1. Paul R says

    What’s he referring to with the 20,000 plus people in the military? The number of gays?

    I wouldn’t care if he was extremely liberal; this guy is a complete numbskull.

  2. David in Houston says

    20,000 plus people in the military? There are 1.4 MILLION people serving our country. Yet again showing how absolutely moronic this person is.

    He says that everyone is a sinner, and he doesn’t want to cast the first stone. But isn’t that EXACTLY what he’s doing by targeting only gay people for discrimination? If everyone is a sinner, then no one should be able to serve in the military based on his warped logic.

  3. KP says

    Right on David. Lil’ Ricky is doing what so many all-knowing Christians who claim “we’re all sinners” do: ranking sins. Last time I checked, that was playing God…and I think if there is one, He wouldn’t be too cool with that.

  4. RyanInSacto says

    Well, to be fair, he did say “20,000 plus” which I guess could technically include 1.4 million. Uh… Ok, that’s the best impression I can do of someone defending Rick Perry. The man is a fountain of ignorance.

  5. Lymis says

    He disapproves of allowing sinners in the military?

    Does that, then apply to anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as their personal savior? Divorced people? Shellfish eaters?

    Seriously, does he feel Jews shouldn’t be allowed to serve?

  6. Craig says

    When Perry mentions the 20,000 figure, I think he is referring to the Texas military forces under the command of the Governor of Texas. I’m not sure of their numbers, but 20,000+ would be a good ballpark figure for the Texas Army Natl Guard, Air Natl Guard and State Guard.

    The State Guard is not a federally recognized unit, so I wonder what standing the DADT repeal had on it. The Army and Air National Guard are both covered by the repeal and LGBT’s can now serve openly there, but until now I never considered the State Guard is separate and Perry could still legally enforce a DADT policy upon it. Might be worth checking into.

  7. Ryan says

    If he wants gay people to not ask and not tell, wouldn’t it be fair to ask everyone in the military not to disclose or discuss their personal religious views? Religion makes some people uncomfortable and may offend.
    What an idiot. It’s always the closet gays that take such hard lines…….

  8. jack says

    I am gay and i enlisted in the USN and served as a radar operator on a Destroyer. I was honorably discharged at the end of my enlistment and am proud of my service to my country. I would never vote for a republican because they do not respect me as a full human being deserving the same rights and responsibilities that they have.

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