1. Robert says

    I may be young, but I can still honor and be grateful for everything she has done for our community.

  2. DanO says

    I agree with GGREEN.. seems the money to produce this float and the money Weinstein wastes on his war with the porn companies could be better spent of people who need it.

  3. Tom says

    Elizabeth Taylor stepped-up when all of Hollywood (and the country) went running. Above her physical beauty and acting talent, she had a compassion that came from a woman who loved deeply. She shared her love with everyone and for that she will be always remembered.

  4. emjayay says

    It is a continuing mystery why anyone with normal brain function would believe such things about AIDS as David does. There must be extremely compelling psychological reasons for that kind of denial of scientific reality. But some years ago there were many with such beliefs. Human brains are not computers I suppose, and in some cases logic is overwhelmed by other needs. Like those who somehow have to believe that the CIA or someone managed to plant explosives throughout the WTC buildings and set them off and I suppose 767’s loaded with jet fuel flying into buildings at 500 mph were figments of our imaginations or something….or that the theory of evolution, which is basic to any modern concept of biology, isn’t real, etc…..

  5. Randy says

    I’m with you, David… I don’t believe the hiv/aids hypothesis. And, I will never get ‘tested’ again. I am so glad a friend opened my eyes to this hoax a few years ago. This is my favorite portal for current info and research –

  6. M. Scott Hernandez says

    That is great news. I saw it on NBC News today(1-2-12). I CANNOT find a picture of the float on the web. Sad. Any help?