1. jason says

    Why is it the man who is always “struggling with his sexuality”? I hate the way male-male sexuality is portrayed thus. It reinforces negativity about our relationships.

    How about celebrating our sexuality for a change?

  2. jason says

    I believe that we in the gay male community are responsible for a lot of the negativity that surrounds our relationships. Bizarrely, we tend to latch onto anything that has “gay” attached to it, even if it’s negative. Exercise some discretion, guys.

    All this talk about “struggling with our sexuality” simply reinforces the negative. Don’t let the media depict our sexuality as a struggle all the time.

    Notice how the media always portrays the male side of homosexuality as a struggle but the female side as glamorous and positive. It’s the old double standard again. Don’t fall for it.

  3. Mike says

    Yes, this independent video was created by “The Media,” an Illuminati-esque organization bent on denigrating gay males.

    We’re on to you, The Media!

  4. says

    Agree – my husband and I certainly don’t struggle with our homosexuality – we are greatful for it! Great song, tho’.

  5. Michael says

    The celebration of our sexuality will never be reality as long as the morality police teach the class from the pulpit!

  6. Bobsyouruncle says

    “Why is it the man who is always “struggling with his sexuality”? I hate the way male-male sexuality is portrayed thus. It reinforces negativity about our relationships.”

    Care to elucidate? I’m having a hard time figuring out your “thus”. What did you think the music video was about?

  7. josh says

    I didn’t necessarily see a “struggle with sexuality” here so much as a classic love triangle, with a bisexual man at its center. He’s in the unenviable position of loving two people, they simply happen to be of different genders.

  8. Alan says

    First — way to go Josh for cutting through the gay persecution crap.

    Second — the choreography is pedantic and looks like a class project

    Third — I don’t understand the look alike lip-syncing thing.

  9. Thomas says

    This made me realize Adele is in a chair 90% of the time.

    GaGa and Adele should do a remake of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane, “but ya’ are Adele, ya’ are in that chair!”

  10. Dback says

    Pauline Kael once critiqued “The Philadelphia Story” thusly: “This is a fake diamond that has more flash and sparkle than a real one.” I feel the same way about this video–it may be a “counterfeit,” but DAMN it’s impressive.

  11. theotherlee says

    I don’t understand the disregard for the “struggle” as has been stated here.

    Jason, et al, I am happy that you are currently comfortable with your sexuality. However, I am willing to bet you were not always so settled. As are many people. Acceptance is still a struggle, both self acceptance and societal.

    Alan, I think the video was amazing. I love Adele, and the video *was* a “class project” shot at Michigan State University DMAT.

  12. says

    This video makes me think we should have a webby award for “best celebrity impersonation.” I swear, this girl has the complete look and vibe of Adele — and her lip syncing was spot on.