1. says

    This is a serious issue for those of us (yes me) who have been flying over and back for years and years without any choice in the matter and we have had to keep shut about it…….because of fear of the immigration officers.
    Some of us would even be an asset to US society…… least I think so !

  2. Alex says

    Very sad/tough to be so far from family. But as a side note, there are better places to live than the US – London being one of them. I think in all these stories living in the US is often glorified, but it really isn’t all that great. If the Fed is not moving on Immigration reform, come to Europe where they accommodate gay couples better.

  3. Albert says

    @Alex: unfortunately it’s not that simple these days to just come to Europe, without there already being some connection to a European country, e.g. having a partner who is a citizen of one of the more progressive countries. Anyway as US citizens, the point is that we should not be forced to live in exile to be with our partners. I’m not certain if a humanitarian holiday parole will do anything for our longterm prospects. DOMA needs to be struck down, or the Uniting American Families Act has to be passed in Congress (very unlikely with this right wing bunch!).

  4. RWG says

    The purposes and goals of the Immigration and Customs enforcement agency are to KEEP PEOPLE OUT of The UNTIED STATES. The very idea that they should do something to actually help couples to be together goes against their core mission. The immigration laws and services of the United States are among the most cruel and vicious of all government agencies. When I look at what these laws and policies do the US citizens and their loved ones, it makes me ashamed to be an American.

  5. Terry says

    I have given up on America and moved to Mexico which is my partner’s home country. We have been married here and I am in the process of being granted Mexican citizenship. Mexico is actually more progressive than USA, imagine that!

  6. David says

    This is a huge issue for my partner and I as well. I am currently residing in his country in the Middle East,hardly ideal and very likely no longer possible in the near future.

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