1. John says

    “Misdemeanor”! That’s outrageous!

    Doesn’t the fact that this graffiti, which WOULD NORMALLY be a misdemeanor, contains a death treat elevate this crime above a simple misdemeanor?!

  2. Bobby says

    Yeah – I thought introducing death into the equation upped the ante considerably to a terroristic threat.

  3. says

    They need to get out there, make a big show of shrugging this off and cleaning up their home, put up some xmas lights and put in some tiny little video cameras at the same time for when the vandals/terrorists come back to the nice clean building for a second run…

    Sure, they shouldn’t HAVE to, but in 2011, this is the way to fight back…

    Either that, or sit in the bushes and wait and handle this problem themselves.

    No word on what happened at the condom association meeting that made it so ‘contentious’.

  4. Robert in NYC says

    And if the “n” word or any other ethnic slur had been daubed on someone’s home it wouldn’t be treated as a misdemeanor but upgraded to a hate crime.

  5. Jerry says

    These events are very disturbing to read about. My partner and I have been in the cross hairs of Hate for decades. In the past year it has escalated. On Nov. 13 we discovered a Bullet hole in the shade of our dawn to dusk security light. At first we thought the trajectory was from below. When we replaced the bulb, we discovered that the shade had two holes. The entry appears to lines up with the front porch of the neighbor who is leading the charge. We have often heard Gun Fire from that region, even at night. However we suspect the Local Police will ignore the report we requested since it appears that they have given previous harassment a wink and a nod. We believe the police are protected as long as our Harassers are.
    We know full well the anxiety of being in the cross hairs. Hope they find the criminals and prosecute them.

  6. Stephen Q says

    First of all they should not give people ideas about poisoning the dogs. Second they should buy a gun.

  7. Paul says

    As a former Columbus resident, may I suggest: Buy a gun. Shoot the first thing that comes on your property.

  8. Francis says

    This once again shows the reality that while we’ve made plenty of progress, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially in states such as Ohio. It’s weird since the past two incidents that have gone public on graffiti and hate messages on the property of a gay couples’ home have come from Ohio. Also Ohio was the scene of the horrific barn fire that killed the horses a gay man tended to.

    Just very sad. Very threatened, insecure people who just cannot mentally and emotionally cope with an existence that includes gay people. We have to fight back, and I agree with Guys&Stuff, all LGBT couples, especially in more hostile environments, should install a camera that will catch the perps if something like this occurs where you live.

  9. Rin says

    Don’t shoot anyone that doesn’t come into your home or you will be the one that gets into trouble, not them. :(

    This is so incredibly upsetting and disturbing that we can be so polarized, so unkind to each other. My heart goes out to them and if I lived in that neighborhood I would be one of the first over there to help them clean up AND go door to door asking people to lay off them.

  10. Randy says

    I am a former Military Sharpshooter, I want then to come on my property. I can show them what hate os all about! Fight fire with fire!

  11. Willbesurfing says

    I agree this is super disturbing. It doesn’t matter where you live, you should be able to feel safe and welcome. While the suggestion about the camera looks like a sound investment, the gun….while legal…is a scary slippery slope. I do wish them the best outcome…but also to be prepared to fight for your rights and peace of mind.

  12. goody-goody says

    This makes me sick to my stomach! I agree the verbiage contained within the graffiti ought to escalate the charge beyond misdemeanor status. I hope this is resolved soon and to the satisfaction of those who have been offended!

    To Jerry, I’m very sorry you’re experiencing something so very frightening! No one should feel fear in their own home!

  13. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Jerry and David (the rest of the LGBT community):

    There is a FEDERAL hate crimes law that applies to your situations. Do not JUST report these incidents to LOCAL police, also NOTIFY the FBI AND the U.S. Attorney. These agencies can open a separate investigation and make sure these incidents are treated like the hate crime that they are.

    To find the right phone numbers, Google: “federal district attorney [plus your state or town]” to find a telephone number to call.

    For the FBI:

    Tell them you want to report a hate crime under the 2009 federal law that made it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Demand that they open an investigation. Write down the date/time you called and the person(s) you talk with.

    Ask for the case number or file number that is being assigned to your report.

    Good luck in fighting back.

  14. truth says

    I’m amazed at the commenters who say they will resort to violence – in reality, no you wouldn’t because you know you would get arrested for doing so, including “sharshooter” randy. It’s very very easy to say such violent passive-aggressive things when behind a computer screen.

  15. Diogenes says

    @ TRUTH

    Why are you shocked that people would want to defend themselves and their property? This isn’t some fairytale we live in. What I find funny first of all is the fact that in many of these cases these are cowards who scrawl things on the sides of buildings but would never say this garbage to your face. I know for damn sure I would not hesitate shoot the first person to step on my lawn who has the intent of hurting me or damaging my property. That is not an empty threat.

  16. JakePHX says

    David Koch? REALLY?? I am so sorry he and his mate have been besmirched by the grafitti AND his good name.

  17. Jerry says

    Thanks to those who responded positively to my post. Sorry for not responding sooner. I am an Elder, have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I cope with this by shouting out then go hide. Solely because I know my glucose and high blood pressure go up. I am simply trying to cope the best way I can under the circumstance.
    Believe me , we have tried. We live in Pennsylvania and all the Gay organization we have contacted for support have been indifferent. We have recently been in touch with AVP in NYC ( which at this time I can’t tell if they are supportive yet). We recently been in touch with our US Senator’s office. We need allies, I know how the game is played.

    May I recommend a security system call Archerfish-google it. It is a motion activated video system that sends your events by email. Our light was shot out from someone standing about 150 feet away on a neighboring property so our system didn’t get it. The bullet nicked the outer portion of the bulb when it traveled through the shade and didn’t damage the filament of the bulb. So the lamp kept lighting which was very dangerous and could have started a fire. We discover the broken bulb glass of the bulb on the ground below the lamp and looked up and saw the holes.

    Thanks guys, the kind supportive words go along way.

  18. says

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