1. Paul R says

    Nicely done, but a few fleeting glimpses weren’t from film. And you know what? Who cares.

    My bigger question involves the gain that creators of such things, seen by so few, amass from these efforts. But I hope that they enjoy creating them. (It’s hard for me to see the point unless they’re auditioning to create the Oscars telecast montage.) But if people do things well and enjoy doing them, that’s enough.

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    BRILLIANT! If only many of these films which were such total crap that everyone associated with them should get jail time [e.g., Bad Teacher, Hangover 2, Scream 4, J’Edgar, Bieber, Midnight in Paris, The Rum Diary, et al.] were as interesting as split second scenes from them make them appear.

    PS: Saw “The Artist” last night, and, while it’s a tad too long, overall it’s magical; everything the opening scene from “Hugo” promises it will be but fails to deliver.

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