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Troy, MI Mayor Janice Daniels Thinks She Should Be Forgiven for Offensive 'Queers' Remark: VIDEO


Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels, whose recently-uncovered Facebook status update from June declaring "I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there" has put her in national headlines, was confronted by protesters and media today as she arrived at City Hall.

Daniels insisted that she's a good person and seemed upset that people were angry over "one word".

"I'm a good person, I really am. I said one word that you don't like. One word."

Daniels then explained to everyone what "forgiveness" is.

"True forgiveness means that you wipe the slate clean and allow the person to improve themselves from that point forward, so this is a very good lesson for all of us!"

Protesters then began chanting "Janice is a bully." The City Council meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm this evening.


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  1. @RaySager: Do you really not see the difference between an elected official potententially not being re-elected after using slurs against gay people (and simultaneously suggesting we don't deserve equal rights) vs. an accountant or store clerk being fired for just BEING gay?
    Is a Klan member or a misogynist or anti-Semite who makes hateful slurs against blacks, women or Jewish people the moral equivalent in your mind of someone who minds her own business and happens to be black, female or Jewish?
    Do you think public officials shouldn't have to be accountable for ANY statements they make about anything, or just when they are making hateful comments about fellow citizens?
    It's baffling to me that you don't see the difference between using slurs against innocent others in society and simply existing in society as one of those "others."

    Posted by: Gregv | Dec 5, 2011 10:01:15 PM

  2. I'm not sure which "one" word she thinks is offensive... I think I find two words offensive "throw away" now if she changed them to "framed", or "wear proudly"....

    Posted by: Michael Bristow | Dec 5, 2011 10:13:59 PM

  3. One word...really? I think it's the cold that makes Michiganders simple.

    Posted by: Sean | Dec 5, 2011 10:21:21 PM

  4. @Ray Sager: Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. That's the entire point of the 1st Amendment. It restricts the government. It doesn't restrict anyone else, not even in principle.

    The California Constitution puts it more plainly: "Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ABUSE OF THIS RIGHT." (emphasis added)

    Posted by: JJ | Dec 5, 2011 10:24:14 PM

  5. I don't have to respect anyone who calls me a queer; screw her and anyone who attempts to defend her hatefulness

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | Dec 5, 2011 10:25:28 PM

  6. RAY SAGER, just to add what others have already said: Yes, she has the legal right to say whatever she wants. But that means we also have the legal right to criticize her for it as vehemently as we please. The First Amendment doesn't protect you from public criticism, only from legal repercussions.

    Posted by: rafi | Dec 5, 2011 10:35:52 PM

  7. I think I am going to throw away my I Love Michigan sweatshirt now that pigs can get elected there.

    Posted by: jaime jones | Dec 5, 2011 11:03:35 PM

  8. This "mayor" has the right to free speech...and it was hate speech. We also have the right to free speech and we should do everything we can to see her discharged of her duties. We also have the right to be at her place of work, her residence & her employers residence to voice our outrage.
    We can call her office, write her letters, peacefully engage her on the street and a million other legal actions...that would make her life pure hell.
    If Fred Phelps can exercise his right of free speech in the offensive manner that he does, and be protected by his constitutional rights...so can we.

    Posted by: paul b. | Dec 5, 2011 11:12:19 PM

  9. it's amazing, isn't it? how she has completely missed the point?

    it's not the word, it's the intention, it's the root. we dont' object to the word, we object to the disgusting bigotry. this is lost on her.


    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Dec 6, 2011 1:27:46 AM

  10. Thanks for the non-apology, you fat ugly pig.

    Posted by: Your Mom | Dec 6, 2011 2:33:16 AM

  11. She is a Teabagger. She needs to do some research, Aileen Wournos a female serial killer is from there. Too bad she's dead, because she would be next on her list! LOL!!!

    Posted by: Jeffrey | Dec 6, 2011 2:35:57 AM

  12. I'll be direct: I WAS going to the Sommerset Collection in Troy (a large, high end mall) to buy my holiday gifts. Since the people of Troy seem to have selected this woman to represent them, I'll be spending that money elsewhere. I'll go find some gay-friendly stores to shop at and buy from.

    Posted by: Tarc | Dec 6, 2011 4:49:34 AM

  13. Troy, recall your mayor, or you'll never see my money again. There are options in this area.

    Posted by: Randy | Dec 6, 2011 6:31:55 AM

  14. All people have to be held accountable for their words and in this case she should be removed from her job, the appropriate action for a bigoted public official. Forgiveness for bigotry is not dictated by the offender but given by those who were offended. Throw her unapologetic, back pedaling butt out of office.

    Posted by: lk | Dec 6, 2011 6:44:45 AM

  15. RaySager, she can say anything she wants but has to accept the consequences of her words, she doesn't get amnesty because she has the right, she needs to woman up, take the criticism and I hope the loss of her job as a consequence.

    Posted by: lk | Dec 6, 2011 6:49:18 AM

  16. The "I'm a good person. I really am." line is so typical of narcissistic creeps who get called on their hatefulness.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Dec 6, 2011 8:00:32 AM

  17. It's the norm for the GOP, why are we so surprised, anything to get the vote.

    Posted by: Robert in NYC | Dec 6, 2011 8:49:43 AM

  18. She's forgiven; she just needs to resign because anyone who is a buffoon (not because of her beliefs but because she didn't have sense enough not to slur on Facebook)shouldn't be mayor of Troy. It's as simple as that.

    Posted by: lorraine | Dec 6, 2011 9:10:07 AM

  19. It doesn't matter what words she used, she could have said "those people" ... the fact of the matter is that she showed bias and prejudice against a specific group of people.

    She should resign or the people in her city need to recall her.

    City officials are suppose to set the tone for the city for inclusiveness for all citizens. The fact that this so called "leader" of her city is bullying others tells me she deserves not to be Mayor.

    When she resigns ... then forgiveness will follow.

    Posted by: FunMe | Dec 6, 2011 11:33:55 AM

  20. The whole statement is objectionable. But the most offensive thing is that she, an elected official, was dumb enough to post this on Facebook.

    Posted by: Sean | Dec 6, 2011 12:49:57 PM

  21. I only stole one thing. I only hit him 1 time. I only lied once. Give me a Gucking break! The fact that she doesn't really understand why that was offensive is worse than what she said. Until she knows why that was truly offensive and gives a proper apology, this will not go away. I applaud the city for standing up to her bigotry and homophobia.

    Step down!

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Dec 6, 2011 2:02:08 PM

  22. Mayor Janice Daniels
    Email: janice.daniels@troymi.gov

    Troy City Hall
    500 W. Big Beaver
    Troy MI 48084

    Posted by: R. Williams | Dec 6, 2011 7:52:38 PM

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