1. tim says

    I am in Minneapolis, too, for the holidays, and yes, literally every 20 minutes. It was playing when I got out of my car to do some quick errands and when I come back it was on again.

    She doesn’t strike me as particularly interesting or original. Another Natasha Bedingfield but with an “edgy” haircut.

  2. finkles2000 says

    This song has been out for a very, very long time. I’m wondering why it’s just now getting airplay . . .

  3. Thomas says

    Jessie J does remind me of Katy Perry…except Jessie’s first two singles weren’t homophobic. Jessie never recorded a song called “Ur So Gay”. Jessie is an out bisexual woman, unlike her “boner dyke” contemporary Katy Perry.

    Anyway, I like the song. And Jessie J seems like a cool chick.

  4. John says

    Jessie J just says she’s bi to be cool, just like amber rose, and nicki minaj. She isn’t actually gay and people like her confuse the worlds idea of what bisexuality is. Any gay or real bi person will agree with me.