School Suspends Teens Who Bullied Jamey Rodemeyer

Following the announcement from police in late November that no action would be taken against students who bullied gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer, the school took some information from police and has suspended several students, Buffalo News reports:

Rodemeyer"[The police] shared some information with us, and we followed up," Superintendent Scott Martzloff said. "We made the determination to take disciplinary action."

He declined to say how many students were suspended. Though based on Amherst police findings, it's likely that several of Jamey's classmates were sanctioned.

Regarding the severity of punishments these students received, Martzloff said only that the students face "a minimum of suspensions." That implies at least short-term suspensions of up to five days, with the possibility of long-term suspensions subject to a hearing. Expulsion is not an option for students of this age.

Martzloff said that after following up on the police findings, the district issued the student sanctions Wednesday.

Buffalo News lists a number of the police findings including reports that a female student had told Rodemeyer,"Faggot, why don't you just kill yourself?" and another group of students had spit on a plate of Brownies and given them to Rodemeyer in the cafeteria.

Rodemeyer killed himself on September 18 after complaining about being bullied in a series of online videos and blog posts.


  1. says

    If it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that these are the kids that bullied Jamey, there is no reason why their names, addresses and most recent photos can’t be posted on the internet for all the world to see.

  2. Graphicjack says

    Good idea. Let’s give these kids a vacation for bullying a gay kid to the point of despair that he kills himself. That will really solve the bullying problem. Want to punish them? Force them to do community service for about 100 hours. That might get them to think about what they did, maybe just a little bit, anyway. Give them some REAL punishment.

  3. The Milkman says

    I’m with Graphicjack. If they can’t be prosecuted for their complicity in hounding this boy to death and then emotionally torturing his grieving family in public (which is actually what happened), then a long suspension (with the concomitant effect on their grades) coupled with a generous amount of community service work at a GLBT community center would be the most appropriate response.

  4. says

    Well at least the students have been identified. The parents now have right to sue the parents of the students in criminal as well as civil court. The school officials should also be held accountable.

  5. Michael says

    What a wonderful lesson to teach bullies tear someones self esteem down until they kill themselves then give them a playful tap on the wrist.Suspending them sure will help but these einsteins are so UNBIASED against gays (coughs bs) they are too stupid to comprehend that a suspension is only TEMPORARY.Jamey is dead he killed himself that is PERMANENT the pain his family and friends feel that is also PERMANENT.I’d sue the school for doing nothing to prevent this then waiting AFTER this poor boy could not take anymore and took his own life to actually do something about it.Suspension= massive fail as well as these sick monsters lack of humanity intelligence and compassion.

  6. kyle says

    the kids who are being bullied can fight back, they can video tape them, take pictures get names addresses of the bullies and the GLBT community could then picket in front of the bullies parents place of work, with the parents faces on poster board saying there kids are bulling a gay kid, no business would want that kind of attention, can also picket the school.