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Homophobic Calendar by Christian Cartoonist on Sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble


A Towleroad tipster is not amused that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are hawking the "I'm Not Gay, I'm Just a Sissy" wall calendar by Christian cartoonist Joe King.

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  1. Barnes and Noble is still in business?

    Posted by: madmonkey | Dec 27, 2011 1:44:47 PM

  2. Ad for this popped up on this site minutes ago.

    Posted by: Raf | Dec 27, 2011 1:48:39 PM

  3. While there is a certain segment of 'Christians' that will find this type of trash acceptable, it will be far from acceptable with the general population. I used to work for a company that dealt with Amazon product that they were disposing of (returns and overstocked items). I cannot image that they would want to have this item. When Amazon pulls this product, it will be interesting to see where it goes to. I can see it being sold in 'Christian' bookstores for 50 cents.

    And while there is a photo of the back cover available on line, I could not make out any of the dialog. If someone is near a Barne & Noble it would be interesting to know what these say. I cannot imagine anything that could possibly be written on the February cartoon titled "We All Have AIDS" that wouldn't make people want to pour bleach in their eyes after seeing it.

    Posted by: Charlie | Dec 27, 2011 2:12:17 PM

  4. B&N's corporate number is Customer Service Center
    1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665
    International Customers
    Be sure you include the International Amazon: Phone toll-free in the US and Canada: (800) 201-7575 or (866) 216-1072
    Phone from outside the US and Canada: (206) 346-2992 or (206)-266-2992
    Another direct line: (206) 266-2335
    Include these in your Facebook posts.

    Posted by: Jack West | Dec 27, 2011 2:29:45 PM

  5. Not being able to see the individual pages, I'm holding out hope this attacks closeted individuals in the "you're not fooling anyone" manner. Otherwise, it seems like an attempt to capitalize on the "My Boyfriend's not Gay" jokes for women.

    Posted by: anon | Dec 27, 2011 2:50:39 PM

  6. It is time to boycott Barnes & Nobel after sending them an email telling them you are going to do so and why.

    Posted by: lk | Dec 27, 2011 3:09:19 PM

  7. I bet Michelle Bachmann bought one for Marcus.

    Posted by: Jeff Henderson | Dec 27, 2011 3:26:42 PM

  8. shame!

    hate is sport in all global arenas

    Posted by: alicia banks | Dec 27, 2011 3:54:42 PM

  9. how about "I'm Going To Hell Because I'm a Jew- A calendar" by the same artist? after all, its what he believes...

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Dec 27, 2011 4:07:56 PM

  10. And he calls it "I'm not Gay I'm just a sissy". More gay denial, that cartoonist should give his work appropriate titles, like "yes this guy is actually gay".

    Posted by: Mke | Dec 27, 2011 4:09:40 PM

  11. Not only is this Joe King a homophobic hack, he’s a resume padder. He calls himself a "2004 Pulitzer Prize Nominee." That is a meaningless phrase. To enter the Pulitzer competition for editorial cartooning, you have to meet some basic eligibility requirements regarding when and where your work was published, pay an entry fee and be nominated or “sponsored” by someone (usually one’s editor or publisher, but an entrant can also sponsor himself). Basically, if they cashed your check, you are a “Pulitzer Nominee.” But no one -- at least not among professional editorial cartoonists – uses that phrase to promote their work, or they would be laughed out of the room.

    On the other hand, from the pool of entrants, a few finalists are chosen. A “Pulitzer Finalist,” therefore, has bragging rights (analogous to an “Oscar Nominee”), as does, of course, a “Pulitzer Winner.” But Joe King was not a finalist in 2004, and he sure as hell wasn’t the winner (whom I know). His use of the phrase, “Pulitzer Nominee” is intentionally misleading.

    Anyone surprised?

    Posted by: Mike R | Dec 27, 2011 5:11:35 PM

  12. It looks like unfunny crap but hey he is protected by freedom of speech which also allows Amazon to sell a lot gay material.

    Posted by: jaragon | Dec 27, 2011 5:48:53 PM

  13. You can email this repulsive man and let him know exactly how you feel about his "christian humor" or give him a call directly. His email address is: and his telephone is (480) 478-4457. I got this from his website

    Posted by: Steve in DC | Dec 27, 2011 6:33:28 PM

  14. I just looked at the details on this. It's from "CreateSpace," which is Amazon's equivalent of CafePress or Zazzle. It's self-published content that Amazon apparently didn't properly screen. Keep up the pressure.

    Posted by: Pab Sungenis | Dec 27, 2011 9:06:33 PM

  15. Also, guess what? The website he sells these from is hosted by everyone's favorite registrar, GoDaddy! E-mail and remind them that their TOS specifically bans hate speech.

    Posted by: Pab Sungenis | Dec 27, 2011 9:15:59 PM


    He's posting about the situation on his facebook.

    Posted by: Chris | Dec 27, 2011 10:25:05 PM

  17. The problem I have with complaining about this stupid calendar is, that knife cuts both ways. If we force B&N and Amazon to take it down, then others can force them to take down gay-oriented books and calendars.

    There are always going to be obnoxious twits like the guy who made this calendar. Instead of bitching about it, do one in a similar vein about Homophobes and NOM and the like and offer it for sale, too.

    Fight "the stupid" with information, not invective.

    Posted by: kyle Michel Sullivan | Dec 27, 2011 10:34:44 PM

  18. Went to Amazon and filed a formal complaint, asking them to remove it. Also gave it a one-star review and ripped it apart - although I suppose "any publicity is good publicity" so I don't know that helps

    Posted by: Rich | Dec 28, 2011 9:09:54 AM

  19. I am going to research whether his use of a Seinfeld catch-phrase in a book that he is selling for profit constitutes trademark infringement.

    This book is awful, but we really should ask ourselves how much we legitimize this sort of stereotyping when we use the word "queer" to describe gay people and when we lump ourselves in with transsexuals and crossdressers.

    Posted by: Bick | Dec 28, 2011 9:22:37 AM

  20. Um, excuse me-but those "transsexuals and crossdressers" you complain about were fighting for YOUR right to be out and proud at the Stonewall rebellion in 1969. Don't fight hate with MORE hate. I'm with you on the "q" word, but NOT that.

    Posted by: Doc Marten | Dec 28, 2011 1:08:54 PM

  21. Help me understand why it's still ok to denigrate gay people this way. Complaining to both Amazon and B&N for hosting this divisive, hate-mongering crap.

    Posted by: Andrew | Dec 28, 2011 3:21:06 PM

  22. The LGBT community does not stand alone in expressing disgust for this garbage.

    Posted by: rte148 | Dec 29, 2011 11:15:05 AM

  23. And boom goes the dynamite. Amazon has taken this product down. Now if only cafepress would do the same.

    Posted by: David | Dec 30, 2011 4:50:07 PM

  24. The irony is that we see (presumably str8) soldiers dancing with each other in musical videos they put online all the time.

    Posted by: Coach Outlet | Apr 23, 2012 5:00:04 PM

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