Seriously, you’d have to be a moron not to know that “tranny” is an offensive slur. The fact that a gay person used it on national television only increases his moron quotient.

  2. Jerry says

    He said it. He didn’t mean it. He apologized. Andy, is it necessary for us to attack our own? Leave NPH alone. JMG wasted a whole blog entry on this today as well. Go attack our real enemies, because this kind of thing always leads to fighting within the community, which we cannot afford.

  3. David says

    And I’m NOT going to apologize for typing that word because I am NOT referring to a transgender person when I use TRANNY. I’m using it as a term of endearment for someone who exhibits a high level of fierceness…. Tranny.

  4. Steve says

    Lord – can’t we just RELAX for one minute? No malice was intended. Jeez. We run the risk of taking ourselves waaaaay too seriously with this kind of “reaction.”

  5. says

    It’s times like this I like to revisit the wisdom of RuPaul, who said something to the effect of, “if you’re offended by a word, you’ve got bigger problems than just the word itself.”

  6. says

    Anybody so disconnected from reality as to think “tr*nny” is a term of “endearment” ought to be in therapy. As for GLAAD, it should disband. That group has become little more than a nappy for covering celebrity asses!

  7. endo says

    You are a tranny who looks like a hot mess, and not in a good way. You’re a tickety tack tranny hot mess out of control super tranny from Transylvania who is not apologizing for it.

  8. AndrewM says

    it is a big deal and i commend Neil for recognizing that. the word tranny is a double edged sword in the LGBTQ community and that’s the problem with using it. yes you may think you’re “tranny fierce” but the majority of the time this term is used is to demean a person in a state of “unfabulousness.” it is used because people don’t respect transgender individuals because what they see them as is busted up, broke down, obvious trannys. this is why we don’t use this term. quit being ignorant

  9. NewYrkr says

    This is such bullsh*t to go after a man like NPH who has done more to advance the cause of gay rights and the way gays are viewed by the rest of the world by the way he lives his life and not by words or speeches ….coming out… a successful career playing heterosexual characters … marrying his partner … having kids all as a gay man with a dignified sense of humor in the spotlight of the popular press; the people criticizing him need to gain some perspective on the big picture here and go fight real battles and not to create battles where none exist.

  10. Frank says

    I love the word police. I hate contractions. From now on I am going to “apostrophe bomb” anyone who uses contractions like “I’m” “Don’t” or “shouldn’t” when they should be using the entire words. It’s highly offensive. Oops I did it again!

  11. RandySF says

    This is such an unfortunate misuse of activism.

    Tranny is not a slur if used in the general case. If you call a transgendered person a tranny, you are using a slur. If you call a drag queen a tranny, you are not using a slur.

    In context NPH was not saying that he sounded transgendered. He was not disparaging anybody.

    Just because you’re sensitive doesn’t mean that everyone’s trying to hurt you. Grow up.

  12. Andalusian Dog says

    As someone who loves and respects trans people of all varieties, and who has many trans friends, I missed the memo that told me not to use that word. I didn’t realize that it was coopted as a slur by some people.

    (Which is where the problem probably lies. I feel that if we can no longer use the word just becasue some people who perform acts of violence against trans people use it, we are letting those asshats win. My two cents.)

    Okay, well, when in TransRome…

  13. James says

    F#ck GLAAD. They are “reaching out” to NPH? Why don’t they just STFU and bury themselves. They are a worthless organization that exists primarily to throw award dinners and pay their executive director over $200,000 per year.

    If deranged trannies throw glitter on NPH or attack him in any way, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Enough of their terrorism. How long do gay people have to be bullied by a small group of mentally unstable people who are largely straight and who bring nothing to the gay movement other than hostility and homophobia?

  14. TT says

    people need to relax. Seems there are too many who are over sensitive.

    Fight the fight where it is needed. Do not let it go out on NPH. But just because it is NPH, the media and “trans” community will use it for all it’s worth. So that they cause trouble – and draws attention to themself.

    Go NPH

  15. Brian says

    It’s not about the words used, it’s about the intent behind them.

    There was no malice here. Context is everything.

    If he had said he sounded like a faggot on national TV I would have been surprised, but not offended, because he is one.

    If a straight guy who has done -nothing- to advance the cause of gay rights came out and used the word faggot referring to NPH, I would have thrown a fit.

    Context, people.

  16. alguien says

    i did have a transgender house mate for a few years and, after getting flamed a lot for use of that term i asked her about it. she told me that she saw nothing wrong with it BUT i still choose not to use it as it is hurtful to a lot of people.

  17. MichaelJ says

    Why the hell is GLAAD “reaching out” to NPH? As they noted, he realized that he said an offensive word and immediately apologized. Does anyone really think he meant it in an offensive way, or that his apology was insincere? I think GLAAD is waisting its time, energy and the resources of those who support it. I’m not one of those people because so much of what GLAAD gets worked up about strikes me as a waste of time.
    BTW, thanks Brian for sharing that great RuPaul quote.

  18. Glenn says

    I can understand why transgendered people would not like the word; NPH recognized that he shouldn’t have used it, and he apologized. It’s over. There is certainly no need for the hacks at GLAAD to “reach out” to him.

    But some of the transphobia in this comment thread (from a small minority of commenters, thankfully) is truly repulsive to behold.

  19. G.I. Joe says

    The hatred in those comments is blinding. And pathetic. His “joke” wasn’t funny, and the use of the word T*anny is offensive, yes.

    He apologized, that’s good. But apparently there is a lot of work to be done, as this comment section makes clear. You people make me ashamed to be gay. Really.

    i hope transgender people and most of all trans KIDS who read that know that these comments come from a minority of unstable people who have such low self esteem they need to put down people who are weaker than them. They’re the minority. Others will welcome you with open arms and love you for who you are.

  20. Ted says

    LOL. Overly sensitive people. Human beings should just stop talking completely. Everyone is offended by something. More important things going on in this crazy word.

  21. Rob says

    OK, he slipped up. He realized it immediately and he delviered a totally gracious and REAL apology – none of that ambiguous “i apolgize if anyone was offended..” garbage. This is SO not an issue.

  22. PilateError says

    “Seriously, you’d have to be a moron not to know that “tranny” is an offensive slur.”

    I’d say you’re ignorant to pass judgement before knowing a person.

  23. shimichael Burich says

    I am neither a moron nor a transphobic gay man. I have many trans friends, both FTM & MTF and it’s only recently come to my attention ‘tranny’ is derogatory. I’ve used the word and never meant it in a demeaning way. Among friends we also use queer and fag when referring to ourselves. Intention and intonation go a long way to alleviate disrespect. Now that I know the t-word is not kosher I’ll not use it. I love and respect my trans friends and family.

  24. deedrdo says

    for some of us who are older, we used the word as a term of endearment for our drag queens.

    i have chosen to honor trans people’s position that it is an offensive term.

    i think NPH has done alot of good for visibility and for our community. i have watched him perform and be interviewed many times and he comes off as a really smart, sensitive and articulate man.

    sometimes we slip. when we do we offer a heartfelt apology, learn from our error and endeavor to be better. going after him like this seems like overkill to me.

  25. anon says

    Sulfur Hexafluoride sounds dangerous. Won’t that hurt your lungs? I should look that up.

    I don’t think I’ve encountered the term “tranny” in real life. I don’t think a typical str8 person ever thinks about these issues or perhaps even knows about them. Even the anti-gay groups almost never talk about transsexualism. A passing mention just isn’t going to register.

  26. says

    I’ve never once heard the word tranny used by anyone outside the lgbt community. And the only people getting raked over the coals for it now are allies and friends of the T’s. What a waste of time by the thought police. You’d think they had better things to do, given the amount of actual violence aimed at them in wider society. But some people are just way too uptight. Glad none of the fabulous trannies I know are that obsessed.

  27. Dan Cobbb says

    Gay male here… Honestly, I have to say that I have no clue what is and is not the proper lexicon for describing transexuals and transvestites, etc. One thing I do know, however, is that NPH is HOT HOT HOT.
    Love his style, his demeanor, his way. He’s awesome beyond words and funny as all hell in the Kumar movies!

  28. says

    i’m a gay man, i can’t tell transpeople what words they should or should not find offensive.

    i also self-identify as Queer, and a great many people take issue with THAT word, too.
    but i SELF-identify. i don’t identify others as queer. i do indeed have some trans friends who not only dont mind “tranny” by self-identify with it, and use the word.
    HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that *I* use it. Simply put – it’s not my word or term, and i don’t feel like i “lose anything” by not saying. my joy in life is not dependent on getting to use a word that i frankly have no use for.

    there are all different kinds of transpeople whose feelings for their identity are as varied as the feelings in the LGB communities in regard to our own orientations.

    so that’s my stance. i don’t use the word, although some transpeople do. it’s not my word to use, nor will i tell transpeople how to feel about it. instead, i’ll listen to THEM.

    and for what it’s worth i keep hearing more non-trans people jumping up in arms about this than trans people. funny, that.

  29. Fenrox says

    Wow, you guys all realize that YOU are overreacting…

    Here is the deal, it is a word that offends a group of people when you use it. That is not a debatable or rational fact, it is just the situation and it is anyone’s prerogative to be offended by a perceived insult. I for instance have worked with developmentally disabled kids, The R-word is not acceptable, It demeans the kids and we don’t need it.

    It is an insult, so stop typing it people! Use an asterisk or refer to it as the T word.

    You are making a choice here, it’s a choice to hurt someone else because you are stubborn and because you can. You choose to have zero respect and to be part of a problem. It’s a negative choice and it makes you a less awesome person every time.

    You are either a nice, generous person or you aren’t.

  30. David says

    To all of you who are saying, “well… now that I know that TRANNY is a derogatory term, I’ll stop using it.” GROW A PAIR! Now that it’s a derogatory term??? Please! It’s not. Never has been. Maybe it’s considered to be derogatory now because some stuck up little queen at GLAAD had never heard the term before and made an incorrect association with transgendered people. But GLAAD’s ignorance shouldn’t be the reason why people should stop using TRANNY!

  31. Chris says

    Oh my GOD…we can’t say “Black” (it’s African-American). We can’t say “fag”(it’s gay). We can’t say “tranny” (what should we say, transsexual?).

    If you identify as something that’s different, expect people to poke fun.

    Embrace and enjoy your uniqueness, but how can you be surprised when people make a point of how different you are?

    I’m different. I’m gay. I don’t make a big deal about it most of the time. When I DO make a point about my being different because I’m gay, I’m not surprised when other people also recognize and respond to my being different.

    If you’re a transsexual (or tranny or whatever), just be yourself. If you’re a good person, and if you’re comfortable with yourself, the world will accept you just fine…and most people will be disgusted by those who do not accept you.

  32. mark says

    Its funny..when Christian Seriano from Project Runway was using the phrase “hot tranny mess” no one seemed to mind.I saw Neal and Kelly that morning and though it was funny.!

  33. Lexxvs says

    Wow, tranny. Yes folks, empower the word tranny by giving it such a powerful derogatory energy. Even more pathetic are those who go as far as to write tranny skipping some letter. The way to weak a word is by taking away all the harm the haters suppose it has. If I say “apple” and some people get hysterical because (fill the trauma here because some decided to use it in a hateful way), then some haters will feel more compelled –and powerful- to use it. And will say it anyways. Change the meaning of the word by accepting it and the haters will have to resort to their creativity, and we know they usually don’t have much.
    By the way, I’m tired of those who claim to be more papist than the Pope himself. Really. And I’m not the only one.

  34. joseph says

    hm, i posted something an hour ago that didn’t seem to come through, so i’ll try again:

    little kiwi is totally right here – if you’re cisgendered (gay or no), you don’t get to tell transpeople what words they should or should not be offended by. and i don’t think you can just say “oh, they’re just words” – words have contexts and histories, language doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and you can’t simply brush this aside by invoking the “PC police” bogeyman. (which, seriously, can we PLEASE stop doing that? right-wing politicians use this rhetoric all the time to shut down debates that they don’t want to have.)

    also this comment from david ehrenstein:

    “His apology won’t be enough for them. They’ll demand he apologize for being “cisgendered male” — which as we all know is the worst thing in the world. Only the transgendered count. Isn’t that right folks?”

    yes, that’s totally what they’re gonna do. dude, get over your persecution complex.

  35. Billy says

    I just don’t see Tranny as a bad word. Like if one is being attacked I don’t see the attacking saying “I’m going to kill you, you Tranny” Also this post makes me think TI may be right, We do take ourselves way too serious.

  36. cari says

    Oh pleaz…lighten up people. and grow up too. we’re adults, not eight years old. if that is what upsets you, then you clearly have no life and watch no current news. maybe an hour doing community service or visiting a hospital full of people with REAL problems should be on your menu.

  37. BEAHBEAH says

    I’ve never thought of tranny as an offensive word, I’ve used it on quite a few occasions. But when I think of those occasions, they usually have a negative connotation. If I say someone looks like a tranny or a tranny hot mess, it’s usually a woman who looks butch or has too much makeup on… implying that she looks like a transvestite or a man dressed as a woman.

    Very much the same as when straight people say something is “gay” meaning its lame, weak or it sucks. It’s about the context, and most people don’t use the word “tranny” to describe anything positive. It’s usually to make fun of something.

    In that light, I can see where they’re coming from.

  38. TJ says

    BEAHBEAH – never used the word myself, but was thinking what you just wrote about as I processed all of this. If used, it’s not used as a compliment. My first exposure to it was probably hearing Christian Sireano(sp?) use it. At the time, it seemed pretty nasty and condescending. I can understand why some people would take offense. Even if I did use the word, it would cause me no hardship to be considerate of the feelings of others and stop doing so.

  39. Zlick says

    Good point about the comparison to “That’s so gay.” Yeah, gay in that sense is not used positively. To me, it’s like “so what?” To others, it’s the greatest of offenses. Yawn.

    I refrain from using “tranny” on the off chance it may cause someone offense, and I don’t want to do that. Too bad, because I wouldn’t mean it that way, and I think it’s a rather cute and affectionate word.

    But I will continue to say, “That’s so gay.” I’m gay. And I can. And I will.

  40. John says

    Give me an f’in break folks. Really??? NPH couldnt be more committed to and representative of progressing GLBT rights. Its a word that he used to describe a funny voice. Get over it.

  41. Sandie says

    NPH is not only a great actor, and super hot, but he realizes that Tranny is offensive and apologizes for it? This man is fantastic. He should be wining awards for something!

    The whole Dan Savage debacle has created a lot of fever in the community. Not only were the gliterbombs stupid and misguided, but it’s brought gay cis men out that not only defend tranny as a term of endearment, but proclaim cis as a slur! Those activists have actually done nothing but harm and brought nothing but infighting, IMO.

  42. jp says

    This is RIDICULOUS. Tranny is NOT a bad word. Come to SF by friend and find out how it feels to be in truly accepting environment. I get called FAG and HOMO all the time by my friends. Those words have no power here.

  43. Brandon Stevens says

    I think it is absolutely f*cking STUPID that this is such a big deal. Rap songs use one of the worst racial slurs in history yet I don’t see any news freaking out. Truth is they don’t know jack about transgenders or any of the struggles of those LGBTQ because I can assure you “Tranny” is an abbreviation. It would be like looking at a homosexual and calling them gay, GOD FORBID. Stop making people feel like asses, NPH is gay, why the F*CK would he use a demeaning slur like that one? but no you are right, let him learn from a perfect role model of political correctness, Daniel Tosh, you know the highest paid comedian in the world at the moment, then maybe NPH will learn how to be kind… -_-

  44. J.D. says

    Grew up in the 90s with trannies. They taught me the word. By example they showed me it is a term of acknowledgement, affection and respect. Back then the ignorant and frightened used pejoratives like “faggot” and “queer” to abuse them along with the rest of us non-heteros. Apparently a new generation of haters and hatees is writing new rules for the rest of us. Smh …

  45. laprns says

    So when does this end? At what point do people stop getting their panties in a wad over WORDS? I am a lesbian and have no problem when I hear the words people use to describe homosexuals. I feel that 95% of the artificial outrage people exhibit over terms is just that, fake. When you get shot at because you are gay, go on national television throwing a fit over it. If someone calls you gay or uses the word tranny, laugh and go on.

  46. joe says

    I use “tranny” and I’m not going to stop. I’ve only ever known it to be slang for transvestite. A hot tranny mess is someone who looks like a disheveled transvestite, it has nothing to do with a transgendered person. By joking about his deepened voice, it’s clear NPH was joking about transvestites.

    To all those who are deeply offended: “lighten up, Francis”

  47. Stephen Q says

    I am a fag and we say tranny all the time. Even the tranny’s say tranny. We hang at a tranny bar and the tranny’s there say tranny and we call each other tranny. GET OVER IT ALREADY. We have “bigger fish to fry folks”.

  48. LittleBird says

    Now maybe this comes out of “straight female ignorance”, but I have used the term “tranny” in the past, and NEVER used it in reference to transsexuals. I have plenty of drag queen friends, and I use it as a term of endearment-as do they. Nor have I ever thought of trans people being sexual predators. I actually never knew that that misrepresentation was even out there, so this is all new to me. I have the utmost respect for transsexuals, since I know that making those steps are not easy decisions. Yet why do you assume that people who have used the term are (a) transphobic (b) even referring to transsexuals in the first place. I have a few trans friends-both MTF and FTM-and never have called them “trannys”. I understand that the term is a shortened version of a word used to classify those in the trans community, but I really don’t, and neither do many of my friends, use it in that way. Granted, it seems that we should just stop using it all together. But try to see that everyone who has used it in the past is not transphobic or attacking the community, nor do they mean it in a derogatory manner.

  49. Emily says

    Good grief, get over yourselves.

    There was absolutely nothing malicious at all in the way NPH used the word and I’ve heard it used before and not once was it used as a slur.

    It seems like some people have nothing better to do with their lives than comb the internet and air waves for word or phrase that they can twist into a reason to “be offended.”

    Get a life. Seriously.

  50. JJTranny says

    trany tranny tranny tranny. please don’t take tranny from us. tranny tranny tranny. everyone loves saying tranny and I’ve only ever heard it as a compliment. like, “oh you look like a hot tranny tonight”
    tranny tranny. sorry I’m getting all my trannies out because I guess I can’t use the word anymore. frown…

  51. ravewulf says

    I don’t F’n care. Take on someone who actually means offense by using the word. There are far more important battles to be fighting in our quest for equality than THIS

  52. Kevin H. says

    Sometimes, I need to get my Tranny fixed, because there is something wrong with it. Every vehicle needs one in good running condition. I am not the only one that calls my transmission my Tranny. I have a coupon for a discount on a Tranny overhaul. It’s just a word! You people get too offended by simple words, and interpret them however makes you or your agenda seem more like a victim. The fact is there are a lot of things that are hurtful that bring back bad memories, especially for gays, lesbians, transgender people, fat people, ugly people, people with special needs, minorities, etc. You make it worse by attacking people who say the word that affects you, and then put pressure on them, and tell them what to do. Stop being so bossy! If you feel so strongly against a word, explain your experience about the word and why it affects you. Leave it to people to make their own choices and freedom about how and what they say.

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