1. Brian from Tucson says

    President Obama has been terrific on gay issues. He is the first president to even speak of gay people in a positive way, he led the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and is refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. To make this an issue in the presidential campaign presents real danger to the gay community, a guarantee to mobilize the knuckle-draggers and evangelicals and perhaps lead to a President Gingrich, who has pledged to reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. is that what we want?

  2. Mike says

    Adam, who is a homocon is just doing his part to get people to vote for Republicans. I wish us all luck if Mitt gets elected. But not because I fear Mitt (which I do) but he will not be able to stop the neocon Congress. If they win the WH it is gonna be brutal.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    This is NOT western Europe or Canada where presidents can declare support for marriage equality. We don’t get everything we want in an instant, but President Obama has been more outspoken in support of us than any other president in history. If anyone expects to get anything under a republican presidency, republican controlled congress and heaven forbid, republican controlled senate then they can dream on. They’ll have themselves to blame by sitting the election out and not voting for an imperfect democrat.

  4. John says

    Obama has been good on gay issues. Not perfect, good, and much better than McCain would’ve been.

    But then… I understand the political process. I understand he needs 60 votes in the Senate to pass anything. And I understand the GOP won’t let him (and a few Democrats wouldn’t allow him when they had 59 seats).

    This is how the game is played. Sadly.

  5. GoodboyPA says

    And we should understand that holding someone’s feet to the fire (as Obama himself suggested was appropriate) is never comfortable, but it is also not the same thing as burning the person alive.

    Obama needs constant pressure, no matter what “progress” he has allowed (or promoted). In the absence of that pressure, he will “evolve” in whatever direction the political forces demand.

    Adam is playing his part in the process of social change, just as Barny Frank and Rachel Maddow and Dan Savage and Zach Wahls and even those of us who read blogs like Towleroad. It is rediculous to expect that all of us would march the same way down exactly the same road, even if our goals are in complete alignment.

  6. Wayne says

    Anti-gay bigotry is Anti-gay bigotry. We in the LGBT community are very good at pointing out Republican homophobia but seem desperate to turn a blind eye to anti-gay bigotry from the Democrats. DEMAND EQUALITY. period.

    Good on you Adam!

  7. Dale says

    If you don’t Pres. Obama, vote for Romeny, Gingritch or how about Paul. If you do, then we will see how your poetry will sound.

    You have a choice.

  8. just_a_guy_on_Earth says

    not to tempt fate (and risk a nutso-GWBII getting electing and ending any and all progress), but I wonder if Obama could have a landslide in sight. the man could have it in him to do good things yet, in his next term.

    Obama SHOULD be held to a higher standard. and, no, he HASN’T lived up to the FDR-style giant he could be. May he yet. And equality for gay people, for all people, is part of that, part of regenerating the hope, promise, and leadership that we each owe to ourselves, our country, our world.

  9. says

    Aunt Thank-You-Ma’am loves Barack Obama and all politicians like him who throw crumbs at LesBiGay Americans and brag about it! Aunt Thank-You-Ma’am has strong words for those of us who don’t know our place: “Shame on you uppity f*ggots and d*kes!!! You should be kissing President Obama’s ass (I mean, his feet) for having enough compassion to spend his precious time on your raggedy ass concerns. Stop sassing him! Bow your heads and grovel like good little perverts should!”

  10. Jay says

    Something Obama used to say that seems to have gone away is, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

    While I think Goddard comes off as smug and obnoxious (particularly the way in which he invokes Dr. King), at least he’s saying something. I hope he continues to use his talent to work for marriage equality in California and to help those in other states fighting for this civil right. Obama and the executive branch alone can’t do this.

  11. Bill says

    I was expecting some actual poetry and I’m not sure rapping his sentiments was the way to go. It just seemed like some rapper railing about something they personally didn’t like, rather than something that could be shared by us all. I do get the idea that he is trying to find himself, but the appeal to me, at least, is missing, and the whole thing seems to lack sincerety, in my opinion.