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Glenn Beck Asks Michele Bachmann About 'Activist Elijah', Whose Mom Doesn't Need Fixing: VIDEO


Glenn Beck asks Michele Bachmann about the "activist Elijah" incident in which an eight-year-old boy was prompted by his mother to tell her, "My mom is gay and she doesn't need any fixing".

Bachmann calls the incident "shameless".

Says Beck: "They're coming with children to attack you on this...this is the nuclear bomb in politics...accusing you of [being a] homophobe or whatever - they''ll do this to anybody they want to destroy...Are you a homophobe?"

Replies Bachmann: "Well, of course not. I believe that we love all people. And I do. I love everyone."

She then goes on to tell Beck she doesn't believe that gays should be able to marry or have civil unions, but repeats her assertion that they are able to marry someone of the opposite sex.


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  1. I wonder if she even knows that she hates gay people? Maybe she really thinks that hate is love.

    Posted by: ted | Dec 7, 2011 7:38:53 PM

  2. Using Bachmann's line of thinking, Christians, Jews and Muslims all have equal rights in Saudi Arabia; they ALL have the same right to be Muslims. And elections are free and fair to all citizens in China; everyone has the same right to support the Communist party.
    If same-sex couples are equal to Michelle and Marcus because we all have the option to divorce and have the type of relationship that Michelle Bachmann chose for herself, then "equal" essentially has no meaning at all.

    Posted by: Gregv | Dec 7, 2011 8:31:17 PM

  3. I suppose she'd be more comfortable if we got two lesbians and two gay men together and married, all lived in the same house and just traded partners - permanently - and then raised some kids together. In her crazy world view, that would be OK.

    I guess that's what she did, so it's OK.

    Posted by: johnny | Dec 7, 2011 10:37:28 PM

  4. This lesbian mommy did all gay people a great disservice in using her little boy as a political tool. She actually made , the wicked witch Bachmann, look like a sympathetic figure.To those who think it was the 8 year olds idea: do you have children or do you know children?

    Posted by: jack | Dec 7, 2011 11:29:39 PM

  5. I have to agree with David. Elijah's mom should not have urged him to say this. It really makes gay people look like we have "an agenda" when all we want is respect. This mom took it too far. Please don't put your kids in front of you. It's you who should be speaking for your kids. Her intentions were good, I think, but the way she went about it was embarrassing.

    Posted by: Andy | Dec 8, 2011 3:06:42 AM

  6. Knew this would play right into their hands: now they can claim that we're indoctrinating our kids. Because cute little Elijah wasn't come outspoken middle-schooler, standing up in a debate and delivering a loud, detailed and impassioned statement about his or her gay parents or friends, or his or her own sexuality. It was a mumbling, scared-looking child of eight, being pushed forward with prepared words by his lesbian mother.

    It looked forced.
    He looked uncomfortable.
    It didn't ring with truth.

    The right-wing LOVE it.


    Posted by: Charlie | Dec 8, 2011 3:34:24 AM

  7. 'Who cares whether the child was coached'

    Everyone who cares about kids being allowed their own lives and some freedom from coercion. Parents.

    'the right-wing involves children' So we shouldn't do the same: the right-wing is despicable. We're not.

    Don't you get it? As PR it failed. It looked BAD to people who are not gay, to our opponents, to the people we want to persuade and to about HALF the gay community itself.

    It FAILED. It was UNPOPULAR and REPELLED the majority of viewers. Only the screamers, outers and ass-hats who don't want to make progress against our opponents like it.

    Posted by: Charlie | Dec 8, 2011 3:39:08 AM

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