1. eric says

    Matt (or his publicist) made that up. No one (even an actor, no matter how pretty) is that stupid.

    Did he think the pouch in back for for catching poop?

  2. Matt26 says

    Joe looks super hot like always. Can’t wait to see his Big D scene.
    Otherwise, not my kind of a movie.

  3. Christian says

    Is there gonna be any gay content in this masterpiece? Or is everybody just gonna pretend that all strippers are straight for the ladies. If that’s the route they go, then it seems kinda hypocritical since Channing modeled for Out magazine.

  4. AnonymousJack says

    Back when I was living in Austin, and Matthew Mc. was attending the University of Texas, one of the most fun nightspots for the gays (and straight guys with gay friends or liberal girlfriends) was a place called Oilcan Harry’s. The strip show there ran two nights a week and was hosted by a flamboyant guy named Dale (Momma Dale) who was part emcee with a dash of pimp (it was lascivious, but fabulous). I wouldn’t be surprised if Matthew has taken a few points from Momma Dale (despite the name, he was never in drag) and might have a flamboyant streak to his owner/host character, gay or straight. From the pic, it seems quite possible.

  5. Michael says

    Two problems here…

    1) Aren’t they a bit old to be strippers???

    2) You’re going to have 6 or so strippers and none of them are gay???

    Um, OK.

  6. Max says

    Eye candy aside, we all know this is going to suck, don’t we? Please tell me there isn’t really anyone who actually wants to see this?

  7. new-new says


    Agreed. It’s gonna be awful, but let’s hope that it will be entertainingly bad. Sort of like a male Showgirls.

  8. Jim says

    Actually, since Soderbergh is directing it, I have hopes. All of his movies are interesting in one way or another. And I will pa top dollar for even a glimpse of Matt Bomer in a thong.

  9. gregory brown says

    I hope thi rises to the artistic level of the classic CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC. I revisit that every ccouple of years and marvel at it–except for the final few minutes featuring the Tw*t Sisters or whatever they were called. Maybe Steve Gutenberg could roller skate through one scene.

  10. Lexxvss says

    Manganiello: great body, but forget the face. Pettyfer: pretty but his features seem a little humble to be doing the stipper thingy. McConaughey: gorgeous body, but his face is beginning to cry “grandpa!” Blonds don’t age well, especially if they took all the sun. Tatum: perfect, no problem there.
    Will I see the movie? No way, unless the buzz is about something interesting beyond the apparent shallowness of the theme. Maybe later in time. By the way, my opinions are just for fun, anyone can do a stripping as long as someone gets excited to see him doing it.

  11. AnonymousJack says

    @truewords…because the pop cultural world (from Britney Spears, to PLAYBOY, to Maxim magazine, to beer ads, to the lingerie bowl, to NFL cheerleaders, etc.) doesn’t revolve around straight men clamoring to do the same thing. The only problem is going to be how you suddenly don’t measure up after your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend (are you the self-loathing type?) gets a load of the “flesh” evening out the gender score. Take your hate speech and trolltastic insults and move along.

  12. Eric says

    It’s almost certainly going to be terrible. But I will not be paying attention to the plot anyway.

    Oh Joe, why were you not under my Christmas tree this year?

  13. Rob says

    Matthew gets really provocatively gay when he drinks. He has been all over other guys at Austin parties I’ve been to, and ignores the girls. I know it’s a stretch that men in theater could be gay, but this one- just wait.

  14. CHSC says

    It’s Soderbergh! Highly unlikely this will be bad. He often takes outlandish premises and makes them into something worthwhile. Can’t wait.

  15. Hank M says

    Where’s Matt Bomer, he is actually third billed in the film and obviously the hottest and most talented of this crew!

  16. Bryan says

    Before reading the comments, I thought I was the only gay guy not excited by this movie at all. Never seen the big deal in Channing Tatum, dislike McConaughey and Petyfer, neutral on Manganielo and Bomer

  17. Gabe R L says

    I would say that the only one who is too old to be a stripper is Matthew McConaughey. He has a great body, but the face is too old and haggard. I never found him attractive anyhow.
    The pretence that all or even most male strippers are straight is laughable.
    Joe Manganiello does not have much of a face, just a muscle-Mary body.
    I like Alex Pettyfer better than the other two; he’s beautiful and fit, but indeed does not have the right attitude to be a stripper.
    Tatum and Bomer will be really good. Channing often lets his looks slip, but he should do well here. Bomer, along with Pettyfer, is my fave. Pity William Levy Gutierrez will not be in it.

  18. Hollywood, CA says

    It’s going to be very hard to get straight guys to go see this movie, even with their girlfriends/wives… It’ll be great for bachelorettes, girls, gays, and Tweens who have oved on from the Twilight fan base…

  19. FunMe says

    As much as I think that Manganiello is very hot, fun and a cool guy, I am NOT going to see that movie of stripper without full nudity. I’ll wait for the Netflix streaming.

    Wonder if this will be the male version of Showgirls.

  20. jeffjeff says

    Why is McConagay in this. Ruins it! Not that I was planning on actually watching this mess… well, maybe if I catch it at a Red Box…

  21. says

    ok ill be truthful here i wasn’t always gay but having the body and i guess the face and danced like a hooker my whole life i never have to go after fame the parents fueled my life till now,i think this movie is going to have every guy that thinks he is hot trying to get ahold of some serostim which is a human growth hormone you probably would only know living in Los angeles and Malibu your whole life,just be careful yes you will get a amazing body ,i have always raced motocross so i have the jeans and with a little bit of training with angela best she taught me how to look like i do.i cant wait to see the movie yea the stripers i have met traveling all over the hot spots miami LA orlando vegas and David Geffen world have been gay for pay,i dought there will be any gay in the movie at all its already like some have you said a target for gay guys to see bodies and dicks with cock rings on,check me out on face book let me know if you think i can do it and if so hit me up

  22. AshleyNC says

    This is a Steven Soderbergh film people! He doesn’t usually do terrible. Really don’t think he’d sign on to direct this thing (ESPECIALLY not being Tatum’s 1ST CHOICE to direct) unless he saw potential (no pun intended.) I, for one, am anxiously awaiting its release & also think its going to surprise the critics & naysayers!! So, my fellow ladies & pretty boys June 29th IT IS ON!!! (SN: Any “gay haters” on here remember one thing, YOU’RE ON HERE!! So SHUT THE HELL UP!)