1. justandra says

    LOL he loves to send his camera men to ambush folks, guess he doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. He gonna play victim when he repeats the story.

  2. says

    This man is so full of himself that after he assaults someone HE believes he is entitled to press charges against his victim! This the the Saddam Hussain, General Pinochet, Shah of Iran type of mentality. . . When they torture others, it’s how the world was meant to be! I’m sure O’Reilly realized from his handlers’ training that he was on camera assaulting someone and that he had better come up with a good story.

  3. says

    what does Bill O’Reilly, a Catholic, feel about the Catholic Church telling 8 year olds that they are so full of SIN that they need to “confess” to purge their souls in order to receive communion?

    that’s a Catholic thing. first communion. at age 8 EIGHT.

    the same age as the boy in the video. EIGHT. 8. 8. 8. 8.

    so, you can tell an 8 year old that he’s a vessel of Sin and he needs to confess or he risks his soul but you can’t have an 8 year old aware of the people in his country who are promoting hatred against his family?

    Explain, Mr. O’Reilly.

  4. Elliott says

    Bill O’Reilly clearly carries a lot of anger. We should feel compassion for him, but it’s difficult not to feel contempt. I think it’s probably linked to his catholic childhood – some sort of abuse or bullying.

  5. PupDog says

    So he wants to talk to the police after that? He will get an assult charge out of it, as well he should. Brave and stupid man with it all being on camera.
    What a jerk.

  6. walter says

    Poor Billy can’t take a dose of his medicine. But like good right wingers you will notice he immediately plays the victim card. They don’t care what they say just don’t question them.

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