Married GOP Christian Politician Campaigned Against Gay Marriage at Home, Secretly Donates Sperm to Lesbians Abroad

New Zealand's fertility medicine community is alarmed by conservative Christian earthquake relief worker Bill Johnson, a former GOP candidate for Governor of Alabama who campaigned against gay marriage, because he has spent his time in New Zealand meeting lots and lots of women online (including lesbian couples) in order to impregnate them with his sperm.

The New Zealand Herald reports:

Bill_johnsonThree of the women are now pregnant, and Johnson has assisted another three with donations in the past month. It is believed he has been in communication with at least another three women to discuss sperm donation. His actions as a sperm donor sparked concern in the fertility medicine community, whose guidelines recommend donations are made in the regulated environment of a fertility clinic, and that no man provide sperm donations to more than four families. The restriction is to reduce the chance of accidental incest and to reduce the adverse impact on donors and children if – as the law allows – they seek each other out later in life.

Johnson, who is married with three children from a former relationship, says the "need" to be a biological father is what is driving his seed-sowing addiction:

Asked if his wife knew he was donating sperm, he said: "She does now." He said she did not know of any of the pregnancies. He said he had not planned on telling her until the children were born.

"Every person who is a father and a mother knows why I am doing this. If life's circumstances had dealt me a different hand I wouldn't be doing this. It is not the hand that life has dealt my wife…Reproduction and having children is as basic a human need as eating."

Johnson's "need" to sperminate is apparently trumps his need to discriminate:

The women spoken to by the Herald on Sunday say they met him through different sites. They included a number of women in same-sex relationships. In his political life, Johnson campaigned on a conservative Christian platform which opposed gay marriage.

He said he did not know the "relationship status" of the women he donated to: "I just know they want to have children." Asked if it mattered, he said: "I'm not going to answer that question."

The Herald tracked down Johnson based on an anonymous tip expressing concern about his activities and their potential harm to the mothers and the unborn children.

He said some of the women to whom he had donated sperm were unaware of the extent of the donations. He said he had not intended making the women aware of the existence of other siblings until they had babies, at which point he would tell them.

B_johnsonThe Alabama Press-Register reports:

Johnson finished fifth among a field of seven candidates for governor in the 2010 GOP primary, capturing less than 2 percent of the vote. He ran as a conservative Christian who opposed gay marriage – but also advocated for the legalization of gambling.

Kathy Johnson was featured prominently in the campaign, traveling with the candidate to speaking engagements and appearing with him in advertisements.

She is a former Mrs. Alabama, a former director of the Alabama Broadband Initiative, a former director of Children First Foundation and director of the Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

“This is a really, really difficult time for our family,” Kathy Johnson said in an email to the Press-Register. “I'm still in disbelief and very hurt, and our family has a lot of healing to do.”

Sperm-donor kept wife in the dark [new zealand herald]


  1. Jakrabt says

    That is SOME serious pathological narcissism, Paw-Paw. “Conservative Christian”? YOU BET!!! Complete with the ‘Do As I Say Not As I Do’ sanctimonious self-righteousness.

  2. jpeckjr says

    A clarification from the NZ Herald article: the three children are his wife’s from a previous relationship. He is not their biological father. Thus, he has the unsatisfied “need” to have progeny.

    There are no allegations in the article he has broken any laws in NZ. Serious ethical questions, and I would guess his marriage is over.

    Had he gone through the proper channels, using a registered sperm donation center, he could have passed on his genes without becoming a news story. And protected himself from financial demands by the mothers. Stupid in so many ways.

  3. Mary says

    Asked if it mattered, he said: “I’m not going to answer that question.”

    Translation: I’m not going to explain why a child’s right to father is not as “basic” as my right to see my seed spread around indiscriminately like an animal.

    This man’s behavior is so shockingly selfish and his lack of shame so astounding that there are hardly words to describe it. I’d call him a scumbag, but that would be an insult to scumbags everywhere.

    If ever there was a Christian who deserved to meet a lion, this one is it.

  4. Jerry says

    @JIM yes hetero privilege, but I’m not sure whiteness has anything to do with it. Don’t try to make it about race. I’m sure there’s more than a few men of color known for spreading his seed around to various baby-mamas.

  5. Biff says

    Hmmmm. A conservative white republican from Alabammy. Maybe the New Zealand authorities should start an immigration investigation. Is Mr Alabama an illegal immigrant in New Zealand? Maybe they better put him in jail while they check his papers. How many jobs has he taken from New Zealanders? Does he have diseases? Are those children his New Zealand “anchor babies?”

  6. Calvin Smith says

    The egotism that this man thinks he owes the world his progeny, that he is SO important that his ego must be satisfied, in his judgement of himself, that he is worth propagating, and the implicit homophobic denial of the reality that he is impregnating lesbians, all make for a macabre picture of his take on humanity. He’s not superior to anyone else. Remember some world leaders and geniuses came from most humble beginnings. This man’s ego is a poor contribution to natural selection.

  7. S. K. says

    It’s a need! It’s a need!

    I’m shocked, shocked at this spouse-betraying lifestyle choice that the proponent says is deeply ingrained in his basic human nature.

    Clearly, B.J. shows that being a biological parent is a choice, not something he was born with.

  8. JWL says

    Once again, I dont see what his color has to do with anything. It seems like there are a lot of trolls on this site lately determined to create more drama. If it isnt race its trannies. Neither one is an issue in this story, so I dont know why people keep mentioning it.

  9. mike says

    This man is a joke, from Christchurch, nz, myself and I don’t want this guy whos apparently “helping” us with our earthquake effort, while he goes around jacking off into a cup while at the same time telling me I can’t marry the guy I love. Send him home please.