GQ Mocks Adam Lambert for ‘Testosterone Problem’, Apologizes


GLAAD ordered GQ to apologize today after publishing a tweet mocking Adam Lambert's mustache, and suggesting it wouldnt' help his "testosterone problem." They also linked to a photo of a goateed Lambert on their 'Worst-Dressed List'. The caption there says, "If you wear make-up, do not grow a mustache."

Said the tweet (now deleted):

"Rules of Street Style: If you have testosterone problems, a mustache doesn't always help."

A short time ago, they tweeted an apology:

"Re: our Lambert tweet, we were thoughtless and apologize. We shouldn't make stupid jokes about people's testosterone. As always, we learn."



  1. Paul says

    What fifth grader is running the GQ Twitter account? Seriously. You’re a major magazine, not TMZ.

  2. tom a says

    oh come on. whats next? Not being able to make fun of the way Wilfred Brimley says “DIABETUS?” not being allowed to call Rosie O’Donnell fat?

    If a famous man wears heavy make up, it seems fair game to pick on his testosterone level.

  3. Kyle says

    Doesn’t the apology pre-suppose that there is a testosterone problem, making it just as offensive as the comment?

  4. OMNOMNOM says

    Whatever words they chose, it doesn’t matter. Just look at that photo. He deserves to get ripped apart for it. I honestly thought it was a caricature.

    Worst dressed applies, as does the claim that “If you wear make-up, do not grow a mustache.”

  5. Throwslikeagirl says

    I’m not offended, but it was because of these inane, junior high boys’ locker room comments that I stopped reading GQ. Just report on style guys, and leave the juvenile humor alone.

  6. LiamB says

    Personally, I am curious why it took the Fashion guy to pick up on a picture almost a year old. While one could agree that make + goatee does not go together, implying that being gay equals testosterone problems is plain ignorant.

  7. Brandon H says

    I agree on the no makeup plus facial hair. But not because I have a problem mixing gender characteristics, but because it just looks horrible.

  8. Crystal says

    Its not about if Lambert looks silly with the facial hair…there are plenty of way to snark on someones looks without implying that being gay is just a hormonal imbalance.

  9. RoRo says

    I love the mustache and I think Adam Lambert looks great! I think he looks better than a whole lot of guys, gay or straight! He grew that ‘stache in about 3 days!

  10. QJ201 says

    Where is the GQ office? I know a bunch of drag queens FULL of testosterone that will kick some ass then throw them over a desk and show them whose the man.

  11. OMNOMNOM says

    Nobody implied that being gay is a hormonal imbalance. They implied that Adam Lambert has a hormonal imbalance. Those statements are very, very different, and I don’t think that it’s too far of a stretch to question Adam Lambert’s hormones based on this photo.

  12. Francis says

    I wouldn’t say I’m not offended, the quote is misogynistic and very disrespectful and catty, so I definitely believe an apology should have been expected here. At the same time I usually look at intent in situations like this and I don’t think the intent was trying to be as offensive as this came off, GQ goes for cattiness, they often fail like this. With that said, the apology is sort of sarcastic and almost as bad as the Lambert tweet.

    I can picture going to a gay bar, showing a few guys this picture and having them say the same exact thing, so I’m maybe a little less offended for that reason. I just think that you can be critical of his style without being rude.

  13. IAN F says

    @Kyle, yes it does. ” We wont make fun of the testosterone impaired gays anymore…sorry.”

    Adam gets this kind of thing thrown at him all the time. He can look good but those pictures never make news. This one looks like a cross between Dave Navarro and an evil magician. Definitely deserving of mocking but w/o the underlying 12 year old humor.

    Saw this response when looking at GQ’s twitter: @GQfashion the only testosterone problem Adam Lambert has is when his fashionable pants won’t zip over his enormous cock

  14. Caliban says

    Well if his goal was to look like a cheesy anime villain, Adam Lambert got his wish! Though his music isn’t to my taste, I recognize he has talent. I just question his rather precious style that make him look more like a plasticized product than an actual, human singer.

    Though it was a snotty tweet, GQ isn’t too far off the mark. AL has done some work with Queen, but Freddie Mercury never made you question whether he might be a robot or rubber appliance.

  15. LiamB says

    Exactly, Crystal. THe look is definitely snark worthy, but making the assumption that being gay must mean someone has testosterone issues is just ignorant.

  16. says

    the irony – closet cases saying that lambert deserves to be mocked.

    how transparent – gay men furious that Lambert can be Out and embody all the things that they feel they have to “not be” in order to be tolerated or accepted.

    mocking him won’t make your own lives better, boys.

  17. Liam says

    Once again, GLAAD channels its mighty resources to combat one of the pressing issues of our day — the oppression of the testosterone-challenged. There’s nothing in the tweet that ties the statement to his sexuality. Let’s stop crying “wolf.”

  18. Hans says

    Ive never known a gay man with a Testosterone deficiency. Actually from what I’ve seen the problem is quite the opposite.

  19. endo says

    LOL Little Kiwi. You think dressing up like the villain in a steampunk movie is “embodying being out”? I generally love your mocking of Rick/Jason, but now you’re just getting hysterical.

  20. Randy says

    What happened to the 1st Amendment here. I agree with GQ’a assessment of Adam Lambert. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I have a degree in Fashion, and I would put him on the worst dressed list, just for the mustache and goatee alone! Come on, get a grip, shave it off!

  21. Francis says

    I agree, Kiwi. Very pathetic, and not surprising. Actually more offensive to me than the catty GQ quote, because I can actually feel the resentment towards Adam dripping from those comments. Saying it’s “fair to say Adam has hormonal issues” and “if a man wears heavy makeup he deserves to be mocked”. Adam is more of a man than any of you saying such hateful things about him.

  22. V-8 says

    I have extremely low levels of testosterone, to the point my doctor thought I had a brain tumor…. still trying to figure out what to do about it, the hormone replacement made me ultra angry and shrunk my nuts…

    point being, yes I am gay, but this is a new development in my body… and in any case, the low testosterone has not decreased the amount of hair in my body or head (it has also not decreased my libido one bit)…. in fact I read that less testosterone will prevent one from going bald……

  23. says

    no, ENDO, but it’s just so tiring to hear gays complaining about and mocking (from a cowardly place of Online Anonymity, at that) the “type” of Gay man that Lambert is.

    it’s so tired and transparent. yes, not only is he Out, but he’s Out without conforming to any of the ideals of the Insecure I’m Still A “Real Man” Even Though I’m Gay brigade.

    we see it time and time again – gay men angry that he can live openly while defying conventional concepts of gender-norms and they can’t.

  24. sleepy bear says

    gq has a long history of being horrendous to the gay community. i can’t imagine anybody actually subscribing to them, except maybe the self-loathing goproud crowd.

  25. Gay American says

    Im not necessarily really into Mr Lambert – but I like his unique looks…reminds me of a avant garde Young OUT Gay Vincent Price…

  26. jason says

    GQ appeals to homophobic metrosexual males, the type who spend their whole lives denying that they have any same-sex interests whatsoever. The women who appear in GQ are mostly molls and media whores.

  27. endo says

    @Little Kiwi: Personally, I always thought of Adam Lambert as the artsy pansexual Burning Man type. And those people DO dress ridiculous. But if you see him as some sort of posterboy for a specific gay identity, then I can understand your point.

    For the record, I like him and his music. I just wish he made more songs like “Mad World,” which was sublime, and “Broken Open,” the final track on his previous album.

  28. says

    my point is this- there’s something to be said about those who have the balls to be Visibly Ridiculous, as opposed to those who ridicule from the confines of their own Closet.

  29. johnny says

    My guess is that since in reality he’s a redhead, he probably started out using mascara/eyeliner/eyebrow pencil to make his eyelashes and brows match his dyed-black hair.

    Then, much like Tammy Faye, he just. could. not. stop.

    But yeah, I have to agree to one point:

    mustache + make-up = No, don’t.

  30. David says

    Low testosterone levels has nothing to do with one’s sexual preferences. There are plenty o gay dudes who sweat testosterone (go to the SOMA Golds Gym in San Francisco for proof) and there are many straight men who have low testosterone levels.
    Once again, we have a case of GLAAD being over zealous “ordering” people to do things when they don’t have no such authority.
    If anything, GLAAD is only perpetuating a bad stereotype and incorrect correlation between testosterone and sexual orientation.

  31. Linda says

    Well, I’m a straight female, so I can’t draw on any gay sensibilities, but from my POV I think this look of Lambert’s is great. The goatee flatters his face, and he just looks like wicked fun. Isn’t he at an industry event? So let’s turn up the theatricality. And re: facial hair and makeup — I can’t say I find anything repellant about Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Rules just don’t hold up.

  32. Francis says

    I agree, Linda.

    As for Kiwi’s point, the whole crux of the issue is, one can criticize what Adam is wearing WITHOUT saying he is lacking in testosterone. GQ saying it because they’re writers are payed to create bitchy comments is one thing. Saying it with the intent many of you are on here is another thing entirely. And Kiwi is RIGHT when he says a lot of gay men do this very thing because they think they look more like men to criticize other gays, who aren’t stereotypically masculine.

    That’s what’s *really* weak.

  33. BobN says

    “I have extremely low levels of testosterone, to the point my doctor thought I had a brain tumor…. still trying to figure out what to do about it, the hormone replacement made me ultra angry and shrunk my nuts…”

    Did they give you the gel treatment, shots, or the time-release surgical capsule. I’m on the gel stuff. Only one episode of losing my temper in an odd way (beyond the background high-strung Italian temper). Yes, the nuts shrink. I’m not thrilled about that, but the change in how I feel is worth it.

  34. ian says

    while i can’t get behind that look; it’s pretty horrible. i don’t see why GQ’s comment was necessary or funny at all. especially considering GQ is aimed at gay men, for the most part. is it a case of effemiphobia? there are plenty of gay men who are homophobic of what they perceive as effeminate gay men. so afraid are they of being lumped in with them.

  35. Scott C. says

    I seriously thought that was an article about an Lambert doll before I read the article. What the hell? He looks plastic.

  36. jaragon says

    GQ was right La Lambert looks horrible in that shot unless he is auditioning to play a villain in the next Austin Power movie.

  37. Chicklets says

    If the EVIL pope can prance around in his penis hat, bejewled DRESSES and more stage props than Lady Gaga, then Adam can certainly walk around dressed with makeup and facial hair. GQ can shove it!

  38. Rick says

    Just for the record, the editor-in-chief of GQ is openly gay–his name is Jim Nelson.

    Just sayin’…..

    And I personally thought the tweet was rather hilarious, not a commentary on Lambert’s sexuality, but his effeminacy, which is fair game IMO. Glad to see so many of you agree.

  39. Linda says

    “…his effeminacy, which is fair game IMO.”

    @Rick — So if a person has traits that don’t conform to your preferred gender presentation template (presumably undergoing ISO certification), they should be ridiculed into compliance?

  40. Ovationimpact says

    Even within these few comments the bulling peeps come-out to play… throw a football at his face? NoH8… this is why these so called joking style comments need to stop, it is much different that calling someone fat while hurtful they don’t renders to gay violence. Yes, it can be that reality-extreme. Shame on you GQ!

  41. V-8 says

    BOBN, I did the gel thing on the shoulder for one month…. really did not like it…

    we r thinking about using a patch next…. what has worked best for u?

  42. Rick says

    How in the world did somebody think that would be funny to the readership of GQ? Do they think their market is to the straight men of America who could care less how sloppy they look? Some one in that tweet office is seriously out of touch.

  43. Nat says

    “And I personally thought the tweet was rather hilarious, not a commentary on Lambert’s sexuality, but his effeminacy, which is fair game IMO. Glad to see so many of you agree.”

    I’ve never really perceived Lambert as that effeminate – he’s certainly flamboyant with (in my opinion) questionable style choices, but that’s not quite the same thing. I too think of at as pansexual stage persona; the fact that gay performers often co-opt it doesn’t really make it effeminate.

  44. Tom says

    Knock it off. Adam is a talented guy with plenty more to give, If he wants to shave his head or go blonde-leave him be. Good Lord.

  45. Mals says

    The kids I teach in elementary school would know better than to make this kind of statement or comment about someone in this way. Not only is it untrue in its premise but it is meant as a snark against his sexuality or presupposed feminity. It seems like a lot of men feel threatened by Adam Lambert–I have seen this in having read some of the comments out there about him. It kills them that girls and women find him sexy and appealing–not only is he mega talented but he is an intelligent, kind, and caring individual with a magnetic personality (characteristics lacking in many straight men I know.)

  46. LisaW says

    Its not about the outfit – hey look Im a fan of Adam and can tell you his fans were hooting at this this look and had PLENTY of hilarious snarky comments for it. It is entirely mockable and a halfway intelligent person could do it without resorting to the home of the mentally lazy & feeble: stereotypes.

    GQ has only mentioned Adam twice and last time they talked about his “gay” outfit. This time its his testosterone levels because of course gay men are effeminate.

    you want to pick on adam’s outfit go right ahead but perpetuating stereotypes of the “girly” fag at a time when we are trying to battle bullying and progress is simply not acceptable.

  47. Lynn says

    You know what’s really funny, he had this look for all of a couple weeks, then he shaved it off. It was a long time ago too. He doesn’t even look like this anymore, so why the diss from GQ? They need to grow up. I’m so sick of people mocking him, just because he’s gay.
    Remember, you’re only a gene away from being in his shoes. How would you like to have to put up with this crap day after day, hmmm?

  48. LisaW says

    Lynn to be fair I think it was a year in review thing bad looks of 2011, I cant disagree on the look but their snark on him is distasteful and this is not the first time. Adam let into them himself last time.

  49. shana says

    GQ crossed the line when they attacked Adam Lambert personally.

    Catty men in” glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”Look in the

    mirror boys before your magazine has no subscribers.I for one am

    so over you and your 5th grade mentality.

  50. B Moschetti says

    Adam Lambert is a gorgeous hunk! Very masculine and he drives women absolutely mad!–even though he is a gay man. Sorry GQ how jealous you all must be of this amazing, sexy beast!!!

  51. Adamfan says

    I don’t care for Adam’s look here either. Plenty of his fans made comments about this look. The issue here is GQ saying a mustache won’t help his “testosterone” issue that all gay men obviously have. What a bunch of bullies. Anyone who hasn’t seen Adam lately should go check some new photos. He is looking gorgeous.

  52. says

    RICK, please post the URL to your own page or video where you show us all what a strong masculine empowered gay male role model you are.

    seriously. if you’re so masculine, and such a great example of a gay male role model, clearly you’d be open to visibly showing everyone how to do it.

    so, what’s the URL?

  53. my2cents says

    with Lady GaGa in the house,
    AL was lucky to get this press.
    He’s the role model that wasn’t and isn’t.
    empty. talented, but empty.
    sad to say.

  54. DeeperStill says

    I think the man is HOT, and mad talented. Everyone is entitled to have a bad hair/make-up/clothes day, without being ridiculed by you pathetic losers. I say he comes close to having one of those days here, but he’s still hot, hot, hot!

    But I guess when (P)rick gets his moronic ways, and this kind of “un-masculine” look gets forever banned, I’ll have to look elsewhere for hotness… Yarn…

  55. Angela Channing says

    I can remember the GQ of the 80s was much more neutral to its gay readership, almost as if it were a wink wink situation. Now, the magazine has to declare its heterosexuality in the most obnoxious ways. They are trying to be edgy. I have not picked up the magazine in years. As magazines continue to die, this will be one I won’t miss. Thank you for listening.

  56. tess4ADAM says

    All I can say is … ADAM will continue to be himself in spite of all the name calling … gay bashing … ridicule and snark that has been directed at him since he stepped out of obscurity by going on TV so that he’d possibly get a recording contract … I’m sure ADAM never expected to be the focus of all this negativity when he stepped on that AI stage back in 2009. However … as I said … it hasn’t stopped him from keeping his eye on the prize … a career in the music industry. I love the young man who fearlessly faces all the BS thrown at him from both communities (gay & straight) and just keeps on keeping on. ADAM’s performance with QUEEN at the EMAs in Belfast last month was PHENOMENAL & there is a DJ in NZ that devotes an hour of ADAM LAMBERT music on his program which is carried Worldwide. So ADAM must be doing something right to have garnered so many millions of Global fans in spite of what GQ may think of him. ADAM has what it takes to be ICONIC … IMO!!!