1. finkles2000 says

    I don’t know — I thought season 5 of “Lost” kicked all kinds of ass. But then season 6 came along and . . . it kind of petered out. I don’t have the same sort of passionate hatred for the last season and episode as some people, but I do think that it was unfortunate that season 6 was the weakest of the series. That said, though, season 5 often blew my effing mind.

    Dammit, now I want to watch it all over again.

  2. Hue-Man says

    I gave up on Lost when it turned into a coma without any apparent end (vegetative state) and didn’t even bother to watch or read about the finale. I can’t even say when I quit – the last thing I remember was a submarine getting blown up.

    Activist politicians like Newt know that the first SCOTUS decision that gets reversed means the end of an independent judiciary. Why would learned women and men bother to get the right decision if they knew they’ll be over-turned by an untrained politician? This way lies one-man dictatorship. Advice: If you don’t like it, change the constititution; that’s why there are amendments.

    Hitchens like tens of millions of Americans ignored the most obvious maxim: “Dont’ get mad; get even” Besides all the people who were murdered and maimed, it’s only been a $1 TRILLION mistake, so far.

  3. Jeff says

    All these months I’ve read comments here that Bradley Manning commited treason because of his patriotism. Now he saying he did it because he’s gay. Wow, I’m so proud!

  4. NaughtyLola says

    I’d guess at this point Manning and his attorney are going to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. He’s going down no matter what, so they’re going to find any way they can to get a reduced sentence.

    He did the right thing for the wrong reason (spite, as it turned out); I’m not going to demand anyone be a martyr for me, although it would be nice to see someone stand on principle and say Yes, they committed this crime because they crimes they were exposing were orders of magnitude worse.

  5. TJ says

    Reading the article about “Lost” and how it spawned “empty” shows like “American Horror Story,” I kept thinking of the saying, “Opinions are like a**holes; everyone has one.” In this case, one that has been waxed, bleached, and rubber-banded to death. AHS is about horror, which is all about being manipulated by unexpected thrills. Every twist so far, at least to me, has been explained enough to keep me tuning in for the next thrill. I don’t generally watch horror, and shows like “Six Feet Under” and “Mad Men” have always been preferred viewing. But AHS serves a purpose for me – it entertains, and that’s enough.

  6. Paul R says

    The critique of Lost and its supposed children lacks the nuance that it accuses those shows of lacking. It calls for a cookie-cutter approach to TV, with shows answering all the questions they raise. Who cares, as long as something is entertaining? I find American Horror Story to be the most engaging show in years. I don’t need to have every plot point wrapped up in a neat little box.

    Bradley Manning’s problem is that he’s immature. That doesn’t excuse the government’s abuse of him, but more than 1 million other government employees had access to the “secrets” that he leaked. He’s being prosecuted as an example, not because he actually achieved any nefarious aims.

    There will never, ever be a President Gingrich. But I still think it would be great if he became the GOP candidate, because there is absolutely no way that he could win.

  7. JWL says

    I love Homeland and American Horror Story but I fail to see any similarities in the shows. They are both very entertaining and having some queen tell me that Ive been numbed into ignorant submission into liking them is not going to change that, but thanks for your useful opinion. Also, Christopher Hitchens doesnt give a s*it what you do about him now that he’s dead, but canonization would definitely not be something hed be on for.

  8. Joey says

    Lost was boring from the moment it started. Once Upon a Time is actually a great show.

    Manning has been tortured which is a far worse crime against America and her citizens than anything he did. And yeah, when you make people into second class citizens and threaten their careers every single day they may not be the most loyal to the overclass of heterosexuals. Maybe we will all learn something from this. But alas no it is so much more satisfying to have moral outrage against Manning.

    Newt is the new Republican: Angry, entitled, blames everything on someone else, while lacking in personal discipline. Of course he wants to be a dictator.

  9. Joey says

    I have been reading in other sources that Manning may be transgender. And I have posted below the reasons Manning leaked.

    The turning point for Manning apparently came when he was ordered to investigate the arrest of Iraqis for the distribution of “anti Iraq” literature by the Iraqi Federal Police. When Manning discovered that the literature in question was a “benign political critique” of Iraq Prime Minister Al-Maliki, Manning reported the incident to Army superiors who told Manning “to shut up.” Manning apparently then began to leak classified materials in an effort to “do the right thing.” The materials Manning leaked apparently included a video of a 2007 U.S. Army helicopter attack in Baghdad that killed a number of civilians.

  10. Max says

    I never even heard of “All American Muslim” until Muslims started attacking Lowe’s. But the fake outrage won’t save the show’s flailing ratings. At the end of the day, it’s just another “reality” show. I’m bored already.