS and will just as soon praise him for this sleaze article as fire him if they think he is hindering any dollars flowing into teh station. BOYCOTT AND HE WILL BE LET GO!

  64. Larry says

    Rick, etc.: Please keep in mind the movies were RELEASED in 2010. Hogan started working at the school this past September. He didn’t make the films while he was on the job.

  65. Jerry6 says

    If I recall correctly, someone rather famous, (I cannot at the moment remember his name) said “Let He who is without Sin, cast the first stone.”

  66. Jerry6 says

    Did I miss something in this story? Who told the reporter about the side job? What! The reporter found it himself while watching Porn! Boy, am I glad Fox’s reporters watch Porn. Otherwise we would never known about the teacher. (Was he watching it on the companie’s computer?)

  67. says

    Parents in several suburbs are trying to prepare if Fox Undercover decides to do a story in their town. At the center is the issue of someone knowing about a child safety issue and telling Fox instead of the school. Mike Beaudet must be confronted by PARENTS IN GROUPS and asked to leave. Police should be contacted. The media do not have permission to violate privacy or to trespass.