1. jtramon says


    It’s time for Dan Choi to unscrew the bulb, and begin to dim the light on his 15 minutes of fame whoredom. His past actions have made him irrelevant.

  2. says

    well, in that regard Lt. Choi is completely and utterly correct.

    of course, that will not stop people from disagreeing because they’re so busy repeating the “dont’ make America look bad!” school of apologetics, or those who choose to dislike any and everything that Choi says or does.

    Manning, if one wants to take military oaths seriously, was actually doing his job….

  3. says

    it’s easy to call outspoken visible and known activists “fame-whores” from the confines of the Anonymous Online Closet, isn’t it?

    sure. it’s easy. but it aint noble or brave.

  4. Tim says

    I don’t see Choi as an activist anymore. He was so when he was working for the repeal of DADT, but it now seems he just wants to show up anywhere he can cause a scene. Stick to and work hard towards a certain goal and move on when you’ve achieved. Instead, he just seems to be a mess looking for air time. Shame, really.

  5. says

    Choi is a publicity hound; he’s not doing it because he cares for Manning, he’s doing it because he, like some others who need not be mentioned here, have a bug up their ass over Obama.

  6. says

    Oh the poor traitor is having a tough time in jail. Boo hoo. I do like the Blame America First crowd getting on the little twerps bandwagon. I am sure the 15 people who actually watch Olbermann were very impressed with the blowhard and the fame-whore having a discussion.

  7. LincolnLounger says

    Bradley Manning bragged about leaking the largest amount of classified information in the history of our Republic. If he wanted to become an activist, he should not have voluntarily enlisted in the United States armed forces and subjected himself to a different system of justice.

    Now that the heat is on, he is using his sexuality and some made up, self-diagnosed “gender identity disorder” as a defense. That is akin to men who murder or attack and blame it on “gay panic”. Disgusting.

    For this represehensible behavior some wish to hold him up as some sort of gay hero. The man has done more to set back gay rights , especially with regard to DADT, than Republicans like Rick Santorum could ever achieve.

    Rot in prison, Bradley Manning. You are a traitor to your country.

  8. says

    If you think Manning is a traitor to the country what, pray tell, do you think of the Men In Power in the bank systems, and the politicians that they’ve paid off, who are responsible for the economic state of the country?

    seriously. you people are calling Manning a traitor for exposing things you don’t want to be true.

    next you’ll be saying “Michael Moore hates America”…oh, wait….

  9. Frank Butterfield says

    Who let the trolls out?

    Meanwhile — Even if Bradley Manning is guilty, his treatment is unconstitutional and unconscionable.

    P.S. Little Kiwi — I so love your handle (just like I love all the Buddy series books by Ethan Morden!)

  10. JohnAGJ says

    Piss off, Choi. What Manning did was not only a violation of the “code of ethics and Army values”, but he broke his oath of enlistment in committing treason.

  11. LincolnLounger says

    I’m calling him a traitor because he weakened our national defenses and betrayed his fellow members of the armed forces. For all we know, he very well may have put lives in danger.

    I don’t understand what this subject has to do with the “economic state of the country”. Let’s stick to the subject matter at hand.

    Choi has done a lot of good, but he has become too much like Michael Moore, whose effectiveness has been destroyed because of his addiction to attention and self-importance.

  12. Michael Bedwell says

    Regardless of what one thinks of Manning, the, the Barackroaches can be counted on to crawl out on their six tiny legs and start screaming anytime Dan appears REGARDLESS of what he’s saying. He could discover a cure for AIDS, and they’d say he was only doing it for the publicity—all because he dared call, “Naked” on the Emperor of their teenage girl crushes. “Why can’t he just leave Britney…er…Barack alone! Mwaaah Mwaaah Mwaaah!”

  13. Peter says

    I really fear for this young man’s life. I hope he does not do anything desperate. He does not need a moronic military trial or jail. He needs emotional help and therapy. Yes, what he did was wrong but the military should not have had him in that position in the first place.

  14. says

    “For all we know, he very well may have put lives in danger.”

    For all we know so far, he hasn’t.

    unlike the men who Outed Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. there were massive direct and proven consequences to that. and those men all got off scott free.


  15. will says

    Dan Choi is now the Sarah Palin of the Democratic party. I suppose he’ll be pushing a book next. This kind of “commentary” – Manning as hero – gives both liberals and gays a bad name.

  16. Q says

    I bet there’s another side to the story, but to hear Choi tell it, he wasn’t doing anything wrong in the courtroom and they didn’t have any reason to kick him out. Really stupid of the marshals to do that, since it just gives Choi another reason to go on TV.

  17. Gay American says

    wow – from some of the comments here – u people have drunk the Infotainment news on Bradley Manning hook-line and sinker…..should he get some punishment – yea, he served it..HELD…almost 2yrs without even charges being filed? This is AMERICA, RIGHT? Whatever info was released did NOT cause any national harm – just embarrassment – FROM THE TRUTH….I guess alot of you, like being lemmings….funny, where’s the OUTRAGE about the WALL STREET barons who RUINED our economy? …or the Big LIE of a war we were in, and still in another…..spening 2 BILLION a week OVER THERE, while people here are homeless,hungery,jobless….where’s that outrage?

  18. anon says

    In courtrooms, judges have complete discretion as to who can stay and who must go. They don’t have to provide a reason. Manning’s trial is in its earliest stages. The overall goal is to discourage anyone from leaking classified information by making an example of Manning. However, leaking is a constant technique to getting one’s POV out in DC and the nature of the info is hardly ever a consideration or the potential consequences either.

  19. says

    Wow, you guys are fairly quick to ditch the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, Due Process and Magna Carta all in one malignant diatribe.
    what do you guys want next ? a lynching ? a burning ?
    Exercise some restraint in your “frothy” comments.

  20. will says

    I can’t believe that some gay men here are supporting Manning merely because he’s gay. Or maybe they support overthrowing the U.S. government and allowing EVERYBODY to tamper with classified information.

    I don’t believe that any government can function like this. You have to have some form of law and order or everything is choas.


    p.s. And before Gay American can throw in another red herring like: “…where’s the OUTRAGE about the WALL STREET barons who RUINED our economy?”, YES, I’m against corporate influence and crony capitalism in government. I support a fair amount of wealth redistribution.

  21. Ian says

    @gay american – “Whatever info was released did NOT cause any national harm – just embarrassment” You are absolutely wrong, it caused substantial harm. But that is a debate we cannot begin to have without security clearances and access to classified info. And this is a thread about Dan Choi at the Bradley Manning trial, your ‘lack of outrage’ issues are completely off-topic and why nobody is talking about them here.

    What the hell is Dan Choi doing at the Bradley Manning trial anyway?! All due respect for his work on DADT. But he is appearing to become more and more of a publicity whore now and knows how to show up where there will be cameras and drama, regardless they have nothing to do with gay rights.

  22. Cecil says

    Bradley Manning is not a hero, he’s a wayward kid who really messed up. And frankly, as much as I appreciate Dan Choi’s help in the DADT repeal- he’s kind of becoming the new Cindy Sheehan. Bradley Manning broke the law, he did put people at risk, or at least entered a situation where people could be put at risk(I doubt he read through every file he leaked to make sure it couldn’t inadvertently hurt someone), and to this day I don’t know of what ‘smoking gun’ his supporters claim he released. As far as I have been able to tell military secrets, according to his supporters, are information everyone has a right to know.


  23. JoshG says

    Time for Dan Choi to declare victory and retreat.

    The man is unstable and continuing to publicize his stunts on Towleroad is not helping.

    And the uniform thing? Enough.

  24. Dearcomrade says

    Too bad they didn’t rip off his right epaulette as well. I’ll wait for the verdict, but if convicted of releasing classified information for whatever his reason, Manning should go to jail for a long time. I saw the Olbermann interview and Choi had no idea what he was talking about. He sounded like that cow from NOM, the irony of which is pretty amusing.

  25. Zlick says

    BTW, one of the Manning defense’s feathers in its cap is a report from the Federal Government finding that nothing Manning allegedly leaked caused any harm or could potentially have caused any harm to U.S. personnel or national security. That is expected to reduced Manning’s sentence by a significant amount.

    Also, in the pretrial proceedings now underway, the government alleges – without witnesses one way or other – that certain emails on someone else’s computer were sent by Manning while at the same time insisting that emails originating from Manning’s computer could not have been sent by someone else – a rather idiotic stretch of logic.

    Manning is likely guilty (though it sure would have been nice to have served less than 2 years in solitary before even arriving at a trial to determine that) – but it seems the government’s case is less than airtight and that there are a lot of factors that will be considered mitigating – and therefore reduce any potential sentence.

  26. Joey says

    I love Dan Choi. He gets all you BIG government types all up in your keyboards puffing big words about how patriotic you are. I know you love show trials and bleating on about traitors better than even the North Koreans, but Manning and Choi are not the real issue here and you and I both know it.

  27. Josh says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. For all those who continually attack Manning and Cho, those who can do, those who can’t criticize. They’re doing more for freedom than all you petty, small minded tools could imagine.

  28. Paul R says

    Manning’s case is irrelevant to this story. Choi had zero business being at this trial. He wasn’t called as a witness—not that the trial is even at that stage—and his claim that he was trying to support a fellow soldier rings hollow.

    Is he friends with Manning? Does he have any way to communicate with him? Did his appearance provide anything but attention to him, not Manning? The answers are all no. As others have said, Choi has done some good work, but he’s gotten unhinged and self-aggrandizing. Now that he’s back in the military, shouldn’t he focus on his job?

    Moreover, an active duty member of the military shouldn’t be providing input or support to a case involving possible treason. That’s why Manning is in court: for evidence to be presented and a ruling to be delivered. Choi isn’t an expert in this case or part of Manning’s defense team. His appearance just makes him look unbalanced and desperate for attention. Again: he has no role to play here.

  29. LincolnLounger says

    Choi attended the hearing with Daniel Ellsberg, for the record. Neither had any business there.

  30. DearComrade says

    @Josh: Be careful with blanket statements. I served my country honorably for 4 years. How many years did you serve? Choi is a disgraceful publicity hound. I will withhold judgement of manning, but if found guilty I hope they lock him up for a long time.

  31. Seth says

    This guy is now officially a joke. Didn’t he have a nervous breakdown? And wasn’t he then trying to re-enlist? And now, apparently unencumbered by a job or concerned about re-enlisting, he has time to disrupt Manning’s trial? And BTW, Manning – who trans, not gay – released 250,000 cables, 99% of which had nothing to do with Iraq or any alleged crime. He didn’t even read these cables before leaking them. He was completely indifferent to their contents and the consequences of leaking them.

  32. Chris says

    I can’t believe some of my fellow homosexuals are trying to justify Manning’s alleged misdeeds.

    Would you stand by a gay murderer? A gay child molester? Is there ANY behavior you can’t rationalize as OK because gay people are oppressed?

    If we continue to play the victim, and excuse criminal or treasonous behavior, we’ll never gain equality.

    Only by demanding equal treatment (the good AND the bad), will we achieve equality.

  33. willbnyc says

    The level of cynicism by most of these posters is truly depressing. As a 20-year veteran of NYC politics, I can’t believe I’m the optimist who has to point this out, but Dan Choi is not making a dime off appearing at this trial. What book deal? Who would buy such a book? Dan Savage, John Aravosis and maybe a couple hundred others?
    Lt. Choi is there because he knows he brings the uniform of a veteran to the proceedings in hopes of getting Manning a fair trial. If Choi being there is an act of civil disobedience, we should all support him, gay or straight. Maybe it’s ok with many of you that Manning has been held in solitary confinement off and on for two years and yet has NOT BEEN TRIED FOR ANYTHING. That’s not the America I was raised to believe in.

  34. Zee says

    This is black and white to me – Manning’s defense is not disputing he was linked to the release of Classified Military Information. Every person with access to classified signs a non-disclosure agreement. I think Choi is a bit off in jumping to his defense, and I disagree with his tactics, but it’s no surprise. I feel awkward just watching him any more – his message is getting lost in his actions.

    Manning’s action constitutes the largest leak of information in our history – it had an impact on diplomacy, wasted countless hours of government analyst’s time trying to protect sources, and he released unnecessary information that did little to impact the course of either conflict.

    His defense has a weak case, and if convicted I support him going away for life. That’s the consequence of betraying your government’s trust as an intelligence analyst. His gender identity complaint and issues with DADT mean little to me – a lot of us served and were frustrated, sometimes hopeless and angry; still not reason enough to make such a poor decision.