1. TJ says

    Sigh. When he did ths at Halloween, I lamented to friends, “What’s next? Ruin Xmas for laughs?” Making kids cry for entertainment value. Not my idea of entertainment. Not my idea of good parenting. I wish Child Development was required in the curriculum. Kids don’t “get” jokes, irony, sarcasm until around the age of 8. The take-away for a lot of kids would be that their parents can’t be trusted. But I guess ignorance is bliss for Kimmel and his audience.

  2. says

    This would have been funnier if I was 15 years old. Rather than send the video to a talk show host, if I’d said what that kid did at the end? I would have experienced instant punishment instead of a laugh. Ugh.

  3. Continuum says


    What kind of adult thinks it’s funny to be mean to their own, or anybody’s child. And, then excuse their actions as only a joke.

    Is this what a bully does when he becomes a parent?

  4. Mike says

    Lighten up. It’s a practical joke. Kids play them on adults, adults on kids, kids on each other. My grandmother and I would play jokes on each other all the time.

    No one was scarred for life by this.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “Well, tell him to suck my balls!”

    Where the hell did that little boy learn to say something like that, and IN FRONT OF HIS MOTHER?

    From a ten year old? No. From a twenty year old? Absolutely. Well, one with good personal hygiene.

  6. Paul says

    Some of these parents should be too embarrassed to post their video! But of course they’re not, why would they be, they’re proud of their little brats!

    It’s almost sickening to see kids behave in this manner, but monkey see, monkey do. It’s completely the parents fault! And I’m sure they think it’s cute when their little brat says “suck my balls”, especially to an adult. Disgusting!

  7. Gay American says

    not to sound like the the waltons – but when we were growing up in the 60’s (8kids on a Fireman’s salary) we were happy to just to get anything,….

  8. TJ says

    MIKE: Cognitively, young children are incapable of understanding jokes. They find people acting silly funny. But they don’t understand the CONCEPT behind “I hurt your feelings for a laugh.”

  9. mike27 says

    I wish all the people complaining would take there own children (if they have them) and give them a present like this (a potato, an old banana or a half eaten sandwich). I HIGHLY doubt your kids would behave differently. Stop crying fowl and idealizing your own life in order to pass judgment on others. We all want to provide the best for our children and in doing so we all spoil them in some way – denying that fact is ridiculous.

  10. Ruddigore says

    That’s not the meanest trick you can play on a kid. In the early 1980’s Saturday Night Live did a brilliant parody of the cruelty of Candid Camera. Skip to 4:02 to watch Joe Piscopo as Alan Funt tell 3rd graders that their parents don’t love them anymore and are giving them up for adoption:

    You may also want to watch Christine Ebersole’s take on Fanny Flagg in “The Hot Fork Trick” at the beginning.

  11. Yuki says

    TJ, that all depends on the child, and if it’s explained as a simple prank afterward, there’s no damage whatsoever. My parents have pulled this sort of thing with me, and yet here I am completely well-adjusted. It’s not a big deal.

  12. Paul says

    @MIKE27 wrote:

    “We all want to provide the best for our children and in doing so we all spoil them in some way – denying that fact is ridiculous.”

    You’re missing the point, Mike. I mentioned nothing about different levels of spoiling a child. I was referring to their disgusting, bratty behavior. Do YOU find it acceptable for a young child to say, “suck my balls”? How does allowing THAT behavior to fall under the category of spoiling a child?! Now, who’s being ridiculous?

  13. TJ says

    YUKI: You are right; it depends on the child. Just like some kids arent negatively affected by spanking (even though most studies show that iis an ineffective tool re:discipline, and that most professionals who study this sort of thing and are in the Child Development field recommend against it as a general rule).So let’s hope all of these young children were capable of being convinced and were convinced after the fact that mommy and daddy really aren’t cruel and sadistic. I’m going to go with erring on the side of caution and find another way to get a cheap laugh instead of at the expense of a child.

  14. Andalusian Dog says

    Oh dear. The little girl explaining why she didn’t like a half eaten sandwich was okay – she seemed calm and thoughtful. But the rest of these kids, throwing things and saying “suck my balls,” etc, are way out of line.

    Jimmy, I don’t need any more convincing to not have kids, you can stop torturing your audience’s children now…

  15. Mark says

    Dc – one of the “hurdles” children face is understanding that they’re not entitled to a free ride. I think children should be made to feel they’re entitled to receive gifts and certain amount of luck in life, but everything that comes free – even a half eaten sandwich, really is quite lucky when you think about it. Some reality check is not abusive – if you ask me.

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