1. says

    Yes, every parent hopes and wishes their child will marry an ex-gay. It is a dream come true, and also very exciting to watch as the fake marriage crumbles and the “ex-gay” comes out of the closet.

  2. Sean says

    When will Pat Robertson’s hate speech be silenced? There are still people who listen to this ill-informed and dangerous man. Shut down his funds. Take his channel off of cable line ups. Enough is enough.

  3. Paul R says

    Golly, I don’t know, “normally speaking,” what I’d do without the sage guidance of Pat. So wonderful.

    At least he says to love the son. I’m sure that if he weren’t on TV, he’d say to disown the son and pretend you never had him. Though it’s telling that he acknowledges the potential role of genes/genetics. Even he knows that what he’s saying is a lie. “Acquiring” this “lifestyle”? Come on. I don’t think I even met any out gay people (of any age) until after I came out, and that was when I was 13. So I’d love to know how I acquired my life.

    It’s really sad that a father is so anguished over his son that he’d consult this fossil. And it’s really sad that the son is going to have to listen to the father spew this crap advice.

  4. Terry says

    Thank you Homer for talking about what happens when a woman marries an ‘ex gay’. There is a youtube video I wish Robertson would watch called Ex gay=ex wife. These women are torn like nothing else and have been damaged by the men they thought loved them, who actually DID love them but couldn’t live a lie anymore. Robertson has never had to argue with his sexuality and he cares not for those who are. I hate that people listen to him the way they do. Ex gay counseling is spiritual abuse

  5. says

    What’s that lyric (addressed to parents) that’s something like “they come from you, but they are not you?” I think Sweet Honey In The Rock recorded it once, but it’s someone else who wrote it. But I could be entirely wrong on any of these points.

  6. Andrew says

    Why does Right Wing Watch insist on appending all of their videos with that overly dramatic music? Sometimes I want to forward these to friends, but I always resist. Because of those spooky/paranoid overtones.

    Let the videos speak for themselves. They’re scary enough as they are.

  7. says

    great advice. Pat Robertson has just helped the man lose his son.

    make no mistake, he will lose his son. his son will either end his life, or he will forever walk away from the man who was supposed to be his father.

  8. So Left I'm Right says

    Oh Pat, I hope you die soon, and I’ll come to your funeral in a red dress. Truly one of the most vile human beings on the planet. Since Jesse Helms died, he’s probably the most heinous slimeball around.

  9. david says

    Pat might be a quack but at least he’s not a hypocritical liberal. Liberals can’t stand the sight of two men kissing. The only time they pay attention to gay men is if they need to use us to make a point against conservatives.

  10. Zac says

    Robertson is right, if you acquire something you can un-acquire it like an STI or a cold. However Mr.Roberston being gay is not something one should attempt to rid themself of or should have to think about, but you should really look into un-acquire your stupidity! :-)

  11. Rick says

    “and show him what you consider a better way.” that is really the problem, what they show is not to be desired by anyone. Fighting, cheating, hating, non-acceptance, marriage-divorce-marriage-divorce, hypocrical pious snobbery; why they accept that as the better way is beyond me, but to force it down other people’s throat and claiming God wants it that way is just really lunacy.

  12. says

    Pat is part of a long list of people smacking their lips on God’s behalf, claiming the know the future, and repeatedly contradicting themselves. He claims to quote God directly and relays God’s message that the country will go through a large economic collapse. Is God Captain obvious now or what?

    Also, what happened to the 2007 nuclear genocide God told him about below?

  13. anthony giovanetti says

    pat robertson is a lying hypocritical demon the bible claims that god in fact is the creator of allb things including gay people pat r. is so hateful aginst the gay community he’s obsesed get a life you hatemonger.

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