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All of us here at Towleroad would like to wish you a happy holiday and thank you for sharing your past year with us. May your 2012 be safe, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful, and may we all achieve equality under the law and enduring happiness in our lives.

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  1. Merry Freaking Christmas, Andy! :D

    Posted by: Alan | Dec 24, 2011 10:06:18 PM

  2. Merry Christmas to all at Towleroad and your great site, have a Happy New Year.

    Posted by: RobWest | Dec 24, 2011 10:11:37 PM

  3. Ditto to you guys. Thanks for helping to create a most interesting year!

    Posted by: uffda | Dec 24, 2011 10:12:48 PM

  4. Back at ya, Towleroad team! I feel like this site is a gift I get to unwrap every day.

    Posted by: K | Dec 24, 2011 10:13:20 PM

  5. @K I will unwrap your package, honey. Call me.

    Posted by: Alan | Dec 24, 2011 10:21:10 PM

  6. Hear, hear! Season's Greetings, all!

    Posted by: Tophu628 | Dec 24, 2011 10:45:57 PM

  7. Thanks for producing such a great site on a daily basis - and stopping me getting my work done!

    Posted by: Remote Patrolled | Dec 24, 2011 10:51:51 PM

  8. *gasp* Hoar Frost! Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Joyous Kwanzaa!/etc.!!

    Posted by: Mike from Chicago | Dec 24, 2011 11:22:29 PM

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all.

    Posted by: Max | Dec 25, 2011 12:03:28 AM

  10. And thanks to y'all for all the work keeping this site together!! (and for all the cool pics and banners!!!

    Posted by: Christopher | Dec 25, 2011 12:05:57 AM

  11. un merry christmas to you! Your post about Ron Paul is an injustice to the community and incredibly wreck less and misleading. shame on you for trying to discredit the most pro gay politician of our time

    Posted by: Steve | Dec 25, 2011 12:09:03 AM

  12. Happy Holidays to you Andy and everyone behind Towleroad! Thank you for all the wonderful and not-so wonderful news that kept me and my family in tune with what's going on around us.

    Posted by: chadSF | Dec 25, 2011 12:12:52 AM

  13. Lol @Alan, I'm a chick. Sorry to disappoint you. Hope I didn't ruin your xxx-mas ;)

    Posted by: K | Dec 25, 2011 1:12:12 AM

  14. Oh! I think the PERFECT Towleroad gift would be a reveal for banner #40!!! The REAL one with the guy reading the book. Who is he? What was he reading? What does he look like? Do you know him? I think about that banner every time I click on the homepage. Seriously. That was in 2009!

    Posted by: K | Dec 25, 2011 1:26:21 AM

  15. I came in here wondering if there would be any bitchy comments, and there it is! oh geez!


    Posted by: marc | Dec 25, 2011 1:32:40 AM

  16. A joyous holiday to everyone!

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Dec 25, 2011 2:05:04 AM

  17. Merry Christmas!

    Posted by: garyj | Dec 25, 2011 5:18:21 AM

  18. What?!? No baby Jesus? No wise men? And, Mary, don't even get me started! I thought Ms bachman explained it all; Christmas is about faith (hers being the only true faith, of course), family (as defined by the rabid right), and freedom ( or is that the tyranny of the majority?)

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. And thank you for the beautiful picture that made me smile and think of the possibilities of what could be. One person at a time, a little per person that picture brought a little bit of peace and goodwill to our collective holidays.

    Posted by: Miss Ross | Dec 25, 2011 5:30:47 AM

  19. Thanks Andy, and I wish the same for you & all your contributors.

    Posted by: Tom J | Dec 25, 2011 6:34:29 AM

  20. Merry Christmas!

    Posted by: Jeff | Dec 25, 2011 8:18:56 AM

  21. Have a beautiful day

    Posted by: Mark Shine | Dec 25, 2011 8:26:01 AM

  22. Merry Christmas! Both me and my (as yet unfinished) dissertation thank you for a great year. Keep up the great work in 2012 and I will keep visiting this site during my procrastination fits.

    Posted by: RyanInSacto | Dec 25, 2011 8:44:03 AM

  23. Merry Christmas Andy and to all at Towleroad. I read you everyday.

    Posted by: Jim | Dec 25, 2011 9:17:05 AM

  24. A little after 5a this morning, still dark outside, Greg and I were awakened by our son Steven, "Daddy! Daddy! Is it Christmas yet?" At 4 he is now old enough to behold the wonder and thrill of it all and we didn't disappoint. Squeals of excitement when he saw the mountain of gifts Santa had brought for him under the tree!

    Breakfast followed by the Grandparents arrival and the excitement starts all over again!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Dec 25, 2011 9:53:30 AM

  25. Merry Christmas and thanks for all the interesting posts all year.

    And ps: Wreck less? Really?

    Posted by: margueritegautier | Dec 25, 2011 10:03:02 AM

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