1. Emperor Newt? says

    “Luckily it is a free country?” What the hell does that mean?

    Lucky for the guy? Otherwise Newt would have him jailed?

    Is Newt running for President or Imperial Majesty?

  2. Gigi says

    Yes. Were it not a free country Newton would have had the gentleman thrown in jail and he would have kept him there without giving him…hey, wait. Isn’t that the law that was just passed? Uh oh.

  3. says

    The Grinch seems to be saying that it’s okay he’s a f**king a**hole because that’s no crime in a free country. But The Grinch doesn’t want this to be a free country, so he’s advocating self-incrimination (his status as a f**king a**hole not being in question, apparently).

    Personally, I like f**king a**holes (verb and noun, not adjective and noun).

  4. Keppler says

    He’s right, of course. We’re lucky to live in a country where a f**king a**hole can run for president – and we’re not obliged to vote for him. (It does seem as though the GOP offers greater freedom than the Dems this election cycle. There are so many f**king a**holes to choose from. If you don’t like Newt, there’s always Perry, or Bachmann, or Frothy, or….)

  5. David says

    I’m sure Newt is thrilled about the new NDAA law that passed…taking away our 4th Amendment rights. Don’t be surprised when people who say things like this will start disappearing and be jailed for life without due process. Saddened that Obama didn’t veto that piece of crap legislation. America is no longer the home of the free and the brave.

  6. David says

    I strongly support challenging these horrible Republicans in public. They shouldn’t be able to show their faces in public without furious opposition. There must be some price to pay for their gay-bashing.

  7. Bart says

    Why would anyone get their panties in a bunch over this? This is what the REPUBLICAN PARTY HEIRACRCHY calls him!!! They hate him! They don’t want him to be the candidate because they know America hates him.

    Besides, it’s true.

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