1. Max says

    I think the Castro has been “occupied” for several decades now. Perhaps they should try, oh, I don’t know, Congress?

  2. Mastik8 says

    Over the course of ninety-minutes we chanted, spoke out, marched in the streets without a permit, distributed flyers and made absolutely no difference at all while we preached to the converted.

    The Castro? HRC? WTF.

  3. Grover Underwood says

    surrounding a bank manager is certainly the right way to get changes made


  4. Paul R says

    Truly one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a while. Why the hell should banks pay for public health and education? I’m no fan of banks, but I understand how markets work. Cripes.

  5. MammaBear says

    It’s a start, but it ignores the axis of gay evil: Dan Savage, Anderson Cooper, and Susan Sarandon.


  6. joe says

    Wow. Truly embarrassing. The sheer ignorance of basic economic facts is stunning. Surrounding a branch manager of a bank and demanding free stuff that you didn’t earn, and an end to the legal right of enforcement of a contract?? Wow. I hate the big banks as much as anyone else, but holy cow, this just looks like a bunch of second graders having a temper tantrum over something they don’t even understand.

  7. Paul R says

    I only just took time to watch the video. Michael Petrelis is a professional irritant. So self-important and desperate for attention.

  8. Stradlater says

    Wow. The Occupiers are doing themselves no favors here. No wonder the Right can cast them as stupid hippies with no actual point— and no wonder people like me, who would otherwise support the goal of achieving economic justice and equality, steer clear of them entirely. They have no clue what they’re saying or doing. This is just a total embarrassment for us all.

  9. doug says

    Isn’t 94114, the zip code for the Castro and surrounding areas, one of the priciest zip codes in all of America??

  10. Ronster says

    As if the vomit, aggressive panhandling, stench of urine and canopy of cigarette smoke weren’t enough, now we have Occupy douchebags trolling the neighborhood.

  11. sfpromo says

    Tommi Avicoli-Mecca has been desperate to make a name for himself by any means possible for decades. Fact is: No one buys your act.

    From your one man “it’s so hard to be me” play at Josie’s Juice Joint to your current YouTube rant about Occupying Castro. The world exists outside the Castro. If 12 people are what you can muster up for your big campaign, please proceed.

    I won’t be shocked when someone smacks you in the face one day.

    Dude…Get a job.

  12. says

    I read that they stopped at 575 Castro, the site of Harvey Milk’s camera shop. as well as
    the Mission District to complain about the high rate of evictions caused by high rents. They should of stopped in front of the Bar named after Harvey at 18th and Castro. I thinkit is important to note Gay owned Paul Langley’s Real Estate company has a history of changing the Castro by raising rents so high that it changed the complexion from quaintness shops into franchises and made the Castro neighborhood a high rent district. Langley and other gay owned real estate companies then raised low rents on residential property sky high dating back to the 1970’s.

    Langley raised the rent on Harvey’s camera shop by more than a thousand bucks a month in 1978, causing Harvey to move from the landmark building to Market Street. However, it was years later that Langley raised the rent on the famous Elephant Walk bar rent at 18th and Castro from $6,000 to $12,000 a month, causing them to go out of business. Paul Langley had the chutzpah to rename it Harvey’s, the same Harvey Milk he forced to move.

  13. Alan says

    “dozens of us surrounding a banker as a letter was read to him demanding that his and all banks start paying for public health and education while ceasing evictions and foreclosures…”

    Are you f**king kidding me? MORONS. Throw them all out are their asses. Protesters surround me at a bank and they would promptly see my fist hitting their precious, attention-starved, clueless, self-entitled face.

  14. Inside says

    Maybe they were protesting the salaries of the HRC staff:

    Joe Solmonese, Executive Director

    Cathy Nelson, Development Director

    Cynthia Stachelberg, Legislative Director

    David M. Smith, Policy Director

    Cheryl Jacques, Former Executive Director

    Susanne Salkind, Management Director

    Andrea Green, Treasurer

    Kevin Layton, General Counsel

    Elizabeth Seaton, Legal Director

    Mary Breslauer, Board Member

    Timothy Bahr, Major Gifts

    Mark Shields, Coming Out Project

    Daryl Herrschaft, Workplace Project

    Matthew Bayer, Major Gifts

  15. Paul R says

    If they were protesting salaries, maybe they could have mentioned that instead of pretending to be issuing a new constitution. Oh, and Solomnese is gone from HRC, and the other salaries are not exorbitant by DC standards.

    I don’t like or support the HRC, but there’s no reason that DC lobbyists should get paid less than their straight peers just because they’re LGBT. It’s a disgusting career, and I’d demand a lot of money to do it. DC is an awful place on so many levels.

  16. mcNnyc says

    Pathetic that Michael Petrelis’ only job is trying DESPERATELY to make himself relevant as an Occupy gadfly.