Has NBA Player Von Wafer Come Out of the Closet?


Pro basketball player Von Wafer, who most recently played for the Boston Celtics, is stirring up attention with a tweet he posted this afternoon suggesting he was coming out of the closet.

Said Wafer on Twitter: "I just wanna be gay,I wanna be honest with y'all… I like mens since I was like 15yo , dont be mad ppl on me cuz I still wanna have friends"


J. Michael Falgoust, the NBA writer for USA Today, later tweeted that he had spoken with Wafer's agent Terrance Doyle and suggested that Wafer's account was hacked:

"Talked w/agent for @vonwafer13, Terrance Doyle, says Von is flying back from Italy now & he didn't make that controversial tweet"

(via reddit)


  1. Bart says

    Phony non-news…sounds like it was tweeted by an illiterate sixth grader.

    I just wanna be gay…and girls just wanna have fun.

    Who cares?

  2. Married in MA says

    Bad grammar rules on Twitter, so this could be true. Perhaps Doyle is doing damage control. We shall see.

  3. says

    I believe the agent when he says the account was hacked, but there’s nothing “controversial” about coming out. Brave? Sure. But not controversial. That assumes there’s something wrong about it, and there’s not.

  4. gb says

    There must be a school that is producing top notch graduates of the course “Internet Hacking 101″…

  5. 99% says

    I would like to live for the day where being gay is not considered offensive. If that is a hack, I would liken it to someone hacking the account and saying he was really white.

    Very juvenile.

    That said, I still will not subscribe to any service that begins with the word “Twit”.

    And I hold that those who do, are.

  6. jason says

    The NBA is a known homophobic organization. It will do everything in its power to prevent a player from coming out.

  7. Michael says

    Hilarious tweet especially the I just wanna be gay part rofl Im sure some homophobe got ahold of his account.he IS gay and lying his agent made up the bs about Italy etc…

    Could be MANY reasons this happened. :)

    Funny how so many of these so called HACKINGS have later been discovered to be LIES. 😉

  8. Rob says

    The twitter comment rings true to me. How common is hacking? I think agents do damage control- they get paid less if their client doesn’t play, and this agent must be wetting his pants. “Most recently of the Celtics” suggests he’s already in limbo. No mention of a wife or girlfriend’s response. Could be a devious lover or a trick, I suppose. The closet takes a lot out of a relationship, I’m here to tell you.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    GOOF! A practical, although insensitive, joke played on him by a teammate. It’s funny, it was meant to cause embarrassment and it did just that. Anyone who has played a prank on their friends will smile at this and move on.