1. chad says

    Hmm, I woulda punched the store attendant in the face a few times but, I’d probably be in jail right now too. This guy is doing the right thing, reaching out for support on social media, best of luck buddy.

  2. Jason says

    Why on earth would you pay double? Just say “No thank you” and dump the soda on the floor and walk out.

  3. endo says

    Yes, yes, that’s terrible, Muriel.

    But WTF does “refill your pop” mean? They have refillable bottles of Coke in Indiana?

    Also, he should lay off the “pop.”

  4. Marlee says

    Why are we just assuming he’s teling the truth and that’s all there is to this story?…haven’t we seen enough stories of “alleged” incidents of gay intolerance only to find out the “innocent” victim was not quite as innocent as we thought.

  5. excy says

    Hey….what’s with this blaming the victim and calling him Muriel? Grow up. This guy has probably been the recipient of threats of violence, intimidation and discrimination. You would think he would get some support. You should probably “lay off” the condescending comments.

  6. Joey Y says

    Endo, at Clark stations you can buy a reusable cup to be environmentally friendly (it’s a kinda heavy thick plastic, very durable), and bring it back in and re-use it to get a discounted refill (discount is big too, like 40% off your drink). That said, what does this guy’s physical fitness have to do with how he was treated? Or is he not hot enough in your eyes to not be harassed?

  7. El Robusto says

    What kind of person decides that it’s okay to withstand and support this kind of behavior? He chose to pay double and chose to leave worhout his change. Where’s your self-respect, brother?

    Anyone else hear him say ‘scene’ at the end of this video?

  8. John Equality says

    (1) Soda fountains at gas stations and conveneince stores are commonplace everywhere except, apparently, the rock you live under.
    (2) It’s similarly commonplace to sell fill-ups of reusable cups or mugs at a discounted price (the paper cup is actually the costliest item in a soda sale).
    (3) The man’s weight or appearance have no bearing whatsoever on his right to fair and equal public accommodation, which is the point here. Your comment about laying off the pop is a snide, rude, and childish ad hominem attack.

  9. Patrick Wellington III says

    I have heard of homeless people scrounging for these cups and then demanding refills. Not sure if this is the case here, but stores should be held accountable for making cheap and unhealthy lifestyle choices too easily available to those with obvious physical issues.

  10. John Equality says

    It is rather odd that he would agree to pay double for the soda rather than walk out (preferably after dumping it on the floor). But it may be the case that he was taken by surprise, that he had his own mug filled with their soda (so if he walked out with his own mug without paying, he’d be “stealing” the soda), and that in that moment of surprise and confusion, he couldn’t think what else to do that wouldn’t risk a claim that he “stole” their soda.

    I wonder if he could file a claim with the state attorney general that the store stole his money (by refusing to give him change) or defrauded him (charging double) or both. Perhaps there are consumer advocacy groups that would be interested in this story, or a Better Business Bureau complaint might make the parent company take notice about the potential damage to its brand. Of course, this video is also accomplishing the brand damage.

  11. Joey Y says

    @PATRICK WELLINGTON III, REALLY? Firstly, these cups do NOT get your a free drink. Secondly, “hold the stores accountable” for what? Providing food/drink to people that choose to eat/drink what they choose? Who the hell put YOU in charge of others’ “lifestyle choices”? Mind your OWN life and body.

  12. james says

    The treatment he received is certainly troubling. He is asking that “someone” do “something” about it. What should be done?

    The owner of the store should fire the employee, telling him that his behavior damaged the business. He should gather all of his employees and lecture them to treat all customers fairly and respectfully. He has hired them to work in his businees, not to pass judgment on the customers. He should issue a public apology to this customer, assuring all his customers they will be treated decently. Maybe he should give him free pop refills for a year, or something.

    That’s what should be done.

  13. endo says

    Ok, yeh, I’ve seen those ginormous plastic soda cups at convenience stores… but I had no idea people bring them back in and refill them for a discount. No wonder obesity is skyrocketing in America!

    I’m quite content here “under a rock” with the other folks who don’t eat Twinkies and drink soda. Enjoy your diabetes.

  14. pdxblueyes says

    Here’s the address and phone number. According to the “manager” it’s been resolved and the police have been called because a poor business has been victimized by the viral reaction to this story. Poor redneck.

    Clark Gas Station‎
    1730 North Main Street
    Bluffton, IN 46714-1127
    (260) 827-0981

  15. John says

    @Endo, @Patrick Wellington III, WHO ARE YOU to make a judgement based on the appearances of the person in the video? I do not care if you qualify for the Mr. Universe Model! You have NO RIGHT to make such a comment! What do you NOT UNDERSTAND in the phrase “We are all created equal”? Because someone is heavier than your idea, does that make them undeserving of being equal? Or in your quest at being the PERFECT SHINING EXAMPLE of what is acceptable have you overdosed on your steroids? Maybe that pimple from all those steroids found directly between your shoulders should be squeezed until it is empty of everything inside. And in case you did not get the reference, I was referring to what some people may call your brain, I am not really sure you have one though!

  16. endo says

    ::rolls eyes::

    Hysterical queen on the loose!

    I’m not judging him based on his appearance. I’m judging him based on the fact that he consumes junk food at a gas station.

  17. John says

    @Endo, So you KNOW that he was getting a non healthy drink? It makes no reference to what type of drink he was getting other than a pop. That could be ANY number of drinks, INCLUDING club soda! Most of those machines will even dispense regular water! So you ASS/U/ME it was of the junk food variety? And are you qualified to dictate what he has a right to consume? Go squeeze out the junk in that pimple between your shoulders!

  18. Rick says

    Suggest you enlist some friends (with camera cell phones) go in (stagger) and then you go in (when the same clerk is there) and refill your pop and go up and refuse to pay double and pay on what the price is. If he gets violent…then let him…you will have numerous witnesses and it all caught on tape.

  19. John says

    Endo, FAT???? 5’11” 140 lbs. I think, as well as the doctors, that puts me in the not fat category. HOW can you call me FAT when you do not even know me, BUT you can apparently use that pimple between your shoulders to rant about what YOU THINK someone else is allowed to eat?

  20. endo says

    Jeezus, you’re a flag pole. When you turn sideways, you become invisible. If you went to the Holocaust Museum, you’d be mistaken for an exhibit.

    How can I call you fat when I don’t know you? I supposed the same way you called me a steroid user when you don’t know me. Glass trailers, Mary. Glass trailers.

  21. John says

    Endo, I called you a steroid user for the lack of insight you used in deciding that you are better than anybody else. YOU decided that the person in the video was eating junk food when there was NO mention of that in the video. YOU decided that POP was an unhealthy drink when you have no idea what specific drink he was going to get. YOU decided that you knew what was right for him without knowing ANYTHING specific about him. So based on YOU making ASSUMPTIONS I simply followed your lead and applied YOUR logic in regards to YOU!

    GET OVER IT MARY! YOU nor any one else, based on the information provided here, has the right to make those judgements!

    YOU apparently did not like being called a steroid user, then how do you justify deciding what anyone else can eat or drink! And I do not care if you hold a PHD as a DIETICIAN, without knowing the individual and their specific information, you can only guess at what is right for them! And guesses are not FACTS!

  22. Francis says

    This comments section is a mess. My heart goes out to Josh. Sadly, incidents like this in redneck-ville Indiana are not a surprise. And I’m very skeptical this issue has truly been resolved. Hopefully more info comes out in the coming day or two.

  23. endo says

    Actually, John, I don’t mind whatsoever being called a steroid user (or anything else for that matter) from an anonymous person on the internet prone to caps lock and overuse of exclamation points.

    I was just pointing out the irony of your comment.

  24. Matt says

    Not everyone is saturated with big city acceptance of homosexuality. He is probably one in a very small minority in that town and that alone would be enough make him fearful of what would happen had he snapped. I am from Indiana and now live elsewhere so please, try walking in this man’s shoes before criticizing his actions.

  25. Hollywood, CA says

    BAHAHAHahaahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Is this a skit from Saturday Night Live? Listen up gays, sometimes people are just a??holes. And, a??holes will say what they need to be an a??hole. End of story. Now, if they start charging you double on your rent, or refusing to let you eat at a restaurant, then you have an issue. However, the troglodyte at the gas station should not send you into such a frenzy.

    If you want to piss them off, open the most expensive food/drink item, head to the counter, and pay with all pennies. That’ll teach them… I know, I’ve done it before.

  26. jaragon says

    There is no way that I would pay double for anything! He should have gone to get his liquid sugar rush at another store.

  27. Carlotta Romero says

    There is such a thing as gay prejudice against other gays based of their weight, looks and effeminate manner. It happens all the time. Many gay men are shallow and looks oriented. It came as no surprise some of you idiots would focus on the superficial rather than on the issue at hand. Typical nasty behavior.

  28. Mark says

    This is many things: ridiculous, all too beklievable, infuriating … but “horrible?” Puh-leeze.

  29. Demian says

    You know we’ve made progress when an example of discrimination against gays is having to pay an extra dollar for your soda.

  30. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Josh (and other LGBTers who are bullied)

    If you are physically harmed or if you are threatened with physical harm (or reasonably believe you are in imminent danger of suffering physical violence to your person) because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, you are a victim of a FEDERAL hate crime.

    Do not JUST report these incidents to LOCAL authorities, also NOTIFY the FBI AND the U.S. Attorney. These agencies can open a separate investigation and make sure the incident is treated like the hate crime that it is.

    To find the right phone numbers, Google: “federal district attorney [plus your state or town]” to find a telephone number to call.

    Josh: Call the Fort Wayne office at (260) 422-2595.

    For the FBI go to this website:

    Tell them you were physically harmed or threatened with physical violence to your person and that you want to report a hate crime under the 2009 federal law that made it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Demand that they open an investigation. Write down the date/time you called and the person(s) you talk with. Ask for the case number or file number that is being assigned to your report. Keep a written record so that you can prove/document any “pattern” of repeat behavior, if you are threatened or attacked again.

    Good luck in fighting back.

  31. Mary says

    Glad Josh defended himself. This kind of bigoted garbage is uncalled for. Someone brings you business and you overcharge him and then call him names? There are plenty of people who are unemployed and would be glad to have a job regardless of who they have to serve. The clerk should not be fired, but told that if he wants to keep his job he has to apologize to Josh in person. Josh was only trying get some soda, not recruit for the Gay-Straight Alliance.

    But heck, I’m just a homophobic member of the Christian Right, so what do I know?

  32. Mary says

    Not trying to be funny, but is it my imagination or does this Josh look a little like Rosie O’Donnell?