Poll: 37 Percent Want Homophobic Troy, MI Mayor to Resign

A new poll taken of Tryo, Michigan residents shows that 37% of residents want her gone:

Worst_danielsSome 300 registered voters in the city were called this week by the Glengariff Group's public polling program. When asked about Daniels' June 25 Facebook post that read "I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there," some 95 percent said they had heard about it.

Among other findings in the survey, which wasn't commissioned by a group and had a 5.6 percentage margin of error:

41.4 percent of residents said they viewed Daniels unfavorably.
44.7 percent said they would vote to recall the mayor if an election were held.
28.4 percent disapproved of her job performance.

Daniels, elected in November, has faced a flurry of criticism nationwide since her post went viral this month.

She has also, hopefully, gained a new perspective on gay families.


  1. Paul R says

    With such a small sample, large margin of error, and overall low numbers (none a majority), I wouldn’t tout this as meaning much. Poll results like this are essentially pointless unless, say, Troy is 90% Republican..

  2. Mary says

    The mayor acted like a jerk with her use of the term “queer” as an insult. But I think the lesson has been learned. Regardless of what her views are, I doubt she’ll say a thing like this again, and this episode must serve as a wake-up call to people who were likely to make similar blunders. If she’s only been in office a few weeks how can people approve or disapprove of the job she’s doing yet? I think the gay community won this episode and should move on. Those people who say the mayor should resign are probably just reacting to the public pressure to seem inclusive. Going overboard with this may end up creating sympathy for her. She didn’t call for gays to be jailed or excecuted.

  3. Strepsi says

    She’s a bigot who looks as if she owns an I <3 NY bag, but not a hairbrush.

    That said I agree with @PAUL R above, the poll is bad. In my opiniion media should NEVER report on polls that sample less than 1,000 people or have less than a 3% margin of error. That includes you ANDY ;))

  4. says

    I haven’t seen any evidence from her that a “lesson has been learned,” unless she’s emerged from her cocoon of bigotry in the last day? She kept talking about her use of the word “queer,” as if that were the only offensive part of her statement. The most offensive part of her public statement–and there’s no indication it didn’t reflect her genuine views and therefore wasn’t a “blunder”–was that gay citizens of another state having an equal right to civil marriage as voted by the elected legislature of that state makes her want to throw up. Basic civil rights for gay people so infuriated her she was reduced to juvenile public name calling–and she’s capable of holding office?

    While few would miss her if she resigns, I think the lesbian mom who spoke so eloquently in the face of Janice’s idiotic homophobia was the important and winning thing there. In one week, the Bobs and the lesbian mom showed class and dignity. Same can’t be said for Ms. Mayor. Maybe it is a wake up call to some politicians that bashing gay people without consequences isn’t as easy as it used to be.

  5. quite contrary says

    ….and yet a majority support her, and her actions, and her words.

    Even Muslims would gather more outrage and support if she has said ragheads instead of queers.

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