1. JC says

    This is not a battle to drag the children into. The other side tries to drag the children into it all the time, and it isn’t their fight. People really shouldn’t be doing things like this. I am embarrassed for that little boy, and I feel sorry for him.

  2. Alex says

    Yea, I am not going to lie, that made me a little uncomfortable. While I live to see Michelle Bachmann squirm, the kid seemed sort of coerced into saying it and it makes the mom look like kind of a boor, to be honest.

  3. Dan says

    I’ve never commented on any post on any website – ever. But, as a gay father with two children and as someone with common sense, this makes me sick to my stomach. Shame on the parent who put her child up to this.

  4. APFG says

    There’s nothing admirable or poignant about coercing an eight-year old boy—too embarrassed to utter more than a murmur—into making your political statements for you.

    This is exactly the sort of counterproductive behavior that reinforces damaging perceptions of LGBT people as radical militants willing to place advancement of the “gay agenda”™ above all else—even the dignity of their own children.

    This is a shame for Elijah, and a shame for our community.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Dan – My partner and I raised two fine children. They’re adults now and have made known the low regard they hold people like Michele Bachmann. I too found that clip very off putting.

  6. Duste says

    I completely agree with other posters. You can tell the mom put the kid up to this and that is not what we need. It’s one thing for the kid to come up with this on his own, but the mom was totally holding his hand through the whole thing and he did not look like he wanted to say it. Shame on her.

  7. deedrdo says

    i have to disagree with @dan, et al. my parents were very involved in politics, from the school board and city council to district, state and national races. our kitchen table was often graced with political operatives and people with passion. by 8 years old i had a fairly firm grasp on what the issues were, even tho they were filtered thru my parent’s views. you sell your children short by not validating their knowledge and beliefs. you are assuming that his mother put him up to this. i assume she didn’t. therein lies the difference of opinion.

  8. APFG says

    @deedro, did you miss the part where she had to lean over the table to hear him, because he was so reluctant to speak? What about when his mother made him repeat it?

  9. APFG says

    @deedro, did you miss the part where Bachmann had to lean over the table to hear him because he was too reluctant to speak? What about the part where his mother forced him to repeat it?

  10. pro-kids says

    “Activist Elijah” reminds me of Richard Dawkins’ statement that “There is a no such thing as a ‘Christian child’ – only ‘a child of Christian parents.'” Eight year olds who are activists genuinely of their own accord are very rare. I watched a few seconds of this video, and honestly couldn’t bear to watch any more. It appeared that the kid was rehearsed, and was put up to be an essentially non-voluntary soldier in a political cause. (It’s a cause I happen to support — and Michele Bachmann is truly horrible — but that’s not relevant.)

    The world is still adjusting to this whole internet thing. Personally, I think it should be ILLEGAL for parents to put ANY videos of children up on the internet, because children are **too young to give their consent** to participate in something where their image, voice, and statements and/or behavior becomes the world’s property, forever.

    I know there are very popular videos of a kid who is talking goofily as he recovers from dental anesthesia, another where a baby bites his brother’s finger, several where kids are subjected to scare-inducing pranks, etc. There are other videos of exquisitely private, personal, and intimate moments, such as a little boy being surprised in his elementary school by his dad coming back from Iraq and crying his eyes out. I imagine in all cases these kids did NOT grant their consent for these episodes in their private lives to go up on the internet for the world’s consumption, forever; and, even if they are offered an opportunity for consent, they are too young to understand the consequences (short-term and long-term) of putting a forever-available, always-potentially viral video of themselves on the internet.

    Again, I think the internet and viral video phenomena are still new, and ethics, social mores, and laws have not caught up. In the meantime, I find the practice of posting videos of kids on the internet **appalling**.

  11. Eric says

    Since this seems to be missing here, the backstory is in the comments on Youtube:

    “I took the video. We were standing in line, and his mom was ready to leave because we didn’t know what WE were going to say. When we turned to leave, Elijah grabbed her coat and pulled her back, telling her to stay cause he wanted to tell Michele something. If anything, it was the other way around. He just got stage fright– and his mom wasn’t going to let him back down, because he was going to regret it. Please vote up this comment so people can see this explanation/back story.”

  12. jonnyjo35 says

    My feelings on this video are conflicted. If the parent put the child up to this then shame on them. Children should never be used like this. If. And that’s a big if, he came up with this on his own it might be a different story.

  13. jaime jones says

    Wow, all the negative comments! I thought it was extremely effective. Gave Michele something to think about.

    Too bad more gays don’t speak up as well.

  14. atomic says

    I’m no more disturbed by the video than by the countless children who grow up indoctrinated into the cult of organized religion. Where is your outrage and discomfort at the way religious leaders coerce young minds into thinking they are bad and will suffer eternal damnation unless they follow what they say? Even disregarding the true backstory as shown in the Youtube comments, even if this boy was *presented* to Bachmann and prompted to say what he said, it pales in comparison to the magnitude of what the American Taliban are doing on a DAILY basis.

  15. Jasmine says

    I was a nanny for a homosexual couple, and their twins were exceptionally attuned to their community and those who were for and against their parents lifestyles. Once in Sunday School at what we thought was an all inclusive congregation, a derogative comment was made and the KIDS said “We are leaving. That isn’t fair”…they understood what the church couldn’t with NO prompting from their parents, and I was amazed at this.

    And the youtube video shows story comments from the mother and cameraperson there that it was the CHILD’S choice to speak up. Give them the chance to use their voice. They know way more than they let on :) (terribly optimistic I know..^_^)

  16. TJ says

    If it was the mom’s idea, it is worthy of your scorn. If it is, as the post by ERIC states, a case of stage fright (according to someone reportedly there) on the part of the child, whose idea it was to say this, it is worthy of your support. That’s a mom providing the scaffolding so that her child can reach his goal.

  17. Chris says

    stop the whining….If Bachmann were elected President she’d make our lives miserable if she could….she believes in reparative therapy….she believes were are deviants….she believes we should kept away from children and go hide from society like lepers.

  18. john says

    Funny how gays think Bachmann hates them. Farthest from the truth. The fact is it is not normal for guys to screw one another and women to use a dildo to screw one another. Nor is it natural for old men to screw young boys or Old woman to screw young girls.

  19. Paul R says

    Her eyes are always filled with fear. It’s fear of the knowledge that everyone knows she’s ignorant.

    Yes, awful if this was provoked. And yes, beautiful if unprovoked. Much worse things have happened to kids and politicians, gay and straight.

  20. shane says

    i’m not sure why everyone is assuming the mother put him up to this. he’s eight years old. do any of you know any eight year olds?! they have opinions, educated ones, strong ones, vocal ones.
    a lot of the comments here at veiled gynophobia or lesbophobia, quite frankly.

  21. Gigi says

    The negative comments here are most certainly from NOMers who know to check this and other blogs to express their “opinions.”

    Bachmann and those of her ilk have no problem indoctrinating their children from a very young age to believe that their chosen, alternative lifestyle – evangelical christianity – is normal, so why should this mother be any different?  People are born gay.  People are not born to be bigoted homophobes.  That is a learned behavior.  IMHO it’s not enough to say that the bible says that homosexuality is wrong, as the bible says a lot that we choose to ignore.  We no longer believe that it’s acceptable to keep slaves or stone women for being outspoken, nor do we kill people for eating shellfish or cutting their hair.  If you no longer accept these and many other things as gospel yet you condemn people because of how they were born you’re not a christian, you’re a hypocrite.

  22. Gigi says

    @JASMINE – Great comment! I believe you’re right. My nephew, when he was 5, had it out with three other boys who called another boy gay. He said: “It’s not nice to call people that! My uncle is gay and he has a boyfriend and they’re really nice!!” Aw……

  23. John Peter says

    Whether or not the child was put up to this, I’ll bet Bachmann assumed he was, and others will, too. I worry this video does nothing but reinforce the “gay parents as dangerous indoctrinators” lie.

  24. Tyler says

    Yeah that’s not something you have a kid say. Michele politely brushed them off basically. The video said, “look at the fear in Bachmann’s eyes.” There was no fear. It was, “Ok thanks bye-bye.” I agree I think this was the first time in history that I actually felt sorry for michele.

  25. Darrell says

    If that kid had gone up all on his own and said that, then power to him and I’d’ve been proud. However, this is not the case and I feel bad they made him do that. Seeing the look in Bachmann’s eyes, I would have had the exact same “How dare you” reaction.

  26. Bill says

    This was a bad idea that flopped. The boy is clearly not emotionally ready for confrontation, and he recited a memorized line. I’m rainbow bright, but embarrassed by this video.

  27. Mrs. Sippi says

    As the grown son of someone on the frontlines of activist struggles, I can assure you that I had enough information and had formed enough of an opinion at his age to do this. That said, if he didn’t his parent has done him a disservice. I don’t think we can know.

  28. darkmoonman says

    Kudos to the kid and the mother.

    I’ll be offended by a child saying his mother doesn’t need fixing when the Abrahamic cults stop ramming their prejudices down everyone’s throats. In SC where I grew up it was common for politicians to dress up their young kids in t-shirts saying “vote for my daddy” and drop them on street corners with flyers.

  29. TJ says

    It’s a shame that critical thinking is so uncommon. How many post here without having done even the most cursory investigation? There are those who reportedly were there, stating that this was the kid’s idea. I don’t know that this is true. But if it is, should the mother actually have discouraged the child? “Dont speak our mind and heart, Son, it isn’t polite. Who cares if this woman degrades your parent? ”

    I know some pretty passionate, intelligent kids. Their parents encouage their engagement in the world around them. Perhaps they are wrong. Heck, if that young girl who wanted to meet Gabriel Giffords had been discouraged from attending a political rally, she’d still be alive. So stay safe. Don’t rock the boat. Maybe Bachmann wouldn’t advocate putting Mommy into a conversion program.

  30. Christopher says

    Um, that is ridiculous. I’m sure that boy loves and respects his mother, but his mother should respect him by not making a spectacle out him at such a young age. This is sick!

  31. Matt26 says

    Michelle’s reaction was priceless. So loving and caring. Not!
    If Eric wanted to say this himself, good for him! If her mother told her what to say, it is another story.

  32. sebastien says

    That woman should never send her son to war instead of her. That was disgusting and it sounds like the kid has been brainwashed. I thought that was appalling…

  33. Alex Blaze says

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the moms. None of us were there. We don’t know the full story, and I’d like to give politically-minded lesbian moms the benefit of the doubt.

    I can understand the stage fright/push/regret that the backstory suggests. I wanted to go up to a rock star after a concert a few years back when I saw him hanging out with not too many people around him. But then I got stage fright and my partner had to push me to go up to him and say that I thought he was awesome. He turned out to be a really nice guy!

    But that was 100% my idea, I just needed a little push. And I was 25 at the time, not 7.

  34. garyj says

    Cute little tot, loves his mom and wanted to make her happy by repeating what he was told.
    It would be much genuine if he wasn’t lead on by his mom. But still the message is correct.

  35. Nelson says

    Let us not rush to judgment about the parents of this rather intelligent child. The idea could have been his all along and he just got stage fright about making such a statement in front of people. Children are more than mere puppets of their parents, at that age, I too had clear ideas of what was right and wrong. Judging the parents in the light of adult understanding without knowing all the facts is plain wrong and just what the fundie nut jobs do all the time. Let us not lower ourselves to their level and judge before we know everything about what transpired.

  36. phil says

    I think this makes all of us uncomfortable however, The Bachmann’s would gladly aid in the reform of the gay mother given that chance. They continue to work against and harm the LGTG community and their families.
    We liberals always take the high ground and it gets us nowhere! We don’t hold politicians accountable, we don’t tax the rich and we are entirely too tolerant of people like Bachmann, Gingrich and the like. It’s time we got in that game!

  37. uffda says

    The Youtube explication makes this incident more than acceptable, it makes it funny. The boy wanted to say what he said and he nailed her. The woman was flabbergasted. Everything else about it has been taken way too seriously here. LOL and move on.

  38. Brian in Texas says

    At 8 yrs old, even if I had come up with an idea of my own, I would be shy when I got to the front of the line.

    You all are acting like this kid is 3 or 4 yrs old and has no idea what he is saying. He’s eight. Don’t assume the mother coached him into saying that without knowing all the facts. Bravo to this kid!

  39. Gay American says

    I think the kid is too young to understand any concept of what he said….he might as well just said “Im gay” without knowing the Meaning….maybe if he was 12 or so when kids have thier own minds/opinions….but at his age……

    I HATE MB with a passion, but mom..that wasn’t cool

  40. shawnthesheep says

    The people who politicize children are the politicians. Look at Mrs. Bachmann (I mean Michelle, not the other one)leaning in to milk that special little moment for all it was worth. But instead of humanizing her, the kid revealed her for the monster that she is.

    Just because this kid was a bit shy does not mean his mother put him up to it. Kids are like that. Sometimes the things they want to do most are the things they are most afraid of when they finally get the opportunity.

  41. D.R.H. says

    All I noticed was the look of shock on her face when she looked at the mother as if to say, “why would you make your child do this?”. And I agreed with her.

  42. Joey says

    Disagree. This child has to face the fact his mother is gay. That like it or not gay discrimination is part of his life. The fact that people like Bachman are saying that his family is not equal filters down to school kids. This parent is teaching the child they have a right to stand up for their family. I say this parent is doing her job.

  43. Chris says

    what this kid is nothing short of brave. stop accusing the mother of politicizing the kid….ever been in a schoolyard and see the hate that spewed from the haters that put fear and loathing into their kids about gays???…..

  44. Mary says

    I’m a little surprised, but very proud to see so many Towleroad readers expressing the view that the mother of this little boy should not be using him to make political statements. I agree and believe it is also wrong when people from the right-wing do this. It’s only natural for this child to love his Mom and believe she doesn’t need “fixing.” But for those tempted to try to use statements by children to score a political point, realize that this can get us into some really awkward situations . What do we do when an eight year old says “Please make it illegal for my Mommy and Daddy to get a divorce. I love them both and I need to have them both live with me. Didn’t they make a promise?” Hey, it could happen. We can’t tell kids they can ask society for liberal political policy or conservative political policy without running the risk that they’d make a request neither side would want to have to answer.

  45. Hoho says

    ” do any of you know any eight year olds?! they have opinions, educated ones”

    lol, that probably came from someone who never outgrew his opinions as an 8 year old.

  46. Hoho says

    “Bachmann and those of her ilk have no problem indoctrinating their children from a very young age to believe that their chosen, alternative lifestyle – evangelical christianity – is normal, so why should this mother be any different?”

    So the fact that Bachmann and other evangelicals do something, means gay people should be doing the same? Please never have a kid.

  47. alex says

    Don’t feel sorry for Michele at all. AT ALL. Not with the bile she spews every day. She needs to see the faces of all that her thoughts and her views would affect. From young to old. She is not excused just because a child (whatever the motive, and from reading other comments, it seemed that it was his will) said it. Shame on her and anyone else who is bullying the gay community. We all need to act up.

  48. Bill says

    Like many others, I believe Michelle Bachman is a ridiculous parody of a politician, but putting your child on video and coaxing him to speak on camera is shameful. There are many wonderful gay moms and dads out there but this display for the camera is unnecessary and does nothing to combat the bigotry Michelle embodies.

  49. Aaron says

    As a gay dad, I hold my own political views and wage my own political fights. I tell my child about the issues, both sides of them, and let him come into his own. The parent’s refusal to engage Bachmann’s attempts to engage is cowardly. Assuming this child wanted to say it, I as a parent would stand there, back up, and defend my child… not fail to shake her hand while pushing my child forward then quickly walking away in silence… all while being together enough to making sure someone filmed it. This exchange didn’t happen by accident.

    I imagine the exchange to be emotionally charged for both the child and the parent, which makes knowing the “right” thing easier in hindsight. But, geeze, assuming the intentions were genuine as they were portrayed (i.e. an 8 yo knows the minor candidates in a Presidential primary, knows their views, and wants to confront one of them) be a parent by engaging the adult on behalf of your child. Support your child by reinforcing your child’s sentiment. Be an adult by engaging with the adult, not leaving the child to face an adult on his own.

    Parenting fail.

  50. Joe says

    The comments from gay parents on this story make me wonder if having kids makes you an ass. Why did I somehow think that gay parents would be any less different than straight parents when it came to “what would the children think?” Blech.

  51. Hoho says

    Thanks, Aaaron. Cowardly – that is indeed what best describes the attitude of that mom, if it is true, as it seems, that she made her child recite those lines. Pushing a child into doing that, is just an attempt to provoke an emotional reaction; it stifles rational debate. If Bachmann reacted in any way other than silence, she’d look either like a monster or a moron. In other words, she was deprived from any fair opportunity to present an answer. And yes, that is a cowardly thing to do. And that is also something we don’t really need to do, since we already have reason and facts on our side; we don’t need to silence anyone, not even Bachmann.

  52. masa says

    I’m more concerned about what Michele Bachmann thought about this. My guess: She saw two gay parents use their child against his will as a tool to push their gay agenda.

    End result: Bachmann’s anti-gay beliefs are strengthened, and these parents just entrenched her in her own delusion even more.

  53. Marcos Duran says

    Children are not our political pawns. What these lesbian parents did was akin to a divorcing couple using their kids against each other. The child was evidently embarrassed and if the ‘parents’ wanted to unload a shovel of negativity on Bachman they should have done it themselves. A simple introduction and statement that they are a productive Anerican family would have sufficed!

  54. Hollywood, CA says

    As much as I like to see Michele Bachman squirm, stop using your kids to make your own political statements. Is this any different than the KKK making their kids wear pointy hats and say things like “I hate N*****s?

    It would have much rather seen the mom speak her mind. As you know, kids will say almost anything their parents want them to say, so it only becomes a “gotcha moment.”

    She’s not going to win.

  55. Rick Smith says

    The young boy may have been used & prompted to make the comment by his mother but it also puts the face of a family to Bachmann’s hate and poorly thought of position of what a family is. Bachmann claims her position is a christian one and everyone in America has a choice of religion and thier beliefs. My God is an accepting God regardless of who I love. I wish Bachmann’s God was too.

  56. Frank says

    Not a fan of Rep. Bachmann, but I did not see fear in her eyes. I think she was shocked that the mother had used her child that way. And then she apparently grabbed the kid and ran away! Not cool.

  57. Nan says

    So agreed. The lifestyle should not be challenged as something bad, but this Mother gives her very self a bad image. Speak for yourself, instead of putting your child in a difficult position.

  58. jack says

    As a gay man i am ashamed that the gay mommy used her little boy as a political weapon. Whoever was responsible for using this little boy to make political points should be profoundly ashamed of themselves.

  59. mp says

    I’m with most everyone — the mother shouldn’t have put her son up to that. If it had been spontaneous, that would be have been great, but this kid was coached. The mom should do her own fighting, not drag her son into a battle.

  60. Mario says

    you all are a bunch of wusses. This same kid will grow up and will have to confront the new generation of bachmans that are being indoctrinated with her brand of hate. Bachmann et al are trying their best to continue the myth that we all just chose to be gay and we can be fixed with their stupid therapy BS. You guys act like she put the kid up to some big huge thing. All he did was tell her something very brief. All you gay parents that act so appalled by this probably don’t give a rat’s behind when some stupid kid at school says something about your child’s gay parents. Grow a pair all of you and stop feeling “embarrased”. Even if she put him up to it, it is still a good lesson for him in standing up for his family, something he will probably be doing for a very long time. Grow a pair, all of you sissies!!

  61. Andy says

    I don’t know… that kid look/sounded like he got put up to it. All starts with the MOTHER telling Bachmann he had something to say, but then the kid was obvious in not wanting to share.

    This doesn’t mean Bachmann isn’t a homophobe, but just that it doesn’t seem to have gone down the way people are rushing to believe.

  62. Jesus says

    Fore emphasis, from the video comments:

    “I took the video. We were standing in line, and his mom was ready to leave because we didn’t know what WE were going to say. When we turned to leave, Elijah grabbed her coat and pulled her back, telling her to stay cause he wanted to tell Michele something. If anything, it was the other way around. He just got stage fright– and his mom wasn’t going to let him back down, because he was going to regret it. Please vote up this comment so people can see this explanation/back story.”

  63. Trident says

    I don’t like when kids are forced to do this kind of crap, even when I agree with the message behind it. You can tell the poor kid doesn’t want to say it. Leave the little guy alone.

  64. Rachel says

    While I dislike the way it appears that the boy was coerced to say what he did, what got to me was how dismissive Bachman was after he said what he did. She was so kind, and then…”Buh-bye.” Not that I would have expected any more given her views, but that poor kid. Pressured into speaking, then rudely dismissed? :-(

  65. nikkk says

    ROFL you can’t post any more on the youtube post u goes the lesbo mom didn’t like that mod ever one was against the child comnting something HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT IT IS

  66. Drew says

    If the kid said “I love you!” to a cute girl, it would be CUTE. But, consider that because he is saying something “charged” like “My mommy is gay,” we – meaning even gay people! – are uncomfortable. This proves that even if he was put up to it, being gay is embarassing to some people. I’m glad this happened… people need to see that cute kids are affected by gay bigotry, not only grown and sometimes annoying adults.

  67. CS says

    Eric, so your explanation is that you AND the child’s mom both lost your nerve to say something but the child said he wanted to speak up. And even though it was OBVIOUS Elijah was really too scared/frightened/had stage fright … his mom forced him to repeat himself (something SHE was too scared to do) … all while you had a camera shoved in his face. And now you post what he said when it’s obvious he wasn’t thrilled to be making the statement in the first place. Sorry, this doesn’t sway me to your side. I feel just as much sadness for this child as I do when I see the Westboro children out there with their PARENTS’ signs filled with hate. Children don’t belong in this fight … on either side. You just had a child say something YOU were too scared to say. And you made me feel a twinge of support for Bachmann. Shame on you.

  68. baley says

    shame on the mother who put her child up to saying those words…anyone with half a brain can see she put him up to it and placed the very words in his mouth..what a coward to not just walk up and say it to Michelle herself..guess it wouldnt have been so sensational however if she had merely voiced her own opinion instead of having her poor little son do it, this got her the attention SHE was craving..disgusting..

  69. Jackie Cunningham says

    I am not LGBT but I support this community and I appreciate the honestly of these posts which reflect the concern over the boy being used as a pawn as taking precedence over the message he is delivering. This mother doesn’t have her reluctant son’s best interests at heart she has her own, she is not a great example of the community but then you guys already know that! Love it.

  70. Jenn says

    Wow…why would you put your kid through that???? Seriously- this mom is such an idiot. That poor kid looked terrified! You are only showing how you really are an unfit mom who just wants to make a video to try and have your 15 min of fame! Maybe you should care a little more about your kid and you would see he was totally uncomfortable with what you made him do!

  71. chuck says

    Before jumping to conclusions by watching a very short clip…try to do a little research before adding negative comments. The photographer is a friend of the 8yr old and his mom. They were originally going to attend an ‘Occupy’ event when they heard that Bachmann as in town. The boy insisted that they instead go to where Bachmann was. He wanted to get in line to tell Bachmann that she was wrong. His mom was gay and Bachmann’s comments had hurt both his mom and him. Just as they finally got to the head of the line, he started to freeze up. Have you ever seen a little kid agitating to get to see Santa and then when he gets at the front of the line he freezes. Do you then drag the kid away from Santa? You would never hear the end of it! The mom knew that her son had a very important thing to say to Bachmann, but he had started to freeze up. She began to encourage her son to say what he had come to say. The friend saw the nasty comments being made about her friend and finally posted the real circumstances behind the video.

  72. dmkflyer says

    I did not like that at all. I am gay, but if that’s not indoctrination, then I don’t know what is. Shame on you for doing what you feel people like Michele do to their children!

  73. Marinol Monroe says

    I can’t even count the numerous times over the years I have had right-wing fanatically religious groups knocking at my door with the entire family in tow – including babies in strollers to profess their perfect lives through Christ. They act as if they hold the key to the only true religion with hopes of fixing your life and spiritual soul. So as awkward or coerced as this may seem for this little boy, defending the right for his mother to be who she is, is not a bad thing. At least he didn’t ask Bachmann for money or ask her to give up being married to her gay husband or got to hell.

    Michelle – your husband is a blatant homosexual. He couldn’t repair a tire with fix-a-flat much less make a gay man straight with his reparative therapy teachings. For God’s sake Michelle, you have the sight of Helen Keller if you can’t she you’re married to a flaming queen.

  74. aspiesmom says

    Homosexuality and abortion, you would think those are the only so-called “rights” worth “fighting for” in America. LBGT and abortionists have co-opted, hijacked & commandeered every civil rights, human rights and peace movement that the righteous left used to stand for. Sexual and reproductive behaviors have overshadowed racial/ethnic equality rights, healthcare rights for disabled Americans (disabled spouses and disabled adult children specifically), and even all children’s causes, etc. To put a child up front as a human shield for an adult’s sexual activity is unconscionable.

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