Richard Branson Speaks Out Against Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Bill

Virgin head Richard Branson is speaking out against the bill pending in Nigeria that would imprison gay people and those who support them.

Writes Branson, on his blog:

BransonToo sad to comprehend that Nigeria are passing a law in this day and age to put gay people in prison just for being gay.

The Prohibition of Same-Sex Marriage Bill passed through Nigeria’s Senate unopposed last week. It means gay couples entering into either marriage or cohabitation will be jailed for up to 14 years. Even people "witnessing" or "abetting" gay relationships could be punished under this sad, repressive and cruel law.

Like everyone else in society, gay people have an enormous amount to offer and Nigeria should embrace them not prosecute them.

All of us with influence in Nigeria must do what we can to stop this cruel law. I would urge educated Nigerians all over the world to do what they can to help fight this discrimination.

Nigeria's bill mandates 14 years in prison for same-sex couples who marry and 10 for those who help them. Amnesty International condemned the bill last week. This week activists delivered more than 58,000 signatures opposing the bill to the Nigerian Mission to the UN. I've written more about it here.


  1. Demian says

    Wow, Nigeria. (1) try for world’s record oppression of your LGBT people, (2) establish yourself as world headquarters of international identity theft.

    Checking for something hopeful going on, I found the following in an interview published 12/6/11 from a Nigerian “alternative health practitioner”:

    “Let me tell you emphatically that HIV/AIDS virus was deliberately fabricated to eliminate black people.”

    Just as in the US, much work must be done to get Nigeria on the right side of history.

  2. says

    And once again I urge all readers to contact your congresspeople and DEMAND any and ALL funds or AID going to Nigeria or any other anti-gay country be stopped immediately AND that those U.S. Embassys around the world accept any gay person who walks into their Embassy seeking asylum in the U.S. and hand them a plane ticket to the U.S. – all from the money Nigeria and those other countries would have received had they not discriminated against gay people. If you refuse to help us we refuse to help you.

  3. RWG says

    @Demian: I’m fairly certain that the butchering and consumption of chimpanzees in central Africa is what introduced AIDS into the human population. I think the Africans have no one to blame for it but themselves.

    The moral of the story: don’t eat your(evolutionary)cousins.

  4. doziedanigerian says

    Who needs aids from morally bankrupt Americans, we prefer to die in our poverty than to accept dirty aids….those aids even makes us lazy, suspends ur aids and Nigeria will have the world stongest economy by 2020. Being gay is genetic just like every other genetic diseases.

  5. Nita says

    Thank GOD for the right-thinking leaders in Nigeria. It’s one of the best acts by far, to have the boldness, courage, and just plain good sense to punish what everyone knows to be an abominable lifestyle..homosexuality. This educated American now living in Nigeria and glad to be in a nation where the politicians got guts to the right thing.
    Homosexuality is sin and like all other sins should be punished. Bear in mind, the people who are against gays outnumber the ones who ‘say’ they favor it. Most who favor it are white males, the women who turn to each other do so because there’s no man to turn to. So stop your madness with your vileness, people aren’t buying it anymore. There is GOD who sees to it.

  6. Kofi says

    I think the law must reflect the thinking of the majority of people in a nation, not what the people of other nation’s believe – that’s what democracy is about. I’m sure if you put this issue to vote to Nigerians, over 99% of them will vote in favour of the law. It has passed the Senate by 100% vote – this is a fair gauge of what Nigerians think. So what’s wrong with it? For Richard Branson to want to use his influence to go against the will of Nigerians is not what I expected of him.
    Until the 1980s, gay marriage was illegal in Britain. The fact that Britons have changed their views does not necessarily mean every other nation should do so. Let the law evolve in Nigeria, not ape British law